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so life. and birthdays.

i’ve been thinking a lot about those things. indulge me while i ponder.

27 is a weird number to say. the weekend was full of dinner parties and birthday lunches and holiday cookouts and really more food than any one individual should ever indulge in, but whatever it’s the weekend and it’s my birthday so ya i’ll have that cake and that pasta and those chips and that hamburger.

but in between stuffing my face, i kept answering the question “yes I’m 27, this is my 27th birthday, i turned 27, yep 27.” It just seemed strange to be saying the number 27. Shouldn’t I be like, way more mature by now? Like, i don’t know, an adult? whatever that is?

but after the food and the talking and the laughter and the fireworks and the sun, when I finally laid down in my comfy sheets with my precious husband snoring next to me and my precious puppy sneaking on the bed after said husband went to sleep so he wouldn’t know said puppy was disobeying and getting on the bed…after finally stopping for a minute and really thinking.

i decided that 27 is a pretty great number. it sure isn’t 20, when i had no clue what i was doing and it seemed like i was just running at breakneck speed in total darkness, hoping i stumbled onto the right path. and it’s not 16 when i had no idea who i was or what that even meant, and why it mattered in the first place. and really, anything would be better than 25 when you’re laying in a hospital bed wondering if you’ll even get to SEE 26, much less 27.

no 27 is going to be alright. i’m slowly starting to let go of the plans and the control and the self-inflicted “life stages” that i should be at. I’m learning that just because the Lord has a plan for me, doesn’t mean I have to know every detail right this minute. i’m realizing that nothing, and i mean nothingwill ever turn out exactly the way i expected and that’s ok.

and the best part about 27? i actually like myself. I like who i’m becoming, i like the peace i feel when i consider what i’m doing and where i’m going and who i’m hoping to be. it’s a great thing, really. to like yourself. everyone should try it sometime.

does this mean that everything is hunky dory and i’m never going to be found crying over a to do list ever again? of course not, i’ll probably be doing it next week, that’s just who i am. i still don’t feel like an adult, i still don’t know what i’m doing, and i still embarrass the crap out of myself on a daily basis. but i’m learning to enjoy these things and to appreciate where I’m at and what i’m doing.

and that’s a pretty great thing. for 27.

iphone photo dump


joey has not fully accepted bath time just  yet. we’re working on it | i’ve been playing with braids more now that my hair is getting longer. just one more excuse  not to wash it | i went to NC for a few days earlier this  year. it was so nice to spend some time with my sweet family! | jared visited one of our plant stand growers at his farm. oh how i wish that was my yard! | sweet precious husband of mine, a year this month! | little sister graduated from high school. she’s too pretty for words | we moved into a new apartment! i still haven’t unpacked everything but we’re slowly starting to get there | we used these alligator plants at our wedding and now they’re GIANT |  i finally gave in and styled a half topknot. they’re kind of addictive

life update

the lord himself 2

I can’t even being to explain the absolute insanity, out of body experience that these last few weeks have felt like. If the Lord has taught Jared and I one thing in the last almost year of our marriage, it’s that He loves us and is taking care of us, regardless of what the circumstances may say.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s do a quick recap of our story, for those who may have missed a point or two.

Jared and I dated on and off in college. We hadn’t seen each other in two years when we randomly ran into each other in December of 2012. I was in the middle of breaking off another relationship, but when that was finished Jared and I started talking and we quickly realized that we wanted to be together forever (cue the awes)

In July of 2013 we got engaged with the intention of getting married that Fall. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and went through an emergency surgery to have my colon removed and we ended up postponing our wedding.

At the same time, Jared lost the lot that he rented for his business, The Plant Stand, and had to suddenly close while we looked for a new location. He worked on the oil field for a few months and it was utter misery. We never saw each other, Jared was exhausted all the time, it was just not a fun time.

Flash forward to June, our wedding month. Jared get’s a random call from a company wanting to hire him as a chef, one of his many varied talents. He starts  only a week before our wedding. It was an answer to prayer that we had never expected.

A little less than a year goes by, and Jared is still working as a chef but we’re discussing other options. Jared is a consummate entrepreneur; he’s so very talented and driven and he’s most happy when he’s able to work at his own business. While the chef job was wonderful and a great experience for Jared, he was missing running his own business and so we were looking for an opportunity to do so.

In March Jared got a call from Industry Flea, the monthly flea market in Midtown OKC. They had extra space left on their lot and wanted to know if Jared would want to reopen The Plant Stand in Midtown. !!!!! We just couldn’t even believe it. Again, such an unexpected answer to prayer.

Jared is the type to want to stew on his decisions. He’s never hasty and when he decides something, he goes forward in confidence. But this was not a situation that could wait. We basically had a week to make the decision, so that we could have time to get the Stand up and running.

We tentatively started looking into opening the Stand, contacting suppliers, filling out paperwork, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced another situation where every single sign was screaming YES!!! It was just the easiest transition. The Lord provided every solution we needed, made the way so clear for us. Jared and I both felt a peace and confidence in our decision, even in the midst of the utter insanity that opening a business entails.

