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my style lately has been leaning towards basic tops and dresses with my own little twist added in. It makes for a pretty flexible wardrobe since basically everything can be worn all year long, as long as it’s layered or accessorized appropriately. It also means an inordinate amount of my wardrobe is black. i’m ok with this.

also, these shoes. talk about basic with a twist. i’ve worn them literally at least three times a week since I got them. They’re just the perfect transitional heel. and they’re dang comfortable.

I talk about transitions and seasons like Fall is actually in sight while I ignore the 100+ days we’ve been having lately. Just leave me to my fantasy world. i’ll be fine.

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5th and Elm hat// Warby Parker glasses/ Target dress// Riffraff heels c.o



Our family took a trip out to Pops after the wedding and yes I’m just now getting the pictures up. whoops! Late night coffee (well, coffee at 8PM) has got me feeling industrious, so voila, Pops! IMG_9551IMG_9591 IMG_9552 ^ unfortunately, the taste did not live up to the cuteness. don’t you just hate that?IMG_9553 IMG_9558hanny and ruthy IMG_9566 IMG_9581 IMG_9585 IMG_9659 IMG_9664 ^moments like these make my ovaries all melty. ya i said it. koki and geordie^ these two sweeties are getting married in just a few weeks! little did we know that when we waved goodbye to Geordie last October that the adventure I prayed for him would be the best adventure he could ever begin: mawwage! Congratulations Geordan and Koki. We love you guys! IMG_9677

gift guide: mums

Gifts 4 MomIt’s almost Mother’s Day! (Unless you’re a UK friend, hey friend!, you already celebrated your mums so you have my permission to just buy these things for yourself). Mothers can be a bit tricky to buy presents for since they tend to give that standard “I don’t want anything, just having my family around me is enough”. So here are a couple ideas for those special ladies in your life!

A fun necklace will always get you brownie points

An at home spa kit is always acceptable

A fun new rug to brighten up the house

A new phone case, especially a fun Spring-y one

A new teacup, preferably stuffed with her favorite tea or hot chocolate

New slippers! Maybe with a new nail polish tucked inside?

If she’s like my mom, any interior design book will


IMG_8325yesterday I shared my trip to Shop Good and the Warby Parker Spring line, and today I’m sharing my new Warbys: The Kimball! I stinkin love these frames. With the keyhole bridge and the funky marzipan tortoise print, they’re perfect occasional frames.  Also everyone kind of does a double take when I wear them which is unnerving and hilarious at the same time.


Also about this outfit: am I Wednesday Adams? A librarian? A nerdy Cher Horowitz? either way, i’m diggin it. and this dress has pockets. why doesn’t every dress have pockets?!

IMG_8347 IMG_8350IMG_8356


Warby Parker “Kimball” glasses c.o// Target button down// Forever 21 dress (old, similar here and here)// Target buckle boots (old, similar here)





middle parts and moto vests

IMG_8037Two trends I just can’t seem to get the hang of: the middle part and the moto vest. while i’m entranced by both i just haven’t been able to put my own spin on them. and if i’m going to jump on board a trend, it’s going to have to feel like me. ya know?


but today’s outfit came pretty close to “nailed it” with both. i just happened to have decided to forgo fighting the (losing) battle with my hair and just let the chips fall where they may; surprisingly, they chose the middle ground. very mature of you hairs.


I also went super simple with the moto vest which I liked a lot better than anything else I had tried so far (things I had tried: staring at it. laying it on the bed. laying it on the floor. wearing it over my pajamas. wearing it over my wedding dress.)

maybe i should take advice from my hair and my moto vest and just let things be what they be. of course, this is hair that has been dyed every shade BUT it’s natural color, and a motorcycle vest for a girl who’s never even sat on a motorcycle, in an outfit that resembles the Hamburgular’s, so take it with a grain of salt.

