Fall Fever

Fall is officially upon us and I am ecstatic. Oklahoma tends to have very un-Fallish falls, where we go from oven scale heat to just a morsel of true fall weather, straight into months of depressing cold. So far we’re hovering in between ovens and true fall and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get some actual fall days this year, with the leaves changing and that fireplace smell in the air and hello, the clothes, the most important part.

Here’s a list of my favorite Fall pieces this year! The 90′s are calling and I’m saying helloooo! fall fever

1. oversized coats // I feel very breakfast club-ish in this trend and that is not a bad thing.

2. chunky shoes // i just love a good chunky shoe, they make me taller and immediately add a little pizaaz to an outfit.

3. anything plaid // seriously, give me all the plaid. Jared has started his winter beard which basically makes me feel like i’m married to a bear hunter so i might as well accept it and wear plaid every day of my life. plus it’s a great pattern mixer!

4. oversized knits // fall is characterized by two things: food and wind. big chunky sweaters that let me eat the whole room and also stay cozy warm? count me in

5. highwaist black pants // i mean really, what else do you need? they go with everything. they’re super comfy. they stretch for miles. they never show stains. drops the mic

6. wool hats // i’m such a fan of hats, they hide bad hair days with such flair.

7. cute sweats // picture me at a bonfire, roasting some mellows, maybe going shopping or something, and then I go home and never change clothes… and these are on sale so…

8. hints of leather // i love bringing a little edge to an outfit, like a leather jacket or a leather bag. perfect.

I look like a drug lord & I’m OK with that.



Here in Oklahoma, Winter means one thing: you’re going to get blown away.

It doesn’t matter how lovely and bright the sun is shining, or how beautiful the snow looks. 95% of the time the wind will be blowing like nobody’s business and you will be exhausted by the time you get back into a safe building. Cars doors get slammed open, shopping carts go flying across the parking lot, and hats are blown away, never to be found again.


So when I saw this gigantic fur Rachel Zoe coat on IG, I knew it was perfect for this Winter. Despite the fact that my dad laughs every time I walk out of the house. I’m warm and cute (in my opinion anyways) and impervious to winds and jokes alike.

IMG_6396(another DIY tee using THIS tutorial! so easy)

Speaking of Instagram, anyone else obsessed with a good IG sale? I’m always finding cute little shops on there! If you sell on IG or if you are a fellow IG shopper, let me know! I’m always looking for another cute shop!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so many things to be thankful for this year and one of them is this lovely little blog and all of you wonderful people that I’ve come in contact with through it! You bring joy to my life. *hugs*


5th & Elm hat// Rachel Zoe coat via LMTC// Forever 21 button down// Chanel no 5 graphic tee (tutorial here)// Urban Outfitters jeans// Blink leopard booties

Sisterly: Day to Night Military Jackets

It’s been quite some time since Court and I posted a Sisterly post but since she’s currently visiting me in OK we thought it’d be the perfect time to create one! Today we are showing you two different ways to style military jackets: one for day time and one for night!



I chose to dress my jacket up for a night time outfit with a darling LBD but I wanted to give it a quirky twist so I wore these fantastic aztec print sandals! A swipe of plum lipstick and some Lennon shades and I felt pretty fancy.

Tip: Wear your jacket across your shoulders, sans arms. You’ll feel like a veggie tale character without the use of your arms but you’ll also feel kind of cool so just do it and revel in your sassy-veggie-tale-ways.


IMG_5277 IMG_5292 IMG_5265 IMG_5289 IMG_5307


Riff Raff camo jacket c.o// Urban Outfitters LBD and sunnies// Swoon boutique sandals

Don’t forget to head over to Shabby Loves Chic and check out Courtney’s take on Military Jackets for the day time!


Oh the inner workings of my erratic mind

IMG_6397Have you ever been meandering down a pointless path of thought and then suddenly stopped and wondered how the hell you got there in the first place? And why you were even thinking about it? Welcome to my life on a daily basis

IMG_6390i stopped by walgreens the other day, because it was one of those weeks and I only go into walgreens when it’s one of those weeks. If you haven’t caught on to what one of those weeks is my walgreens receipt usually consists of chocolate, a random makeup item (to give me hope for the future) and one other item that my mother will probably be mortified that I mentioned on public Internet but ok it’s tampons. (breathe mom, i’ll type it quite a few times in the next couple of paragraphs so just hold on)

IMG_6438i was in a mood and i was angry at the world (a common feeling during one of those weeks) for having to even buy these ridiculous wads of cotton at highly inflated prices anyways, so it wasn’t a perusing kind of day, it was a get in get out and get that chocolate in my mouth asap kind of a day. So of course I didn’t notice until after I had handed over ten washingtons for a box of cotton(as in $10 guys. keep up) that the box had been tampered with. the top had clearly been bent back and a handful of tampons were missing.

