This was our first Christmas as a married couple, in fact I’m pretty sure it was our first Christmas that we’ve actually ever been together for in the 8 years that we’ve known each other! So it was it a pretty special Christmas for us!

We are typical newlyweds, in that our budget for extras is fairly nonexistent, so this year we chose skip buying major presents for each other and and concentrate on giving to our friends and family instead. I did convince Jared that I would die if we didn’t get our mattress off the floor soon, so we bought ourselves a bed frame and called it good. I joked that Jared’s present this year was that he got to marry me ;)

We started a few new family traditions this year, like reading the story of Jesus’ birth together in bed Christmas morning, and eating breakfast with my family the day after. I also had my wisdom teeth removed the week before so there were many late night ramblings about life, love, and the language of flowers that I will probably never live down.

Here are some pics from our day after Christmas brunch with my family. Somehow I carted my camera around to almost every holiday event and didn’t once turn it on so these are my only “official” christmas pictures, other than instagram. A part of me is a little sad about that, but it was also nice to just sit and talk to everyone and not be worrying about the camera the whole time.


^ Jared has been working on a homemade biscuit recipe, adapted from my Nanny’s own recipe and mixed together with a few JB secret ingredients! Soooo yummy. courtdad2 courtkari glasses

^ all three siblings picked out the same Warby Parker glasses without realizing it! We so rarely all wear them at the same time that we had to take a pic. kari pan table 1family1


^the whole family, including the dogs! We were all supposed to come to breakfast in our pi’s but apparently only Jared and I took that suggestion seriously. ha! oops.

All in all, our first Christmas was a success. I’m so excited to get started on all the after Christmas decorating deals so that NEXT year can be even better! Jared literally groaned when i told him that, tee hee! boys just don’t get it.

Wild Heart Collective

wildheartAfter MONTHS of dreaming and scheming I am SO excited to share with you a new project of mine!

Wild Heart Collective is a collaborative online project between my two sisters and myself. It’s an inspiration store house full of home ideas, hair tutorials, personal style, and so much more. This is something that we have talked about doing for so long and the timing has finally worked out where we can make our dream a reality!

We have so many fun projects coming up and new ideas in store that I literally cannot stop squealing,  I’m just so excited for our launch!

 I will still write here on The Rambler but it will be more personal posts with family pictures, apartment projects and updates, things of that nature.

Make sure and stop by Wild Heart on December 1st for our official grand opening! Until then, you can follow us on pinterest//tumblr//instagram//and twitter!



IMG_0514our little space is slowly starting to show some character and become “us”. when we decided on our apartment, I knew I was going to have to sacrifice “quirky and unique” for “nearby, cost effective, and safe (i’m a huge baby, i get scared walking just about anywhere at night)”. There just aren’t many quirky little mid century apartment complexes in Yukon, Oklahoma….Scratch that, there’s none.

But we’ve been able to find ways to make this space our own and, other than the fact that I start to feel like I’m living in Shawshank if I’m in the apartment with our windows shut for too long, our little space is working very well for us.  Tip for newlyweds: don’t buy anything for your wedding that you can’t use in your home afterwards. Our apartment is basically our wedding remixed.  IMG_0504^our giant engagement pic was a gift from our engagement party IMG_0506^photo op sign from my panty shower IMG_0510^Jared’s adventure guitar has been on just about every trip he went on in college. It now resides in various places all over the apartment, depending on where he last felt inspiration. I never know where this thing will be next, which is a pretty impressive feat in a one bedroom apartment.  IMG_0538 IMG_0534 IMG_0537

these are our guestbook notes from the wedding. so precious.

IMG_0517 IMG_0461 IMG_0467^the brass goblets are an Ebay find, the gold rimmed wine goblets are from dollar general (holla!), the pink goblets are from a local antique store, as are the gold striped glasses. The gold dot ones are Anthro. IMG_0531IMG_0473 IMG_0474 copy IMG_0521 IMG_0526 IMG_0529^this is not an advertisement for gain or downy, i was just too lazy to put them back up on the shelf. But those smell divine, just fyi!

IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0489 IMG_0476 IMG_0498 IMG_0495

game night

my family is big into games. well let me rephrase: a loud and bossy few are big into games and therefor we all play games ;)

IMG_0540 IMG_0545

the other night the whole gang came together for an odd assortment of dinner which included sweet potato fries, asparagus, and chicken wings, and the official family game (other than corn hole) of Hand and Foot. Somehow Jared had escaped playing this monopoly-style card game ( in that it takes FOREVER) so it was obviously high time he be introduced. my brother had to work late so since we had uneven numbers, I volunteered to be the official family game night photographer. usually my mom is the one stepping back and taking the pictures but occasionally she gets a very stubborn, competitive streak burst forth from her soul and then it’s game on. I’m probably the least enthusiastic gamer in the Hamilton bunch, so family photographer works for me!

IMG_0548 IMG_0552 IMG_0557 IMG_0564 IMG_0577Apparently the Bishop family also has a card game tradition and therefor Jared spent the entire evening randomly detailing the differences between Hand and Foot and Canasta.  it’s basically the same thing, which is what Jared kept saying, “so this is kind of like Canasta…ya this is almost exactly Canasta…see this is like Canasta except we’d do this….ya…this is basically Canasta.

