Oh hey I accidentally didn’t blog for like a week ish. meh bad.

in other news, i’d like to make an official declaration that this, this,  is my favorite outfit ever. for now. during this season. until i get dressed again.

but for reals. fave.

side story: i went to walmart for the first time in literally 3 years ( i avoid it like the plague) and I found these sunglasses for like pennies. Although I love these things they still didn’t change my belief that Walmart is the tenth circle of Hell.

IMG_3014 copy IMG_3015copy IMG_3016copy IMG_3022copy IMG_3036copy IMG_3047copy IMG_3056copy IMG_3061copywalmart sunnies // target shirt // riffraff necklace c.o // asos pants // dolce vita booties via nordstrom rack


the time my blog crashed and i almost crapped my pants

a while back i had a malfunctioning plugin on my website so i decided to just deactivate it. little did i know that ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOSE.

1for about 4 hours my blog was gone, literally gone. snatched from my fingers, wiped from the interweb as if it had never existed.

it’s true when they say “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. there are some days that i think why why WHY do i continue to write on this thing?! my life is busy or i’m feeling stuck in a rut and i start to think that it would be so much simpler to just stop writing.

but then when i had the chance to walk away, to say “welp that was fun, but oh well”, i literally felt like someone had taken my first born child away. my slightly awkward, highly embarrassing, sometimes unloved child but still MINE.

2 4i wanted to throw up, scream, shake my fists at the heavens, and then lay down for a long cry. it was like when a boyfriend calls you every day for a week and then suddenly breaks up with you via a note from his friend passed in the hallway, given to you by the class nerd while you’re scrupulously doodling love hearts in your notebook. but wait! we can’t break up! we’re supposed to be together! 4 eva! i wrote it my notes, along with my first name and your last name, with a heart around it!

6 3no matter how often i’ve thought about quitting, this little space i’ve carved out for myself here in the blog world is something that i’m quite proud of. it’s my free therapy, my online diary (that should sometimes been more like my hidden under the mattress and never shared with anyone diary), my love notes and my creative outlet. i couldn’t let this thing die any easier than i could stop wearing highly inappropriate shoes. it’s a part of me.

thankfully for my heart palpitations, things were up and running again by the afternoon. i’ve never wanted to hug an inanimate object so much in my life.

5gap tee // forever 21 sweater // target pencil skirt // chinese laundry heels (via marshalls)


Stretch Your Closet // how to make your summer style work in the fall

Today I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks for stretching your closet over multiple seasons.  Very rarely do I ever buy a piece of clothing without first checking to see if I can wear it at least three different ways, over several different seasons.  It’s the best way to save money, AND get the most out of your clothing!fall dressing

No 1 // Maxi Dresses (dress, boots, jacket, hat)

I love pairing my summer maxis with a leather jacket and boots. It’s a great contrast between the girly dress and the tough leather, and it’s a perfect transition outfit!

No 2 // Denim Cutoffs (shorts, boots, tee, cardi)

shorts are one of those tricky pieces that are so  necessary for the summer, but then get shoved to the back of the dresser the rest of the year. Add some layers like an oversized cardigan and some funky boots and stretch the shorts season on into the fall.

No 3// Skater Skirts (skirt, sweater, boots, tights)

layering summer skirts with sweaters and tights are a great way to add versatility to your closet. a great pair of boots will add that final fall-ish touch.

No 4 // Sundresses (dress, button down, socks, boots)

obviously I love a good tough girl vibe in an outfit. layer up your sundresses with plaid and a killer pair of boots and you’ll be able to stretch that wardrobe right on into winter. and don’t forget the socks! fall is a great time to add in new accessories like chunky socks.

Fall Fever

Fall is officially upon us and I am ecstatic. Oklahoma tends to have very un-Fallish falls, where we go from oven scale heat to just a morsel of true fall weather, straight into months of depressing cold. So far we’re hovering in between ovens and true fall and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get some actual fall days this year, with the leaves changing and that fireplace smell in the air and hello, the clothes, the most important part.

