Layer UP!

Nordstrom scarf (gift)//Target sweater// French Connection dress worn as a skirt (old, previously worn here where I look like a 12 year old)// Target boots (old)

For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, my post title is an attempt at a joke inspired from Barney. I know. It was a pathetic attempt.

But the point still remains: I LOVE layers. In the Fall and Winter it is my number 1 tip for anyone trying to make a closet stretch to cover all seasons. You save money by utilizing items you already have (like a dress for a skirt) and it helps keep you warm. A Win Win for everyone.

Is my sweater sacreligious?

Target sunnies// Seams to be snood// Max & Olivia’s cross cutout sweater// Target leggings// Target flats// 7th & West bangles

I wasn’t too sure of this sweater when I got it in the mail. I mean, hi hello, there’s a huge cross on my back. Does that seem a bit strange to anyone else?
But then I realized how utterly comfy and cozy the sweater was, and how it was just the right length to wear with leggings. I also decided the cross kind of made the sweater a bit quirky so I just went with it. And ended up wearing it like, 3 days in a row. I know. Judge me all you want.
I’m having a hard time concentrating on writing out this post because my sister is on her way! YAY! My sister and brother in law will be with us for a week and a half and I am SUPER excited. I miss my sister more than anyone could have told me I would have. If someone could go back and tell my 15 year old self that my big sister would some day end up being my best friend, I probably would have laughed right in their face. But apparently miracles do happen. Girls can get along. Sisters can stop fighting long enough to realize that they’re best friend has been sleeping in the room (or bed) next to them all their life.
And now she’s finally here! EEEK!

It’s Friday, Friday…

Forever 21 jacket and Scarf// Target Dress// Primark Tights (thanks Carls!)// Shoe Carnival boots

Oh hey, look it’s that leather jacket that I wear every single day. Don’t believe me? How about 1/2/3/4 and oh ya 5.

Yay it’s Friday!!! This weekend I plan on COMPLETING my Christmas shopping. I think this is the first year that I’ve ever come close to finishing this early. It helps that my siblings and I decided to just draw one name each for gift giving this year. Does anyone else do that? It makes it so much easier, you have so much more time to hunt around for that perfect gift. And since we’re all broke, it’s kind of nice not to be worrying that everyone will notice their gifts are from the dollar bins at Target. (you know you do it too. That stuff is just so cute, it’s irresistible!)

And I know I have been remiss in announcing the Shabby Loves Chic winner. I apologize. Click HERE to see if you won!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



Back to Black

old hat// Warby Parker glasses// Forever 21 jacket// Lucca sweater// Pacsun pants// Shoe Carnival buckle boots// 7th & West bangles

Good morning friends! Today is Thursday, which means it’s the Coast to Coast Challenge day! This is my first time to participate, if you haven’t checked it out yourself you can do so here. It’s a pretty fun idea!

Wearing all black makes me think of two things: one of my best friends,Lauren, who frequently rocks the all black look; and Amy Winehouse. Hence the title of this post.

Random things about this outfit:

I’ve had this hat since the dawn of time. I have no clue where it’s from, but I keep it because it’s just so stinkin comfy.

Also, my sweater has gone in and out of the giveaway pile for about the last 5 years, no joke. I always get to a place where I don’t like it anymore and I’m going to give it away, and then I find one more way to wear it and I keep it. I guess I just need to give in and keep the stupid thing for forever.

I wear these pants at least twice a week. No joke. I frequently get asked where I shop (working on that post!) and how often I shop, since it looks where I’m wearing different things in all of my posts. Au contraire my friend. I’m flattered that you think these same pants look different every time I wear them, but believe me it’s the same pair every time. I bet I have a smaller closet than a lot of folks out there!

Yay for Thursdays! Thursdays mean Friday is almost here and Fridays mean a short day at work, which means the weekend is here which means SLEEP! and Christmas shopping! And having a social life past 8pm! YAY!





How the Rambler Poses for Pictures

After getting some encouragement from you guys, I decided to go ahead and post my tips on posing for pictures. This is just things I’ve picked up along the way that have worked for me. EVERYTHING about fashion blogging is relative. You have to find what works for you! So try out a few of my tips and let me know how it goes!

