oh hayy

oh hey there, remember me? i just accidentally took a week off from blogging. Not gonna lie, kind of just straight up forgot. Which has never happened before, but eh there’s a time for everything!IMG_9216 So what happened last week, let’s see. i chopped on my hair a bit more, it’s like a sick compulsion i just can’t put the scissors down. Fortunately I still like it, whew! For those that keep asking, yes I did cut my hair on purpose. How do you accidentally cut your hair? Get too close to a really sharp fan? Go in to cut the tags off a shirt and miss? Whatever, the answer is yes, I meant to cut my hair. and no i don’t regret it one bit. and no i’m not worried about styling my hair for the wedding. IMG_9221also you might notice my glasses will be showing up a bit more for a while. that would be because this mascara adhered itself like super glue to my lashes, only to break off into my eyeball at some point and scratch the crap out of my eye. obviously i am not a fan of said mascara. IMG_9226 like i mentioned before, i’ve been going to the chiropractor and while it’s been heaven on my back, it’s posed quite a few problems to my clothing choices. do you know how awkward it is to climb onto that bed-thing in heels? or to twist your body in opposite directions while wearing a dress? it just kind of ruins the whole ambiance ya know? I’ve taken to wearing leggings under everything, or just wearing pants every day, and frankly it’s getting annoying. It feels silly to bring a whole different outfit to change into, just so you can get your back popped for 5 minutes, but that might just be what I have to start doing. Sacrifice people. It’s all about sacrifice. IMG_9227speaking of sacrifice, i do believe i have officially made the greatest sacrifice in jared’s and my relationship. i am currently trading space in our living room to a 6 foot wooden indian carving (kind of like this guy) for the joy of an absolutely darling green velvet couch (kind of like this guy). No pictures of the actual pieces yet (though that is on my to do list, take pictures of our apartment) because one is currently residing in my parent’s garage and the other is somewhere far away where i wish it would stay (you may guess which is which). I’m all for creativity and supporting local artists, etc etc, but i’m just not a fan of a wooden indian in my living room. i told jared maybe i’d like it better if it was painted white and he called me a racist, which i took to mean no, so i might need advice on how to make this monstrosity flow with the rest of the space. although i’m not going to complain too loud (i promise! i’m not!) because i do get to keep the darling couch, which jared keeps calling baby-diarrhea green. ah marriage. IMG_9228 IMG_9241 warby parker glasses//forever 21 tank (old, similar here)//sira & mara necklace c.o.//vintage skirt (similar here)// target flats which can’t be seen but its these ones//


IMG_8541Jared and I had our first wedding knock down drag out fight discussion the other day. Over platters. Well no technically my mother and I had a discussion over platters, during which Jared watched his previously sane fiancé turn into a banshee and start bawling. over platters. after which he calmly walked away and left me to figure out how many platters we might possibly need for the food table on my own. which then caused our first discussion, because how could you walk 10 feet away from my screeching about platters to sit down on the sofa and pretend like i wasn’t acting like i had escaped the insane asylum, i needed you to help me count non existent platters for an unknown number of people, displayed in an unknown way, on an unknown table, which would be upholding an unknown item of food! the injustice!

I’d like to think that i’ve now got the bridezilla out of my system and this situation will never occur again, but we still have cutlery to discuss so i wouldn’t hold my breath.

IMG_8542IMG_8560 IMG_8546 IMG_8548 IMG_8552 IMG_8556 IMG_8557Warby Parker Tenley sunnies c.o//Riffraff geo dress c.o (sold out, but have you seen the new Dawn to Dusk look book? SO many cute dresses for Spring, i could squeal like a pig)// Ruche velvet mary janes (old, similar here)


Oculus Adventures



A few weeks ago I was invited to OKC’s Shop Good to see the new Spring line of Warby Parkers. Since I’m utterly obsessed with Warbys (see my favorites from their Fall line here, and these are my personal WPs) I jumped at the chance.


the guys and gals of Shop Good were the sweetest, letting me take over their Warby Show Room and not even blinking too profusely when I took a bajillion pictures of myself. And the WP line was soooo fun, all the cute shapes and colors, I died and went to Nerd Heaven.

IMG_7990 PicMonkey Collage

IMG_7992 Image


There were just too many good ones to choose from! Which are your faves? Check back tomorrow to see which ones I chose, styled a la Rambler!


