things that run through a girls mind while getting dressed

if you’re female, between the ages of 10 and a billion, and not a nudist, you’ve probably made one or two of these comments to yourself before while getting dressed

Ikea e&d vestidor decoracion 10(not my closet, gah i wish, source)

it’s time to wake up. nah, i already know what i’m wearing today, that means i can sleep for another 15 minutes at least

shoot fire i’ve overslept. again. quick shove your clothes on

*looks in mirror* ewwwwww what was i thinking, i look like a frump

ok back to the closet *stares at the closet for 10 minutes*

i have no clothes

maybe there’s something cute on Pinterest. Just to inspire me *wastes 15 minutes looking at Pinterest*

omg omg omg i’m so late, ok is *insert item here*  clean, even though i haven’t done laundry in three weeks and i’ve worn *insert item here* at least twice already this week?

do i have time to run by Target to buy something new?

sweatpants are appropriate for work right? if i wear them with heels?

i’m soooooo late for work *text into work, “running late”

where is that *insert item here*? *dig for 10 minutes, destroy your closet and room, then remember that you gave *insert item here* away.

maybe my mom/sister/roommate/husband has something i can fashion into an appropriate outfitif i tuck this in/tie this up/wear a sweater over it, will anyone notice the stain?


i really need a plain black tee, i’ll wear it all the time, i should just look right now and order one *spend 20 minutes on F21 looking at everything but plain black tees*

maybe i should go fix my hair and come back to this, i’m sure something will jump out at me after i know what my hair will look like *waste 15 minutes trying to braid your hair into milkbraids (or other random hair style), give up and throw it in a ponytail*

wait, where’s that one thing i had on…..pull out the first outfit you tried on about an hour ago, realize it’s actually not that bad (and clean!), leave the house while mentally slapping yourself upside the head.


IMG_8541Jared and I had our first wedding knock down drag out fight discussion the other day. Over platters. Well no technically my mother and I had a discussion over platters, during which Jared watched his previously sane fiancé turn into a banshee and start bawling. over platters. after which he calmly walked away and left me to figure out how many platters we might possibly need for the food table on my own. which then caused our first discussion, because how could you walk 10 feet away from my screeching about platters to sit down on the sofa and pretend like i wasn’t acting like i had escaped the insane asylum, i needed you to help me count non existent platters for an unknown number of people, displayed in an unknown way, on an unknown table, which would be upholding an unknown item of food! the injustice!

I’d like to think that i’ve now got the bridezilla out of my system and this situation will never occur again, but we still have cutlery to discuss so i wouldn’t hold my breath.

IMG_8542IMG_8560 IMG_8546 IMG_8548 IMG_8552 IMG_8556 IMG_8557Warby Parker Tenley sunnies c.o//Riffraff geo dress c.o (sold out, but have you seen the new Dawn to Dusk look book? SO many cute dresses for Spring, i could squeal like a pig)// Ruche velvet mary janes (old, similar here)



IMG_8535this skirt is officially one of the best purchases I have ever made. high waisted, long length, and a perfect fit. i love when that happens! read my tips on buying from instashops here

IMG_8518i’m just going to be honest today and tell you that i have no words to give. it’s been kind of hectic around here lately, with trying to set up our apartment and getting things ready for the wedding and im getting into my busy season at work and i’m starting to feel like a wet rag that’s been twisted to wring all the water out. IMG_8528Don’t get me wrong, i love it all and i’m so grateful for this season, but lately it’s felt like this blog has been pushed farther and farther down the list of importance and i’m sorry for that. this blog has become my safe refuge, my sounding board, my word-vomit receptacle if you will. and i want to be able to give it, and you lovely readers, all of my best but sometimes that just doesn’t seem to be an option. Bear with me friends! We’ll make it.  IMG_8511IMG_8503forever 21 hat (old, similar here)// UO crop top (last summer, similar here)//vintage skirt via Honey Doe (similar here), Lulus chunky heels (old, similar here)


IMG_8719With our schedules these days Jared and I only see each other over the weekends, so our time together is extra precious. With the weather warming up we’ve been taking drives around town in the jeep with the top down.

IMG_8720 IMG_8723 IMG_8724

Jared has been trying to teach me to drive stick (yes indeed I feel like Cher Horowitz), so far my experience involves the neighborhood and the Target parking lot, with only one small mishap in which I let go of the wheel to shake my hands and screech, thus killing the engine in the middle of the street. Apparently I need to learn to be calm before I’m trusted on actual roads. HA little does he know, I shake my hands and screech in any car, stick or standard. I am an equal opportunity shrieker.

