A for Effort

Warby Parker glasses//Old Navy cardi// Asos dress// unknown belt// Charlotte Russe heels//makeup: black liquid liner on top, Revlon cherry snow lip// hair: old fashioned twist.

I felt very school teacher-esque in this outfit. My teacher friends would all say there would be no way in Hades I could wear a split to thigh dress and platform heels to school, but hey what do they know. I felt like a teacher, so Ms Hamilton I shall be.

Happy Hump day folks! Ok side story, because that’s how my brain works:

I used to call Wednesday “Hump Day” all the time (you know, because if the work week was a hill, Wednesday would be the top of the hump?). But then my sister and I got boy puppies. And boy puppies have this wretched adorable habit of getting…a little frisky sometimes. You know like when they are feelin the love…alright fine I’ll say it they freaking hump the crap out of everything.

So one day my sister’s puppy Loki was…trying to get it on…with a pillow. And Court, in her frustration, yelled out, “Stop that! Loki today is NOT Hump Day!”.

And promptly ruined the Hump Day nickname for me for all of time. And now I’ve possibly ruined it for you too? Ah well such is life. Now you can have the joy of yelling out the days it is NOT when your dogs start doing the humpty dumpty.

Have a great day! I probably won’t see you tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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    Loving your glasses and the red lip! This dress goes perfectly with your cute cardigan and I LOVE the wedges!
    Visiting from rolled up pretty.


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