Here’s a list of my favorite Fall pieces this year! The 90′s are calling and I’m saying helloooo! fall fever

1. oversized coats // I feel very breakfast club-ish in this trend and that is not a bad thing.

2. chunky shoes // i just love a good chunky shoe, they make me taller and immediately add a little pizaaz to an outfit.

3. anything plaid // seriously, give me all the plaid. Jared has started his winter beard which basically makes me feel like i’m married to a bear hunter so i might as well accept it and wear plaid every day of my life. plus it’s a great pattern mixer!

4. oversized knits // fall is characterized by two things: food and wind. big chunky sweaters that let me eat the whole room and also stay cozy warm? count me in

5. highwaist black pants // i mean really, what else do you need? they go with everything. they’re super comfy. they stretch for miles. they never show stains. drops the mic

6. wool hats // i’m such a fan of hats, they hide bad hair days with such flair.

7. cute sweats // picture me at a bonfire, roasting some mellows, maybe going shopping or something, and then I go home and never change clothes… and these are on sale so…

8. hints of leather // i love bringing a little edge to an outfit, like a leather jacket or a leather bag. perfect.

high waist jeans-a walking head with legs

IMG_0850 copy IMG_0855 copy IMG_0874 copy IMG_0902 copy

IMG_0845 copytarget sunnies // forever 21 tee // target necklaces // old navy jacke (old) // target belt // riffraff jeans c.o  // hooker heels (not shown)

There are many instances in fashion where the phrase “you look like a weirdo” can be the highest of compliments. When I walked out of the bedroom and asked Jared if the fact that my pants came up to my armpits and i was 6″3 with my chosen heels on (so the jeans wouldn’t drag the ground, duh) made me look disproportionate, and he responded with “you look like a walking head with legs” I knew I had nailed it!

the fact that Jared had to hold my hand as I walked across the parking lot so i wouldn’t fall is completely normal. for fashion.


i blog and stuff

IMG_0783 copy

IMG_0784 copy IMG_0795 copy IMG_0792 copy IMG_0799 copyTarget button down // Forever 21 gray tee // Target necklaces // ASOS pants // Shoe Dazzle heels

this weekend was the most perfectly Fallish weather. Stormy and cloudy and moody; an excellent day to eat pancakes and nap the day away. unfortunately this weather and i have a bit of a love/hate relationship because the sudden swings in temperature make my allergies go nuts, so i spent the day napping with the worst sinus headache in all of creation.  but i just kept thinking “this is just so great, i love this weather!” the whole time. luckily i have a precious hubby who will rub my neck and make me pancakes and only roll his eyes once when im in the tub long enough for the water to go cold and only grumble a little when i get cookie crumbs on his side of the bed, even though he specifically said “do not eat cookies in the bed”. sorry babe…

and yes I’m aware that it’s Tuesday and yes i know i should have posted this on Monday, but give me a break who is ever really ready for Monday? not i. and if Monday was a struggle, well then Tuesday is a bit harried as well. by Wednesday we’ll be rolling pretty good around here. don’t judge.




I look like a drug lord & I’m OK with that.



Here in Oklahoma, Winter means one thing: you’re going to get blown away.

It doesn’t matter how lovely and bright the sun is shining, or how beautiful the snow looks. 95% of the time the wind will be blowing like nobody’s business and you will be exhausted by the time you get back into a safe building. Cars doors get slammed open, shopping carts go flying across the parking lot, and hats are blown away, never to be found again.


So when I saw this gigantic fur Rachel Zoe coat on IG, I knew it was perfect for this Winter. Despite the fact that my dad laughs every time I walk out of the house. I’m warm and cute (in my opinion anyways) and impervious to winds and jokes alike.