IMG_6400now as soon as i realized what had happened (to clue you in: i bought a box of tamponians that someone had stolen a few from. i.e they had stolen tampons.), i went into a kind of stupor. I just kept staring at that stupid bent up box thinking, “what in the world would posses you to steal tampons? how low a person would you have to be to get a kick out of stealing bits of wadded up cotton on a string? where was your life?!”


but then i started thinking, “you know what, i had just been complaining about having to buy tampons. if i had no Jimminy Cricket and didn’t care about my soul then I would probably steal tampons as well. I mean it costs probably less than 5 cents (why is there not a cent button on the keyboard?) to make these things, and here they are stealing ten freakin bucks from me, ugh society is so messed up”IMG_6423but THEN i switched gears, “oh my bless what if it was some poor starving woman who didn’t have $10 to spend on tampons, so she had to steal them and now she feels horribly guilty but it’s not like she can return them, oh why did she start stealing, it starts with tampons and next thing you know it’s a car.”


and then I stopped myself and began pondering my sanity and tried to back track and figure out how in the world I got from buying tampons to praying for tamponless girls stealing cars.


The happy ending of this story? I didn’t go back in and demand a new box of tampons. I decided to buy that half opened box to make up for the ones that the poor girl had stolen from the huge mega corporation that probably never noticed anything was missing.


i worry about myself sometimes, i really do

IMG_6389forever21 jacket//borrowed top//turquoise necklace c/o Sira & Mara//ASOS metallic skirt//Charlotte Russe wedges

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Winter Blues

IMG_5702 IMG_5704 IMG_5706 IMG_5709 IMG_5710 IMG_5720pacsun beanie// Sound & Matter coat// Primark chambray shirt// H&M top// Old Navy pants// Target booties

In case you haven’t heard, Oklahoma was supposed to have the Blizzard to End All Blizzards this week and….it rained. womp woooomp.

Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that the sky is a perpetual depressing grey, the wind is blustery, and the chill seeps into my bones.

At one point in time, in the very distant past, I was excited about scarves and hats, wintery coats and chilly nights. Now? I want THE SUN.

I’m just not a winter kind of girl. I love sundresses, I’m excited to wear shorts, and I’m ready to go outside and NOT feel like there are tiny frozen daggers stabbing me over and over again.

Can anyone else relate? Who would vote for Winter to leave and not come back for a good long while?

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How the Rambler Shops

Good morning!


I’ve frequently been asked where and how often I shop, and I was just going to answer this questions in a FAQ post but I decided it needed it’s own post :)

So let’s break this question down:

How often do I shop? Well I’d have to say that I window shop quite a lot. Like 5 out of 7 days a week. But I don’t mean physically window shop. I mean cyber window shop. 98% of my shopping is done online. Whether I’m actually looking to purchase an item or I’m just looking for inspiration, a lot of my free time is spent window shopping. Judge all you want.

How often do I actually purchase an item? Hmmm maybe a few times a month? It really just depends. If it’s a new season than that number will be higher because I’m purchasing items to supplement any losses I have incurred. I tend to wear items until they’re falling to pieces, so a jacket that has grown too small, a pair of jeans that have lost their shape, a pair of shoes that are really scuffed. Those basic items are the things I’m looking for at the beginning of the season.


The farther we get into a season, the fewer purchases I make. I might order a new scarf, or a cute hat, or a simple tee. Items that can be easily worn with multiple outfits. Very rarely do I buy an item that can’t be worn multiple ways and even more rarely do I buy an item at full price.

And despite what people seem to think, I DO wear items more than once. I don’t know where that rumor got started, but believe me it’s not true. I have two simple rules when I go shopping:

1. Can the item be worn at least 5 different ways with items I already own?

2. Will I still like the item in a year?


If it doesn’t match those two criteria, it’s probably not coming home with me, unless there are extenuating circumstances like I’m shopping for a special event, or I’m just feeling low and need a pick me up lol.