IMG_8725 IMG_8730 IMG_8735


Jared and I moved his things into our apartment this weekend! woohoo! Everything is getting so real and official, it’s kind of crazy.

Since our home sweet apartment is going to be somewhat on the minuscule size, I’ve been working on downsizing and simplifying my stuff considerably. My closet is the #1 place that I’ve been working on, getting rid of whats unnecessary and trying to make smart purchases that I will love for a long time to come.


This dress was definitely one of the items that made the cut. It’s just to simple and easy-breezy, and who can say no to that color? It also helps that I can wear it multiple places and ways. Definitely a plus when you have limited space!

IMG_8469 IMG_8470 IMG_8482 IMG_8487 IMG_8491Urban Outfitters sunnies (old, similar) // RiffRaff dress c.o (sold out of hot pink but theres this one and this one, and look at this one and this one! so many cute options) // Forever 21 flats// Versona studded clutch




Free Download- April Calender Freebie

Happy Thursday! Where is the week going?!

A little late, but here is the April calendar background! yay!

I just love succulents, they’re funky and pretty and they are almost indestructible.

almost. (hi my name is kaleigh and i killed an almost indestructible plant.)

Maybe I’ll just stick with the computer versions.

calender demoapril calendar

CLICK HERE to download the full size image

and click HERE for the largo version

dangerous faith

IMG_8449I’ve been thinking a lot about trust lately, and the magnitude of that word. It’s just this tiny little word that has such enormous potential, ya know? trust can forge bonds, create legacies, diffuse negativity. but mistrust? mistrust can breed jealousy, force disconnection, create fear.

IMG_8418 I look at this season in my life that I’m currently in, with all of these new and exciting chapters that are just waiting to be cracked open, and I see all the different variables that could produce different outcomes. There is a lot of unknown for us right now. And I will fully admit, it can be somewhat terrifying at times.  IMG_8443

But then I think about that word. trust. Jared and I trust each other, absolutely. We’re in this new crazy adventure together, 100%, and i could just squeeze his little head off when I think about how wonderful he is. He’s kind of great.

But we also trust in our Heavenly Father. We have faith that He is guiding and protecting us, that we will never be alone. He will endow us with the strength and wisdom and favor to weather any storm, carry us through any unknown. And that my friend, is dangerous. What could we be capable if we just trusted?


Seriously, think about it. If you had complete confidence in your gifts and abilities, if you truly knew that Christ was walking before you, if you really believed that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”, what would you attempt?

Trust is dangerous. We are capable of the impossible, when we trust. When we have faith.

and i? I want to be dangerous.

IMG_8419Oxford trunk blazer(previously worn here) (sold out, similar here)// Target tee (size up for the slouchy look)// Bella Vita necklace via Blue 7// gap jeans (got them on sale, boo the sales over)// Shoe Dazzle boots (old, similar here)

split personality


this is a post that i’ve been playing around with for a while, rethinking and rehashing and trying to wrangle my brain into some sort of satisfyingly comprehensive thesis of sorts (because what are blog posts if not thesis? well…they’re ramblings to be honest, but thesis sounds so much more important and lofty).

and every so often i would stop myself and think, “dear lord are you really going to write that? you’re going to be that girl?” well yes I am, but i hope to put my own spin on things, so bear with me.

i am, of course, talking about self worth and the undying search for self, and all the guys who follow my instagram groan and click back to sports updates and all the girls who are too snitty to admit that they too have moments of doubt sniff in that sniffy, snitty way that they have but im not really talking to them anyway, am i? i’m talking to you. YOU, you dear lovely person you, who somehow can dig through my excessive descriptive words to understand what im trying to say, in my limited way.


i’ve grown up in the Christian faith my entire life, specifically the Pentecostal Holiness denomination (Jericho marches and holy oil abounded in my adolescent years, can i get an amen?) and recently i was asked how i balance my faith and my love of fashion. i believe i had the blank look of total incomprehension on my face for a good thirty seconds before i mumbled something along the lines of, “….erm….ya i mean….but then….ok”

it hadnt  occured to me that there was any balancing needed to be done. I’m a christian and a style blogger. i love fashion and i love jesus. why do those two things need to be seperate? they dont, is the answer to that question.

but at the same time, i do sometimes struggle accepting the fact that they are definite stereotypes given to girls who are Christians and girls who are fashionable, and rarely do those two stereotypes coincide favorably.