I believe the Bishop Family Motto will soon be “Why Make One Important Transition, When You could Make 2?” Jared and I have also decided to move into a completely different part of town, to be closer to our jobs. To say our apartment has been lacking on the cleaning front due to our crazy schedule is a bit of an understatement. But no matter! We’re packing up all our dirty laundry and dishes and heading on to the next adventure.

The past year has been one crazy roller coaster ride after another, but I’ve learned to have confidence in the Lord even when I’m unsure of the future, because He is never unsure.

So come see us at The Plant Stand! We’ll be the ones running like chickens with our heads cut off, grinning like we run the lottery.

14 favorites in 2014

2014 favoritesimage via

I’m finally getting around to posting my yearly favorites! I started this a few years ago and it’s become something of a tradition for me, something to laugh at in the coming years. enjoy!
if you’re so inclined, 2013, 2012
1. Blog Outfit: probably this one! i just felt funky and quirky in it!
2. Shoes: well this one hasn’t changed in 3 years: ANKLE BOOTS! I’m obsessed. These are similar to the ones that I have worn all year long, basically worn them into the ground.
3. Jewelry: i still adore my wedding ring, it’s about the only piece of jewelry I wear daily! 
4.Accessory: haha hats are still my favorite! or sunglasses.
5. Clothing Item: probably a chambray shirt, i’ve bought multiple over the past year and worn them thin( this is my current fave) ! I also love boyfriend jeans and the $8 black pants from Forever 21 lol, they’re such a great buy and who cares if you ruin them, they’re $8!
6. Fashion Trend: midi skirts and dresses! They’re work appropriate but they can come in so many fun colors and prints that they make getting dressed an adventure. Here is where I browse the most for midis. Least favorite trend? That would have to be gauchos or culottes. BLEH.
7. Home Decor Trend: I think anyone who has seen my wedding knows that I am obsessed with the black and white stripe thing these days!
8. Cosmetics: I’m not much of a makeup girl, I like to keep it simple. I did this post over my 5 minute makeup routine back in 2013  if you’d like to check that out. As for brands right now, I’m hooked to this mascara and I’ve been using this blush for a awhile now and it’s officially a keeper.
9. Place to shop: ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Target, and SheInside.(but be prepared to wait a month for your items, China is a long way away). I will also frequently peruse the Anthro in OKC and drool. Lately I’ve been having some fantastic luck at TJ Maxx and Marshalls as well!
10. Album: I obssesed over the dulcet sounds of Sam Smith for quite a number of months, while the Taylor Swift album took a while to grow on me but I’m now a fan. Sia has been on constant repeat for a while now, as well as Milky Chance
11. Trip: we didn’t really take any trips this year! weddings are expensive ;) I got to travel a few times with work, which are always fun experiences. I’d like to do a little more traveling with my hubby in 2015!
12. Social Media: Pinterest all the way, and Insta!
13. Blog Post: Any of our wedding posts (i swear i’ll finish those eventually), and this one about dreaming big. I wrote it during a time when I felt so frustrated and stuck. It was such a cathartic release for me to write and I’ve had so many wonderful responses from girls all over the place. I’m thrilled that it was so well received.
I also started a new project with my sisters at the end of 2014, Wild Heart Collective, and it’s been such a crazy adventure and learning experience so far.
14. Memory: 2014 was a whirlwind for me this year. Finishing up my final surgery fro Crohn’s, getting married, moving, Jared getting a new job, starting Wild Heart, and so many countless other moments all swirl together to create a very chaotic and beautiful 2014. Things definitely didn’t go as planned 95% of the time but I’ve truly enjoyed every adventure I was faced with. I wrote last year that I wanted to seize life and pursue it passionately, and I feel confident that I did so. I took risks and jumped headlong into dreams and it’s been an experience that will stay with me forever. Something that I plan to continue doing in 2015!



This was our first Christmas as a married couple, in fact I’m pretty sure it was our first Christmas that we’ve actually ever been together for in the 8 years that we’ve known each other! So it was it a pretty special Christmas for us!

We are typical newlyweds, in that our budget for extras is fairly nonexistent, so this year we chose skip buying major presents for each other and and concentrate on giving to our friends and family instead. I did convince Jared that I would die if we didn’t get our mattress off the floor soon, so we bought ourselves a bed frame and called it good. I joked that Jared’s present this year was that he got to marry me ;)

We started a few new family traditions this year, like reading the story of Jesus’ birth together in bed Christmas morning, and eating breakfast with my family the day after. I also had my wisdom teeth removed the week before so there were many late night ramblings about life, love, and the language of flowers that I will probably never live down.

Here are some pics from our day after Christmas brunch with my family. Somehow I carted my camera around to almost every holiday event and didn’t once turn it on so these are my only “official” christmas pictures, other than instagram. A part of me is a little sad about that, but it was also nice to just sit and talk to everyone and not be worrying about the camera the whole time.