Now, on to the fun part!

Where do I shop?

Like I  mentioned before, I do a lot of my shopping online but I do occasionally go to the physical store, so we’ll break this question down as well!


Physical Stores:

Target and Pacsun are probably the two stores I shop from the most frequently. There are also three local stores that I LOVE so if you are in the OKC area, check out Lucca, Blue 7, or Cloverleaf! I also VERY occasionally check out the Gap outlet. I’d love to say that I’m a thrifter but live I’ve mentioned before, I just seem to be missing that gift. If anyone knows of some thrift stores with a great clothing selection in OKC let me know!

Online Stores:

I’m a HUGE online shopper. Some people can scour TJ Maxx for hours and find great deals; I scour the internet. So here’s a list of my favorite shops!

ASOS. if you haven’t checked this out yet you really should. Two words: free shipping. And don’t try to ruin my life by telling me that they factored the shipping into their prices, because then you would be a really mean person. Point is, it’s cheap and trendy and they have a great 70% section that runs almost all the time.

Forever 21: I don’t even go into the store anymore, unless I have called ahead and know for a fact that they have the one item I want and it would be cheaper to just go in and get it. Forever21 online is a much safer way to shop. It’s organized and you don’t have to deal with the weird employees. (Anyone else get the heeby jeebies from the F21 dressing room attendants? They like to hover outside the door and want me to model every thing I put on. Just leave me alone and let me try on my items, thanks!)


Urban Outfitters: Since Oklahoma is ridiculous and still hasn’t built an UO yet, I’m forced to either shop online or go to Dallas. I love UO and they have some great sales on their website, sometimes better than the stores.

Ruche: super darling, very feminine, and great prices.

Threadsence: a little more hippy style but still with great prices

Lulus: I have at least 4 pairs of shoes from Lulus, and I love that they carry vegan leather items. They also have one of the best dress sections I’ve found yet.

Polyvore: Not exactly a store but if you’re looking for a specific item it’s a great way to search.


Shop my Closet Sales: This is my new obsession and I’m not joking when I say obsessions. Shop my Closet sales are a great way to find gently used clothing for a great price. Some of my favorite’s are Ruby Girl, Kelli Murray, or Ascot Friday’s instagram sales. Just search #shopmycloset and you’ll find a TON of sales.

Yay! So where do YOU shop? Any great stores I should know about?


Forever 21 jacket, necklace, tee, and pants ( when does it become embarrassing to wear an outfit primarily purchased from F21? When you’re not 21? Whoops!) Target booties, 7th & West hand chain, Unexpected Expectancy feather ring



Little Red

IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5485 IMG_5487 IMG_5489 IMG_5492 IMG_5496 IMG_5498

Forever21 jacket//Borrowed necklace// cape dress from Kelli Murray’s shop my closet sale (love her)// target booties

Don’t you just love capes? I felt quite super womanish in this, like perhaps I could have jumped off a tall building, or at least a tall chair. I didn’t try either, it was too cold. When I showed my mom this dress she was like, “um where are you going to where this?” ….everywhere, der! Why would I feel uncomfortable about wearing a caped dress to, I don’t know, let’s say work? Or church? Or a quick trip to Target? No shame my friends.

Let’s also note the fact that my legs are now nearing the shade of a 6 week old corpse, or possibly really milky {mushy} grits. I’m constantly hovering between yelling, “white is the new tan!” with an exultant fist pump included, or yelling, “turn the lights off it’s too bright! oh wait…that’s my legs.” and then slunking my way into the nearest cancer tanning bed. The fist pump will probably win, since tanning beds give me the creeps. You want me to lay down in a roaring light filled coffin NEKKID!? Where hundreds of other women just laid their sweaty bums? You know, grits are actually kind of pretty, I think I’ll keep my pasty legs, thanks.

Let’s not even get into the idea of a spray tan. The last time I tried it I came out looking like an ewok. No I wasn’t covered in fur and carrying a spear. My skin just happened to be the exact same shade as my eyebrows which was slightly terrifying. If you’re lucky, you can scrub the first 3 layers of skin off and look somewhat presentable for maybe a day before the dye starts fading and you look like you have some sort of scary polka dotted disease. And ALL of this gloriousness can be yours for the same price as a month’s membership to the cancer coffins(tanning beds)! No thanks.