IMG_8386on the one hand, i have often felt that i have to prove myself to people, that it is possible to be strong and intelligent and also like shoes, and so i catch myself putting on a very defensive persona because there is no way i’m going to allow you to make me feel incompetent or unintelligent just because i can name the Pantone color of the year.

and then on the other hand, i’m fighting against this idea that there is a certain level of “fashionable” a christian woman can obtain and if she crosses that line, well we always knew she was a hussy. this idea that monogrammed totes and pearl necklaces are perfectly acceptable but don’t even suggest wearing leather and if you even think about wearing a tank top you had better march yourself right back into your prayer closet this instant and start asking for forgiveness.


i’m probably coming across somewhat snarky, and this phenomenon might be more of a local, rather than an international, problem, but what i’m trying to say is that now, looking back on the question, i actually do understand where it came from.

i get that someone could think that they were fighting two opposing natures, that they had to constantly work to shut out the voice that told them that they could never be a christian and like fashion. but it’s not true, neither stereotype is an accurate portrayal, and that voice is a lie. those people telling you that you cant are liars.


now i’m not talking about modesty here. this is not an indictment to dress like Miley Cyrus and say that Kaleigh told you it was ok. that is another topic, one that you can read my opinions on here but beware, they’re not going to be your typical answers and your grandmother probably won’t agree with me.

i’m talking about being confident in who you are. i’m talking about understanding that God has given you specific gifts and instilled in you a love for certain aspects of life and none of them, NONE OF THEM, are wrong. So you’re a poet? awesome. So you’re an athlete? cool!

So you’re a weird, hilariously awkward girl who loves to twist her hair into strange styles and typically creates outfits inspired from musicals? GO FOR IT.  And don’t ever let some backward, Aquanet spraying, lipstick on the teeth, bum-funk toad tell you who God has called you to be. IMG_8394


Urban Outfitters sunnies (similar here)// old jean jacket (similar here) Target leatherette dress (clearance woot!)// Forever 21 plaid top (old, similar here)//chuck taylors (i buy the kid sizes, cuz they’re cheap and i’ve got tiny feet, score one for the short folks!)


let me preface this by saying that i’m not usually one for trends. yes, i tend to fall into the spirit of “what’s popular” but at the end of the day, i wear what i like and i like what i wear and fooey on you if you don’t think it’s trendy.

with that being said, here are 6 popular trends that are either hideous or fantastic. wear them if you like. disparage them if you don’t.

3 not and 3 hot trendsHATE//

birkenstocks. they’re just ugly. and i always imagine duck feet when i see them. but apparently they’re super comfy? either way, they won’t be gracing my tootsies anytime soon. buy them here, if you must.

half top knots. dang you Sienna Miller for introducing this ghastly style. I see it and I automatically want a cupcake. This style is a much more relaxed version which I will accept.

denim midi skirt. while i am utterly obsessed with midi skirts, i just can’t seem to stomach the denim ones. not only does it look like you have given up on life entirely, it also makes me think you might be contemplating a Sister Wives style marriage. Judgemental? Absolutely. Understandable? indeed. image via


the bum bag, nee fanny pack. (buy here). they’re just so dang practical. and look how cute they are nowadays! mint! leather! scalloped edges! and the brits are calling them bum bags. you had me at bum, you adorable brits you.

socks with sandals (image via) YOU might think this looks utterly ridiculous and 80′s. I think it’s sweet and a good excuse to buy thousands of pairs of socks. ok hundreds. 10?

overalls (image via). say what you want, local boys who know who you are, but i PROMISE this is an actual trend! overalls! they’re totally back! and they’re totally adorable! a style that includes multiple pockets and space for a food baby? i’m there!


I’m a huge fan of instashops, they’re just so fun! i’ve been getting a lot of questions about which ones I follow and how it all works, so voila!

instashopsaaaand now for the fun part!

my top favorite instashops

instashop faves*Honorable Mention: Peu Bird is a shop that posts very infrequently but her items are always way cute. Hopefully she’ll post again soon! Katie’s Closet (of Skunk Boy) and Shop DLF (of Design Love Fest) go FAST. I’ve never actually been able to snatch anything up from their pages but they’re items are just so dang adorable I had to share them! one day…

SO do you instashop? What are some of your faves? Do share!

And if you have any other questions let me know!