It’s Friday, Friday…

Forever 21 jacket and Scarf// Target Dress// Primark Tights (thanks Carls!)// Shoe Carnival boots

Oh hey, look it’s that leather jacket that I wear every single day. Don’t believe me? How about 1/2/3/4 and oh ya 5.

Yay it’s Friday!!! This weekend I plan on COMPLETING my Christmas shopping. I think this is the first year that I’ve ever come close to finishing this early. It helps that my siblings and I decided to just draw one name each for gift giving this year. Does anyone else do that? It makes it so much easier, you have so much more time to hunt around for that perfect gift. And since we’re all broke, it’s kind of nice not to be worrying that everyone will notice their gifts are from the dollar bins at Target. (you know you do it too. That stuff is just so cute, it’s irresistible!)

And I know I have been remiss in announcing the Shabby Loves Chic winner. I apologize. Click HERE to see if you won!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!




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    dang! I am not the winner!!! you and I will just have to get together with some glitter and craft something nice for me….. drawing sib names is a great idea! my bros are getting gift cards to sonic and dick’s, which is lame but oh well! :)

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    Congratulations on finishing your Christmas shopping this early! Although sometimes it’s nice and exciting to save that one last gift to find on Christmas Eve. It’s the thrill of the hunt :)

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