Turkey Day Fashion Inspiration

turkey-day-boardIf you’re like me Turkey Day is all about spending time with your family, eating by far more food than you possibly thought you could, and relaxing as much as possible (AFTER the meal is cooked of course. I don’t normally participate in the cookery (fire hazard) but everyone knows that it is a highly stressful time until that dang bird is on the table)

 I, being me, have already started planning my outfit this year and there shall be no detrimental waist bands, scratchy shirts, or uncomfortable heels for the Rambler. Who am I kidding, I will more than likely wear some outrageous heels but I will definitely be stashing my comfy mocs in my purse for after pictures! This year I plan on wearing a comfy sweater or tent dress for maximum pumpkin pie capacity, a big comfy scarf that can double as a napping blanket, and a couple no nonsense accessories like my beloved Warby Parkers.

What do you have planned for Turkey Day? And for those of you across the pond (or border, hey Canada!, since you already had your turkey), please feel free to roll your eyes expressively this entire week at the humongous deal we make out of our holidays and continue on to your Christmas music and tree decorating.

You’re welcome.

The Rambler loves Warby Parker

I’ve worn glasses since 2nd grade when I couldn’t tell if the p was a q. Since then I have run the gamut of frame styles, from coke bottle lenses bigger than my head to lenses that changed to sunglasses in the sun and never quite faded back to clear inside so that I walked around with gray colored lenses all of 6th grade. This was not a good look my friends.

Warby Parker has since come on the scene and I for one am ecstatic about their nerdy frame options that are still somehow cool. Big chunky frames that come in colors like “plum marble wood” and “whisky tortoise?” Be still my Buddy Holly lovin heart.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.36.36 PM

I’m loving the new Winter collection from Warby Parker. You can view the entire collection HERE, or check below for my favorites!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 2.00.09 PM

(L-R) Durand in Saddle Rust or Woodland Tortoise// Edgeworth in Sage// Lyle in English Oak// Nash in Greystone 

Random Facts: My Dr. Pepper Addiction is Genetic

If you know me, you know that I have a true and deep love for Dr. Pepper. I’m not one of those people who carry around a 4 liter or anything, and I don’t drink it every day, but whenever I have a craving it’s most likely going to be for Dr. Pepper. There’s nothing better than a can (no bottles ick) of cold DP poured over extra ice, crushed if possible, with a straw.

polka dot dressI’d say it was my mom who introduced me to my love for Dr. Pepper. We always joke around and say my mom gave us the addiction while in the womb, since she drank Dr. Pepper like it was goin out of style. She almost always has a Dr. Pepper in the house, and my dad knows to go get a fresh one if he’s been in the dog house lately. When my sister comes into town and we go shopping together, we eventually all need to take a break and get a DP to recuperate.

shoe dazzle wedgesBut our addiction goes back farther than just my mom, in fact it goes back to my great grandpa. Papa Rakes used to hide bottles of Dr. Pepper in his work shed out in Virginia. He’d pull those hot, flat bottles from the saw dust in his shed and drink them like they were the best thing he’d ever tasted. Of course he had to hide them in the sawdust, when you have 7 kids and 22 grand kids, drinks like Dr. Pepper don’t stay around for very long.The RamblerI think my great grandpa would be proud to know we carry on his DP addiction. Whenever I have kids, I’ll make sure and sit them down and tell them all the family Dr. Pepper stories. I’m sure I’ll be adding my own to the family hall of fame.

polkda dot denimshoe dazzle wedges

polkda dot dresswarby parker glasses//target dress (on sale for $13!)//Shoe Dazzle wedges




Random Facts: Honest to Bob, I’ve been asked if I live in a tepee

oxblood on A Rambling Fancy

Oklahoma. Red People. Boomer Sooner.

I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve seen some weird things


yep. that’s my home town.

But never have I EVER,in the entire 24 years that I have been on this planet, lived in a teepee. Why do you ask? Well, perhaps because this isn’t the Oklahoma Territory of the 1800′s. Also, I’ve never shot a bow and arrow, I don’t ride a horse to work, and I can’t make it rain by doing some spirit dance around a fire.

Oxblood and Ombre on A Rambling Fancy

 These might seem like obvious statements to you but to the rest of the United States, Oklahoma is apparently still a territory and I’m skinning my lunch every day. Any time I mention that I live in Oklahoma, some version of the conversation above happens. It’s gotten a little bit better since OKC got a basketball team. I guess people just can’t picture Kevin Durant shooting a rabbit so we can now all live in the 21st century.


Let me just ask you: does everyone in California still pan for gold? Does every New Yorker like working on Broadway? Are people still driving the Oregon Trail? So why would you think I went to a school where they segregated the whites from the Native Americans? Ridiculous.

IMG_6070warby parker glasses// Forever21 tee//Target watch// H&M pants//Target shoes

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New Project! Sisterly

Sisterly: Two Opinions//One ProjectI’m so excited to share this new project with you guys! This is something my sister Courtney and I have been discussing for a long time and I am thrilled to show you guys the first Sisterly post!

