I’m not much of a thrifter.

Let me explain: I don’t thrift because I CAN’T thrift.

Some people can walk into a thrift store and find AMAZING things. They see the beauty in the hideous. The potential in the potential-less.

I walk into a thrift store and feel like I need to take a shower in straight bleach.

I’m just not good at digging through a bunch of crap for hours only to finding nothing of value. I end up coming home with TONS of crap that will stay crap because it really is just that. CRAP. Can I say crap one more time? CRAP.

Give me a good garage sale, a great estate sale, a nice flea market, and WHAM BAM, thank you ma’am, we’ll be right on track. But put the word THRIFT into the store name (or a derivative of the word thrift, like consignment or gently used or whatever) and I lose my powers.

It’s sad, really.

So when I stopped by the thrift store the other day to look for some fabrics for a project, I didn’t have high hopes. I found a hideous fur coat, one tiny slab of lace, and then WHAMMY. I find this skirt.

 It was about 8 miles longer than this, and smelled of fermented cat pee, but that didn’t matter because I could SEE THE POTENTIAL. The scales had been lifted my friends.

I don’t think I’ll be testing my new skills out any time soon though. I probably went through 6 years of wretched shopping just to accumulate this one steal, so my odds aren’t that great.Sample Sale anyone?

and yes, I did just chop off the bottom of the skirt and leave it hemless. I might have found my thrifting mojo, but it didn’t come with any sewing skills.

urban outfitters sunnies//forever 21 jacket// Express tee (old)// thrifted skirt// Lulu’s heels

hair: scrunched with Garnier mouse and left to sleep on.

Makeup: Revlon Ravish Me Red


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    I do go thrifting quite a bit, or vintage shopping. My problem is that I have a hard time finding things that fit. Oftentimes, dresses are too short (I don’t know about you, but I’m 5’10″). Shoes never fit either. I refer to my size 10 feet as “hobbit feet.” Salespeople laugh, I cry. NO SHOES FOR ME. Anyway, thrifting can be discouraging. I always see things I think I like. I see the potential in things. AND THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM. Or, rather, I’m just TOO LAZY and don’t want to fix them. This is a good score, though. And your shoes are pretty cool. I love the color.

    Also, I read your post below about sleeping. Oh gosh; sleep is so nice when it comes. I just started a full time job now, so I’m out and down for the count by 11 or midnight now. I like it, though. I feel healthier with a normal sleeping schedule. But it is harder when my friends–who are still in college–want to do things. They don’t quite understand that I’m OLD.


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