^ Jared has been working on a homemade biscuit recipe, adapted from my Nanny’s own recipe and mixed together with a few JB secret ingredients! Soooo yummy. courtdad2 courtkari glasses

^ all three siblings picked out the same Warby Parker glasses without realizing it! We so rarely all wear them at the same time that we had to take a pic. kari pan table 1family1


^the whole family, including the dogs! We were all supposed to come to breakfast in our pi’s but apparently only Jared and I took that suggestion seriously. ha! oops.

All in all, our first Christmas was a success. I’m so excited to get started on all the after Christmas decorating deals so that NEXT year can be even better! Jared literally groaned when i told him that, tee hee! boys just don’t get it.

Wild Heart Collective

wildheartAfter MONTHS of dreaming and scheming I am SO excited to share with you a new project of mine!

Wild Heart Collective is a collaborative online project between my two sisters and myself. It’s an inspiration store house full of home ideas, hair tutorials, personal style, and so much more. This is something that we have talked about doing for so long and the timing has finally worked out where we can make our dream a reality!

We have so many fun projects coming up and new ideas in store that I literally cannot stop squealing,  I’m just so excited for our launch!

 I will still write here on The Rambler but it will be more personal posts with family pictures, apartment projects and updates, things of that nature.

Make sure and stop by Wild Heart on December 1st for our official grand opening! Until then, you can follow us on pinterest//tumblr//instagram//and twitter!



Oh hey I accidentally didn’t blog for like a week ish. meh bad.

in other news, i’d like to make an official declaration that this, this,  is my favorite outfit ever. for now. during this season. until i get dressed again.

but for reals. fave.

side story: i went to walmart for the first time in literally 3 years ( i avoid it like the plague) and I found these sunglasses for like pennies. Although I love these things they still didn’t change my belief that Walmart is the tenth circle of Hell.

IMG_3014 copy IMG_3015copy IMG_3016copy IMG_3022copy IMG_3036copy IMG_3047copy IMG_3056copy IMG_3061copywalmart sunnies // target shirt // riffraff necklace c.o // asos pants // dolce vita booties via nordstrom rack


the time my blog crashed and i almost crapped my pants

a while back i had a malfunctioning plugin on my website so i decided to just deactivate it. little did i know that ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOSE.

1for about 4 hours my blog was gone, literally gone. snatched from my fingers, wiped from the interweb as if it had never existed.

it’s true when they say “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. there are some days that i think why why WHY do i continue to write on this thing?! my life is busy or i’m feeling stuck in a rut and i start to think that it would be so much simpler to just stop writing.

but then when i had the chance to walk away, to say “welp that was fun, but oh well”, i literally felt like someone had taken my first born child away. my slightly awkward, highly embarrassing, sometimes unloved child but still MINE.

2 4i wanted to throw up, scream, shake my fists at the heavens, and then lay down for a long cry. it was like when a boyfriend calls you every day for a week and then suddenly breaks up with you via a note from his friend passed in the hallway, given to you by the class nerd while you’re scrupulously doodling love hearts in your notebook. but wait! we can’t break up! we’re supposed to be together! 4 eva! i wrote it my notes, along with my first name and your last name, with a heart around it!

6 3no matter how often i’ve thought about quitting, this little space i’ve carved out for myself here in the blog world is something that i’m quite proud of. it’s my free therapy, my online diary (that should sometimes been more like my hidden under the mattress and never shared with anyone diary), my love notes and my creative outlet. i couldn’t let this thing die any easier than i could stop wearing highly inappropriate shoes. it’s a part of me.

thankfully for my heart palpitations, things were up and running again by the afternoon. i’ve never wanted to hug an inanimate object so much in my life.

5gap tee // forever 21 sweater // target pencil skirt // chinese laundry heels (via marshalls)


Stretch Your Closet // how to make your summer style work in the fall

Today I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks for stretching your closet over multiple seasons.  Very rarely do I ever buy a piece of clothing without first checking to see if I can wear it at least three different ways, over several different seasons.  It’s the best way to save money, AND get the most out of your clothing!fall dressing

No 1 // Maxi Dresses (dress, boots, jacket, hat)

I love pairing my summer maxis with a leather jacket and boots. It’s a great contrast between the girly dress and the tough leather, and it’s a perfect transition outfit!

No 2 // Denim Cutoffs (shorts, boots, tee, cardi)

shorts are one of those tricky pieces that are so  necessary for the summer, but then get shoved to the back of the dresser the rest of the year. Add some layers like an oversized cardigan and some funky boots and stretch the shorts season on into the fall.

No 3// Skater Skirts (skirt, sweater, boots, tights)

layering summer skirts with sweaters and tights are a great way to add versatility to your closet. a great pair of boots will add that final fall-ish touch.

No 4 // Sundresses (dress, button down, socks, boots)

obviously I love a good tough girl vibe in an outfit. layer up your sundresses with plaid and a killer pair of boots and you’ll be able to stretch that wardrobe right on into winter. and don’t forget the socks! fall is a great time to add in new accessories like chunky socks.