Sisterly is a collaboration between the sisters of A Rambling Fancy and Shabby Loves Chic.

Courtney and I are very similar and very different all at the same time. The perfect example of this: we have frequently called each other to talk about some new clothing item we have bought. More often than not, the other one will have bought that same item without knowing it! So while we have a  lot of the same clothes in our closets (her’s in CA, mine in OK) we rarely ever style our clothing the same way!

We thought it would be fun to come together and show you different ways to style your clothes, decorate your home, and host your party all while using the same products! Fun right?

So for this first project, Court and I decided to try out one of our favorite patterns: leopard! We even made a Pinterest board to show off some of our favorite spotted pieces

Leopard print Sisterly postClick here to read Courtney’s opinion on leopard print!

I decided to use leopard print as a fun accent rather than a main focus piece. I LOVE leopard! It’s a cool print that can mix well with almost any other pattern: stripes, dots, and my new favorite mix: plaid!

Leopard Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy

Leopard Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy

 Leopard Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy  leopard Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy leopard sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy Leopard Sisterly post on A Rambling Fancy Warby Parker glasses//Stylemint vest//ASOS tee// Target bralette//Target belt//Pacsun coated pants//Target shoes// Mom’s necklace// 7th & West bangles// Lucky chain bracelet//Target watch

So how would YOU wear leopard? As a bold statement or a fun accent?

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Back to Black

old hat// Warby Parker glasses// Forever 21 jacket// Lucca sweater// Pacsun pants// Shoe Carnival buckle boots// 7th & West bangles

Good morning friends! Today is Thursday, which means it’s the Coast to Coast Challenge day! This is my first time to participate, if you haven’t checked it out yourself you can do so here. It’s a pretty fun idea!

Wearing all black makes me think of two things: one of my best friends,Lauren, who frequently rocks the all black look; and Amy Winehouse. Hence the title of this post.

Random things about this outfit:

I’ve had this hat since the dawn of time. I have no clue where it’s from, but I keep it because it’s just so stinkin comfy.

Also, my sweater has gone in and out of the giveaway pile for about the last 5 years, no joke. I always get to a place where I don’t like it anymore and I’m going to give it away, and then I find one more way to wear it and I keep it. I guess I just need to give in and keep the stupid thing for forever.

I wear these pants at least twice a week. No joke. I frequently get asked where I shop (working on that post!) and how often I shop, since it looks where I’m wearing different things in all of my posts. Au contraire my friend. I’m flattered that you think these same pants look different every time I wear them, but believe me it’s the same pair every time. I bet I have a smaller closet than a lot of folks out there!

Yay for Thursdays! Thursdays mean Friday is almost here and Fridays mean a short day at work, which means the weekend is here which means SLEEP! and Christmas shopping! And having a social life past 8pm! YAY!






A little story for you lovelies:
Once upon a time, Kaleigh used to sit abnormally close to the TV. Her obsession with Saturday morning cartoons coupled with a natural genetic defeciency caused her to visit the eye doctors at the ripe old age of 7.
Obviously I was destined for a life of fashion. Those glasses! That dress! I was on the cutting edge. Harry Potter ain’t got NOTHIN on me. (Mom and Dad: Have I ever said THANK YOU!! for getting me braces? THANK YOU!!!!!)
So needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of glasses. But it’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve realized I can use my glasses as an accessory. (I know what you’re thinking. DUH. But it was literally an eye opening moment for me. The Hallelujah Chorus ensued.)  
Here are a few of my favorite eye-inspiring outfits!
A chunky frame and a bright lippy look great together

Cat eye glasses are my favorite, and Hi HELLO hers are PINK! Can’t get much better than that.

I obviously have a thing for nerd glasses, but I love how hers are a bit more square. They really show off her face shape!

I LOVE the glasses and bangs combo! Her whole outfit is full of unexpected little quirks, like her loafers instead of heels, and the cutouts on her button down. The thick bangs and oversize glasses just add to the overall quirky-ness.
Glasses can be a unexpected addition to a classic outfit, or a funky accent for an off-beat outfit. I love all the different style options available these days. And at GlassesUSA.com, they have a ton of cute, cheap glasses so you can afford to buy more than one pair! Check out these frames that I’ve had my eye on:
They’re WHITE! And CAT EYE! My mind is already spinning with all the cute outfits you could design around these eyeglasses.
GlassesUSA has graciously given you lovely Kaleigh Blog readers a discount this week! Use Blogger10 to take 10% off any order. Also, you can buy one pair of glasses and get the second for free using VAL2012 on Valentine’s Day! This includes prescription glasses and fashion glasses! (Hint Hint Mr. Darcy!)
Thank you so much GlassesUSA for sponsoring this post!