Here are 11 poses that work for me

Step back a few feet and then slowly walk forward again. Let your arms hang loose, and be mindful of what your face is doing. This can make a really nice, natural photo, or you can look like an idiot. Good luck. Cute jewelry! But this isn’t QVC, so steer away from your typical jewelry poses. Instead, tuck a hand into your pocket and shoot your bracelet that way, or pull you hand up to your face. Tie your shoe laces, play with your hair. Whatever you can do that will look more natural than just sticking your hand out in front of yourself. This can feel super weird sometimes, but I’ve found that taking a really wide stance can make a really nice picture. You look more confident. Try putting your weight on one leg to avoid looking like Superman.Got a cute skirt, a funky sash, or a cute tassel? Show it off! Twirl your skit in your hands, or play with the sash. Don’t be afraid to try something stupid. I would never stand like this in real life, unless I was being silly, which was the case in this picture. But it actually turned out kind of cute, regardless of my weird arms (right?)Not one of my favorite stances, since it feels extremely posed to me, but it is effective for breaking up all of those standing poses. I will frequently burst out laughing or tell someone to make me laugh so I can get a pose like this. They look fun and relaxed and natural, even though it’s 100% FAKE. Flirt with the camera, dahling! But really, try it. Turn away from the camera, look over your shoulder, look down at the ground. Just try different angles instead of straight on. Have you some cute pockets you want to show off? Shove your hands in them! It gives you something to do with your arms other than sticking them on your hips like Barbie. Try doing one hand, both hands, put your hands in your back pockets, front pockets, doesn’t matter! Find some stairs, a ledge, the street curb, whatever, and sit DOWN. Too many pictures standing up can get really boring to look at. Break up those images by trying different levels.

This might not feel natural to you and that’s ok; do what feels natural. For me, I’m constantly swooshing my hair, scrunching it up, flipping it around. So why not take pictures like that? If there’s something that you are constantly doing in real life (playing with your glasses, biting your lip, clasping your hands, tying your shoes, etc.) take pictures of it! It might seem awkward at first, but the pictures will prove that it’s not awkward at all.

Further Tips:

- PRACTICE. that’s right. Stand in front of a mirror and practice. You’ll never know what something looks like until you try it. When I’m shooting an outfit, we usually have about a 5-10 minute window to do so. I don’t have the time to try some crazy pose, look at the picture, try it again, look again, etc etc. To save time, practice poses in the mirror.

- Only use 3-5 images in your post. No matter how great the poses are, they all start to get boring after about 5. Try loading all the images you think are post worthy and then previewing the post. You’ll quickly see the ones that can be deleted.

- Don’t be afraid to SMILE. Let’s face it. We’re not professional models, nor are we ducks. We’re slightly crazy women taking pictures of their outfits for complete strangers to look at. So smile! and don’t take yourself too seriously.

- Be conscious of your surroundings. This is one my mother is ALWAYS trying to drill into my head. I find a cute space to take pictures but I completely disregard the huge pile of trash in the corner. (or the disgusting drain pipe in picture #3)  Before taking any pictures, look at your space through your camera lens. Be observant of what is going on and what you are wearing. Do they work together? Is it too busy? Will you stand out or fade into the background?

If you have any further questions let me know in the comments! Have a great day!


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The Rambler’s Christmas Wish List

a new computer (since I don’t actually have one, I just mooch off of everyone else)// pink mittens! I love these extra long ones, so your wrists don’t get chilly ; )// a leather baseball hat. So I don’t feel like such a frump// red pants. I would also accept leather pants// Gigi. It’s one of my favorite movies ever, but somehow I don’t own a copy // a new watch // Lily Pulitzer perfume. I just love this clean scent! My sweet Aunt Gigi got me hooked :) // chelsea ankle boots. They’re so weird they’re cute. // a new chambray shirt// a new journal. I love these Papaya Art ones!

Yay for Christmas!

These are a few of my least favorite things

Warby Parker glasses//Forever 21 sweatear//Target jeans and flats// Gap trench// borrowed necklace// Makeup: Revlon Cherries in the Snow// Hair: super dirty ;)

Do you ever get in those moods where suddenly LOTS of things are irritating you? I don’t really have many pet peeves, but occasionally things will just start to rack up until I feel like I could shake a baby, I’m so annoyed. So here’s my list of current irritations. Enjoy

- The flippin’ weather. It’s DECEMBER folks. And it’s 77 degrees today. SEVENTY SEVENS DEGREES. What the heck?! That’s not Christmas weather!

- The fact that it’s psychically impossible for me to be on time to work on Mondays. Seriously, it’s like my head is wired to unconsciously turn my alarm clock off and prevent me from being a model employee. Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell my boss.

- my hair. I’m seriously this close to cutting the whole stupid mass off. I wanted long hair for the wedding, but it’s so dry and unruly that I just want to give up, especially since I don’t feel like it’s grown in like a year.

- people who stand uncomfortably close to you. Listen, lady at Hobby Lobby that stood behind me in line. Being close enough to sniff my hair ain’t gonna get you to the cash register any faster. Back off my personal space before I elbow you in your gut that’s resting on my back. AWKWARD.

- Sonic employees who are unnaturally slow on the drive through intercom. What what WHAT are you doing that is taking so long to respond? All I ordered was a Dr. Pepper with extra ice. After I finished reading War and Peace, the chick got back to me with my total. I try to be more patient with people that I know just started their job, but this girl had no excuse. Believe me, I go to that Sonic all the time, I’ve started to recognize them.