IMG_0618 IMG_0599 IMG_0604 IMG_0593 IMG_0587 IMG_0583sweet family nights are what it’s about. whether we’re playing a dumb game or just sitting around, you know you’re going to have a good time with family. you might even see your mom beat your dad to a pulp…. at Hand and Foot that is.


grand lake.


a while back my family went to the lake for a couple days and it was bliss. After the crazy months we’ve had it was nice to relax and not have an alarm clock to set. IMG_0066 IMG_0072 IMG_0082 copy IMG_0086 (1) copy IMG_0089 copyDad became very intense during our family Taboo game night. When I asked why he had a match in his mouth, he said it was because he was ON FIRE!

yep. that’s my father. IMG_0091 copy IMG_0093 copy IMG_0099 copy IMG_0103 copy^of course, the family cornhole competition continues.  IMG_0105 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0122 IMG_0152 the dirtiest window in all creation. it’s art, right?IMG_0153 IMG_0156a few of us went into Grove one day and strolled around, peeking in at the antique shops and generally wasting time. We stopped by this little farmer’s market but of course, we didn’t buy anything because I married the Watermelon King and “they are overpriced and are selling inferior product” (Jared used to sell fruit out of the back of his truck. yes he will test out just about any business idea). Since i’m all about ambiance and experience,  I was all for buying a $6 cantaloupe but eh, I bowed to the Watermelon King.  IMG_0160 ^ and then he wandered through my outfit photo shoot. pfff.IMG_0209we found this little antique warehouse situation, which literally should have been called “Great Big Warehouse Full of Junk”. But it was pretty interesting to walk through.  IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0215yay for relaxing weekends! now i’m off to enjoy the current one. Happy Friday!

panty shower

Today I’m sharing some pics from my personal shower! The girls BLEW ME AWAY with their creativity and thoughtfulness.  The shower was adorable, I felt so loved! Yay for panty showers! DSC_0883DSC_0921^we had a flower crown station! So much fun, I’d suggest it for all parties.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0024 DSC_0031 DSC_0038 DSC_0065my sister gave me custom made garters (more pictures coming!) I LOVED THEM!!! (as you can see, I went with the “bigger is better” theory)  DSC_0887 DSC_0889 DSC_0891 DSC_0894 copy DSC_0899 DSC_0901 DSC_0903 DSC_0906 sweet sisters! ^ DSC_0919 DSC_0937 DSC_0947 DSC_0948 DSC_0959 DSC_0979 ^ the girls put together a photo op station with this darling ombre died curtain. So fun! DSC_0987DSC_0917

my dress was from Pac Sun (in store only) and my shoes are an old find from Lulus! Courtney bought the balloons on etsy.

july fourth

fourth of july this year was spent at my parents, cooking out and playing corn hole. the rest of the family took it very seriously. karianne and i? mmm not so much.

my mom wore a hat i dubbed her “Anne of Green Gables” hat and the four kids ended up matching like our kiddie days when mom would dress us all up in matching outfits.  somehow it’s not so awful as it was back then.

we have a thing for grilled veggies these days and there were plenty to go around. the night ended sitting in the jeep in the local grocery store parking lot, watching the fireworks go off from the park a couple streets down and thinking to myself “how did i get this lucky”.

IMG_9754IMG_9789 IMG_9796 IMG_9849 IMG_9846 IMG_9731

IMG_9831 IMG_9814 IMG_9778 IMG_9774 IMG_9771 IMG_9762 IMG_9760 IMG_9745 IMG_9720 IMG_9715 IMG_9681


hope your fourth was as satisfying as ours was.

april showers bring wedding showers

We had our first shower this weekend with our home church and it was just so precious to us. I was so touched to see our sweet friends get together and plan this cute afternoon for us, it mean the world to me! I’m so grateful for our church family and the love, support, and friendship that they have given to Jared and me.

Now bring on the picture overload, but FIRST! the outfit:

this skirt has to be one of the most nifty items i’ve ever worn. its made out of this super stiff material so it sticks out like a bell and yes i did want to sing If I were a Bell from Guys and Dolls the whole day. Also, these shoes. THESE SHOES. so painful and yet so darling. ah the price of beauty.

IMG_9121 IMG_9124 IMG_9133

F21 top (old, actually took it out of my giveaway pile for the day HA, similar here)// RiffRaff necklace (sold out, love this one)// Lucca skirt (similar here, i got mine from the OKC Penn Sq store)// Just Fab wedges (on sale!)

THANK YOU THANK YOU to our sweet friends for our wedding shower! We are so truly blessed to have you in our lives!

IMG_9040 IMG_9043 IMG_9047 IMG_9058 ^ our sweet friends praying with us. You will never know how much it means to me to know that we have so many people that care about us and pray for us! IMG_9069 ^ MOH and the Mother of the BrideIMG_9084 ^my sweet Gammy. There’s not anyone else like my Gammy, she’s the best one out there. IMG_9094 IMG_9099 IMG_9105 IMG_9109 IMG_9111 sometimes we like to look like creepers. its cool, its just another reason why we’re mean to be. our crazy bug eyes.. IMG_9118

window curtain shorts


This is one of my favorite spring to summer outfits this year so far. A funky hat, round shades, a worn in button up, and the most awesome shorts you’ve ever seen. Seriously. They’re like someone took my great grandma’s curtains and remade them into shorts. Don’t be confused, that is a really great thing.

IMG_8926 IMG_8931 IMG_8941 IMG_8942 IMG_8968 IMG_8969

5th and Elm hat// Urban Outfitters sunnies (old, similar)//Primark top (old, similar here)// RiffRaff shorts c.o// Shoe Dazzle heels (old, similar here)

My brother has been asking when I was going to put a picture of him on my blog for months now, so I let him jump in on a photoshoot and voila. I think Garrison has inherited my tendency to be inspired by fashion from movies, but where I usually choose Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Grease, he chooses Encino Man and Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.

gar and ka