Who is Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a nickname that came around when Greg and I first started dating. I’m incredibly cheesy, he’s incredibly British; what can I say, I have an obsession with Jane Austen.

Greg came to the good ole U.S of A to play soccer (football) in college.

We met at a Halloween party, started “officially” dating on Thanksgiving, and got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day. I guess we like holidays.


He’s pretty great. I think I’ll keep him.


One thought on “Who is Mr. Darcy

  1. I have officially stalked you, all the way to your first post. I absolutely adore you! You are cute as a button, and I love your style, and the way you write. I wish we could be best friends! I’ve also followed you on instagram :) I’ll say hi over there :)

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