- Speaking of Dr. Pepper, it is NOT the same thing as Mr. Pibb. Mr. Pibb is a sad, pathetic excuse for a true DP, don’t try to trick me with an imposter. I KNOW the difference. And do NOT roll your eyes at me when I ask you to change my drink because you failed to tell me you didn’t have Dr. Pepper.

and last but not least (actually not last but I don’t want to keep harping on and make you guys hate me, so we’ll just stop at this one ;))

- LAUNDRY. I HATE doing laundry. It’s my own fault, I fully realize this, because I put it off till the very last minute and then my room is over flowing with dirty clothes and it takes me all day to do the laundry BUT. I still hate it. It’s so irritating and after about the 3rd load, I just want to set it all on fire.But no, now you have to fold it all or hang it all up and put it away. and do it all again in about 2 days. KILL ME.

So there you have it. Proof that I need a vacation. And a personal maid. And possibly some drugs. It’s cool. You know you guys have those times as well, I’m just the only one crazy enough to write it out for all of Blogland to see.

DON’T FORGET// today is the last day to enter the Shabby Loves Chic giveaway!






Ermagerd. Blerg.


Warby Parker glasses//Forever 21 top and fur scarf// brooches from our shop at The Feathered Nest//Gap jeans// Charlotte Russe heels// makeup: Revlon cherries in the snow// hair: curled with a straightner

Good morning friends!

WHEW it’s Thursday already?! This week seems to have flown by, something which I am 100% A-OKAY with. For some reason I haven’t been able to sleep lately so I’m ready for a weekend that involves very few plans and lots of sleeping.

Unfortunately this weekend will also include large amounts of laundry. I absolutely detest doing laundry and will put it off until it’s a dire situation. As in I bought more panties so I could put the laundry off for a few more days. I did what? Ya. You heard me. No shame.

Anyone have any awesome plans for the weekend?! If you’re doing some Christmas shopping, don’t forget to check out 7th & West! You can use RAMBLINGFORWEST today and tomorrow to get 10% off your purchase! Check out these awesome bangles I got never taking them off! (I just sang that in my head. And now I’m telling you about it. Sheesh I really do need some sleep.)



Weekend Wears

Warby Parker glasses// Lucky snood// Chevron top c/o Darby & Dash// Just USA jeans (old)// pink chucks via Shoe Carnival

During the week my outfits reflect my job, but the weekends tend to be very different. Depending on my mood, I might be extremely dressed up, or I might make it a bit more low key since I so rarely wear jeans during the week.

This day was one of those low key days. Thanksgiving, while wonderful, tends to wear a body out. You know that when I’m wearing my glasses, I’m pretty tired. I’ve worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade so I very rarely wear them during the day. Something about being called “four eyes” for six years straight (I got contacts after that) makes a girl hesitant to wear glasses in public again. ‘Course that might change, since I absolutely adore my new ones!

So when I found this cute little chevron top, I knew it was the perfect Weekend top. I might possibly have worn it all weekend, with various bottoms ranging from the socially acceptable jeans to the not so acceptable pajamas. No judging, you’d wear it three days running too.It’s just that comfy.

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A Fancy Guest Post with Shabby Loves Chic!

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to my big sister! YAY! Wish her a happy early birthday folks, her birthday is on Friday :)

Hello there! I’m Courtney and I have a lovely little blog called Shabby Loves Chic, I also happen to be the Rambler’s older more fabulous sister! {hardy har har}

I thoroughly enjoy shopping (duh!) and buying gifts for others, but what I really love is wrapping them! There is something so exciting about watching someone open a gift that you put time and effort into wrapping for them. I have a completely out of control collection of ribbons & tulle – but in my book, you can never ever have too much.  In keeping with the “never have too much” theme, I like my gifts to have as much ribbon & tulle as humanly possible. It might be a southern thing…big hair, big gift wrapping. Not much for simplicity around here. I decided it would be fun to share my recent favorite gift wrapping finds here on A Rambling Fancy since the holidays are about to be in full swing! 

Now for the fun part, where you can find these beauties!

moondust petite tinsel
french vanilla wired pompoms
festooning ribbon
etoile velvet ribbon
shimmery baker’s twine
chartreuse pom pom garland
chenille velvet ribbon
pearl wire ribbon
fairy tale tinsel ribbon

Honestly, I’m drooling. How adorable are these?!! And we can’t forget how sweet & precious their names are either. Who wouldn’t want to buy something called moon dust? fairy tale tinsel? Yes please! Get to shopping & happy holidays!
Yay for sisters! In other exciting news, Court and I have a blog series we’re working on! So check back soon! We’re so excited! AND SLC will be hosting a giveaway here on Friday! Make sure and check back, you don’t want to miss out!
Happy Tuesday!