TGIF!!! & Insta-Friday

Button up: Forever 21; Dress: French Connection; Shoes: Target
Happy Friday lovelies!
My favorite part about my drive in to work- the people watching  I can do. This lovely man beside me this morning was GOING.TO.TOWN digging for gold (picking his nose). Two fingers my friends. I didn’t even know that was possible.
My weekend breakdown:
- Taking the little sister and her bff Jill to a MaryKay show to help my friend Ryan get her free car! Go Ryan Go!
- Please Lord help me hopefully painting the back guest bedroom
-Mr. Darcy’s got another football (soccer) game!
-The Czech festival! WOOOO!!!! It’s just about the most darling small town tradition you’ve ever seen in your life.
 Pics coming soon!
I also just discovered this adorable thing called InstaFriday and I’m totally hoppin on board!
All you do is post phone pics from your week and then link up! I kind of thought linking up was lame until I started doing it…now I’m totally addicted!
Mr. Darcy and I went to Chili’s the other night.
We RARELY go on dates (we’re so old) so we decided to live it up a bit and go out to dinner.
He loves taking pictures.
Close up of my shoes I bought yesterday! (Pictured above) Yes I did go back to Target and buy the shoes on my lunch break.
They were a necessity. Or so I told myself.
And THIS is what I woke up to this morning!
Proof that my hair is so spoiled:
I forgot my texture spray and had to borrow my mom’s Suave gel.
Good thing it’s Casual Friday because this look SCREAMS I casually forgot to brush my hair.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of big fat IT FELT LIKE FALL THIS MORNING love,


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    Haha! I love the “I forgot to brush my hair” photo! That’s totally what my hair looks like… everyday. I just love your blog background, it’s beautiful!

  2. says

    LOVE THIS!! I felt the SAME way about link-ups too. Until I started this one. It’s just right up my alley. You’re a cutie and I love your hair. ;) Go out on dates as much as possible! They don’t have to be expensive. Advice from a really old woman, it keeps life exciting.


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