Anywho, Happy Valentine’s Day! Otherwise known as Single Awareness Day. Or if you’re a cynic, it’s Our Societies Maniacal Attempts at Tricking the Unsuspecting into Purchasing Mass Produced Cheap Wares at Ridiculously High Prices, All in the Name of “Love” Day.

I kind of ride the fence on Val Day. I’m well aware of the fact that flower prices reach astronomical heights on the 14th, but if a guy wants to give me some flowers I’m sure not going to say no! And yes it’s a bit of a cliche to get all lovey dovey on Cupid’s holiday but who’s ever turned down some sweet words? Not this gal. So while I accept that most everyone is being loving only because someone at some point in time for some reason decided to make the 14th a romantic day, I will also accept any and all chocolates, flowers, mushy love notes, and dinner dates

And just so we’re clear, I LOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRVVVVEEE you guys. You make this blog so much fun to write, I love talking to each and every one of you. You are the bees knees.






Vintage Coats Make Me Giddy


Target Sunnies// Vintage coat// Charlotte Russe heels

One of my favorite aspects of Winter are all the fun accessories. Scarves, mittens, hats, socks, boots and of course: coats!

This coat is one of my all time favorite pieces I own; my aunt found it in her mother in law’s attic and asked if I would want it.  well der! It’s super heavy and quite fancy so I don’t get to wear it very often, but I had to pull it out this year and do a little shoot, it’s just too darling not to show to the world : )

This coat is a great example of why I love fashion, why I do what I do with this blog. There’s a story behind this coat, of how my aunt’s mother in law bought it and never wore it yet somehow it ended up in her attic and my aunt found it and thought of me. I love the story behind an outfit or a particular piece of clothing; what you were thinking when you bought it, what occasion did you buy it for, how you feel when you wear it, where were you when you bought it. If you take the time to invest in pieces like this coat, you have a walking memory, a great conversation starter.

I also love the transformation that happens with fashion. For me, outfits are very emotion-based. How I’m feeling that particular day or what I’m being influenced by will present itself through my clothing; whether it’s a song, a movie, a color, or an emotion. I love that I have that option, that something as simple as my clothing can become a medium for my creativity.

Does anyone else understand what I’m saying? What is fashion to you?



Pacsun beanie, Old Navy jacket, Target Scarf, {old.v old.} jean jacket, Urban Outfitters merci beau coup tee, Pac Sun pants, Charlotte Russe rainboots.

These pictures were taken the day after we were supposed to get nine inches of Christmas Day snow. #weathermanfail. However it’s now snowing again as I type, so they might be able to swing this one and say they meant nine inches over a week?

I love the snow. I love the look, how everything is bright and white and clean. I love how excited everyone gets when they see snow, even adults. Snow causes everyone to pause, to look, to become a child for just a while.

2013 is almost here and I can’t help but use these last few days of ’12 to look back and reminisce. It’s been one crazy year, and 2013 will be even crazier! I’m excited to set new goals for myself, both in my personal life and here on this blog. Thank you to all of the sweet readers who keep coming back and reading this crazy little spot on the ‘net I call my own. It’s been a huge learning experience! I want to continue to learn all I can from this crazy Blogworld. I can’t wait to see what 2013 will hold!

See you guys next year!

Hey We’re Still Alive!

Target Hat// Old Navy coat// Forever 21 Top// Pacsun pants// Forever 21 chelsea boots

Welp it’s Friday the 21st and we’re all still alive! I guess the Mayans got it wrong. Or maybe they just ran out of rock, who knows.

The point is that the world didn’t end which means I can now truly enjoy the good things in life. Like these boots. Have I told you of my deep love for Chelsea boots? I absolutely adore boots and these slightly ugly yet equally quirky Chelsea boots are just darling. ( Chelseas are tight fitting ankle boots distinguished by the elastic band on the sides rather than a zipper.  For those that are confused. Come on guys, get with the program).

These are on sale, these have a darling color block effect to them, and these are currently starring in my wildest dreams.

Are you in love now as well? Yes. I knew you would be.

Merry {early} Christmas! I won’t be back until after the Big Guy visits, so have a wonderful holiday, hug your loved ones extra tight, and remember what this season is really about.

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

- I Heard the  Bells