How Lovely to Be A Woman

If you don’t know the song from which this blog title originated, go. Go now. Buy the musical. Watch it. Love it. Sing it forever. You’re welcome.


One of my favorite parts of this holiday season are the parties. I adore dressing up and getting together with friends for a snazzy little Christmas party.

If you try to tell me that you’re having a Christmas party but it’s a “casual” party, I will probably punch you in the face. What is the point of a casual christmas party? Unless it’s an ugly sweater party or a Christmas pajama party, why on earth would I waste such a great opportunity to get all dolled up and bust out some unnecessary glitter?

sparkle sleeve dress c/o EShakti// sash stolen from this dress//Target polka dot tights// Charlotte Russe wedges

Oh and this dress is probably one of my favorite holiday dresses. I was able to custom fit it especially for me. If you haven’t checked out eshakti you really should, they’ve got some great dresses available right now and an equally great sale going on!

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Did you notice the mistletoe above? The lake by my house has mistletoe all around it, if only you are brave enough to scale a tree and get it. I am perfectly capable of admitting to my lack of bravery, especially when it’s about 30 degrees outside and the wind is seriously proving it’s “sweeping down the plains” abilities.

So this happened instead. Brothers are the best.



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      dude SERIOUSLY he is! He was scarin me in that tree though, he couldn’t just climb it like a normal person he had to jump and twist and monkey shimmy his way up. BOYS. ;)


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