IMG_6396(another DIY tee using THIS tutorial! so easy)

Speaking of Instagram, anyone else obsessed with a good IG sale? I’m always finding cute little shops on there! If you sell on IG or if you are a fellow IG shopper, let me know! I’m always looking for another cute shop!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so many things to be thankful for this year and one of them is this lovely little blog and all of you wonderful people that I’ve come in contact with through it! You bring joy to my life. *hugs*


5th & Elm hat// Rachel Zoe coat via LMTC// Forever 21 button down// Chanel no 5 graphic tee (tutorial here)// Urban Outfitters jeans// Blink leopard booties

Turkey Day Fashion Inspiration

turkey-day-boardIf you’re like me Turkey Day is all about spending time with your family, eating by far more food than you possibly thought you could, and relaxing as much as possible (AFTER the meal is cooked of course. I don’t normally participate in the cookery (fire hazard) but everyone knows that it is a highly stressful time until that dang bird is on the table)

 I, being me, have already started planning my outfit this year and there shall be no detrimental waist bands, scratchy shirts, or uncomfortable heels for the Rambler. Who am I kidding, I will more than likely wear some outrageous heels but I will definitely be stashing my comfy mocs in my purse for after pictures! This year I plan on wearing a comfy sweater or tent dress for maximum pumpkin pie capacity, a big comfy scarf that can double as a napping blanket, and a couple no nonsense accessories like my beloved Warby Parkers.

What do you have planned for Turkey Day? And for those of you across the pond (or border, hey Canada!, since you already had your turkey), please feel free to roll your eyes expressively this entire week at the humongous deal we make out of our holidays and continue on to your Christmas music and tree decorating.

You’re welcome.

Honey can I borrow you’re razor?



The other morning I was sitting in my car,  getting ready to put on a little lippy before I started the day and WHAT, dear God, WHAT did I see in the mirror? I can’t believe I’m sharing this but yes dear friends, I shall tell you, I saw some friggin lip hairs.

I’ve never had to deal with hairs going rogue, my eyebrows have always been fairly submissive, and while the legs do get occasionally unruly that’s usually because I’ve waited by far to long to shave them. But LIP HAIRS?! Are you kidding me?! Of course I was in public, about to go into work, so it wasn’t like I could run home and tame the freaking Ron Burgandy ‘stache that was currently growing on my face. No I had to go the rest of the day trying to stay out of direct sunlight and freaking out anytime someone came to talk to me that they’d see the Colonel Sanders impression my upper lip was performing. IMG_6259


Although I can’t really prove this I’m going to blame the entire hairy situation on all of the stupid steroids and medication I had pumping through my body the last couple of months. If the meds could make my hair fall out, my skin break out, my cheeks chunk up, and my brain fly out the window, then surely they could make some nasty hairs grow where they are entirely NOT welcome right? To be honest it was more like 3 darkish hairs that were easy to wax right off but it’s the principal of the matter here people! UGH. Someone PLEASE tell me they’ve had to deal with this as well?


Target beanie// Forever 21 jacket// Oxford Trunk tank// The Elle camo pants (sold out but similar here)// Target booties (old)





Live for the moment


Sometimes you pick an outfit because you want to feel good and I mean good. You want to feel confident and hot and you want to walk with a little bit of a -must I say it- swagger because you know you look dang good and I mean good.

Other times, you put a hat on because you’ve lost count of how many days its been since you washed your hair. You wear a floaty dress because you’re going to eat Italian and you want to indulge in that 8th breadstick and everyone knows you don’t wear jeans to eat Italian.

But you’re always going to be a girl and a part of you will always want to feel good and I mean good so you put on those boots because they make you feel sassy and you swipe a  purple lipstick on because it makes you feel festive and suddenly, by golly, you’ve got an outfit that’s not completely contemptible if you do say so yourself. So you give yourself a slap on the back and also permission to ask for extra croutons on the salad because vivre l’instant!

IMG_5956 IMG_5959 IMG_5968 IMG_6016

side story: there may or may not have been a tiny field mouse that crawled out of the general vicinity of my hoo-ha while getting these shots. I may or may not have screamed like a banshee. 

IMG_6019Target hat and card// urban outfitters dress and socks// shoe dazzle boots