IMG_8037Riff Raff vest c.o// Pac Sun top// Urban jeans// Target boots (similar)

love is real.


on the cheesiest day of the year I’m writing a post about love. what does that say about me? i’ll admit it, i’m cheese-city. the cheesiest. i ooze cheese.

but i’ve been thinking a lot about our love story and my unique road to finding that love and I felt like I needed to write this down. and what better time than Valentines?

i had a somewhat difficult road to “happily ever after”.  i made poor choices in relationships and i trusted my heart to people who had no business taking care of it. i was devastated by betrayal and i became somewhat cynical of the idea of “the one”. I decided that if you’re lucky, you find a person who is somewhat compatible and then you struggle  to make things work. my throat is thick with tears and a part of me wants to roll my eyes at myself as i write this but it’s true. i had accepted that marriage would be difficult, but i gave up on the idea of a God ordained relationship, one with purpose and connection and destiny.

but then something beautiful happened. God literally showed me my own stupidity. he took my brokenness and my despair and He said, “it’s ok. you have forgotten how much i love you. but it’s ok. i know”.  He wrapped me in His arms and made me whole and new.

and he gave me Jared. He took our mistakes and our past and He created this beautiful, wonderful, perfect love that could never have happened without His help because we are human and stubborn and would never have been able to find our way to each other. He gave me this man who holds me like I am something precious, who looks at me like I am something beautiful, and respects me like I am something worthy. I was crying, lost in darkness, and God took my hands, turned me around, and said, “here. here is your future. here is what i have had planned for you all along.” I opened my eyes and I just knew. Jared was the one. Jared was my love, made only for me. And I was made for him.

it’s true when they say “when you know you know”. it was like every doubt, every fear, all the chaos and confusion just disappeared. all the pieces fell into place, every obstacle resolved itself, there was just peace and joy and an undeniable feeling of right.

so i’m telling you. you may be hurting. you may have lost faith. you may not believe. God does. He loves you, He has a perfect, wonderful plan for you. It may not be what you expected, it WONT be what you thought you wanted, but it will be beautiful and perfect everything you ever dreamed of. don’t give up. don’t settle. wait for that perfect one. it exists.


Happy Valentine’s Day my loves.

Happy {fake} Wedding Day!


If life happened the way we planned and body parts worked the way they were supposed to yesterday would have been our wedding day. I feel like I’ve had a pretty good outlook on this entire colon situation but if there was any one part that made me want to throw the biggest fit this side of Toddler and Tiaras, it would be the postponement of our wedding.

Because it’s not really even about the wedding, although I won’t lie and say I’m not excited about planning all the little details. But if the wedding was the only part I was upset about postponing, I’d just throw myself a big party and be done with it. It would definitely be cheaper, and have quite a bit less life altering after effects involved than a wedding.


It’s about the life after the wedding. It’s about building morning traditions and saying goodnight and not having to leave him. It’s about checks with both our names on them and both those last names being the same(although I will be keeping my maiden name as part of my legal name, but that’s for another blog post!) It’s about building a life together, starting an adventure and before you tell me that marriage is hard and blah blah blah, remember that I’m young and in love and I haven’t had the chance to learn if marriage is hard or not because my blessed colon postponed that learning experience so let me revel in my romantic marital dreams alright?


As I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about yesterday (understandably I think), Jared and I made a special day out of it and went hiking in the Wichita Mountains. (Since the weather decided to rub it in my wedding-less face and give us the most BEAUTIFUL 75 degree weather this weekend.) This area has become very special to us; it’s where Jared proposed and where we took our engagement photos. We wandered around and enjoyed the changing colors and while it wasn’t exactly what I had been expecting to do on November 17th, it turned out to be a pretty fantastic day. Jared put it all into perspective when he said, “I’m just thankful you’re still alive to be my fiancé. Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan, but we still have each other, and we’re going to stay together no matter what.” 

I sure do love that guy. He’s pretty smart.




IMG_6319 IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6339 IMG_6350 IMG_6360 IMG_6362 IMG_6365 IMG_6370 IMG_6372

necessities for a hiking adventure: Arnold Palmer and beef jerky. Oh and a snuggly blanket for wallowing in the sun.


This is Me


- 99% of the time I will choose to read the book rather than see the movie

- I wear inappropriate shoes, like 5 inch heels to a basketball game, or rain boots when it’s not raining.

- I am highly emotional. The fact that I am aware of this does not keep me from working myself into an absolute dither at least once a week.

- I’m incredibly disorganized and messy at home. At my office I keep lists of my lists. It’s a paradox that I for one am not that interested in figuring out.

- If I’m having a bad hair day it will literally ruin my life. I would rather have to explain that I was an hour and a half late to work because I couldn’t get my hair fixed right, then go into work with ugly hair. Make me run out of gas on the side of the road but, for the love of God, don’t make me go to work with an unsatisfactory head of hair.

IMG_5362 IMG_5375 IMG_5381

Forever 21 jacket (old)// Target tank// Forever 21 pants// Shoe Dazzle heels


Random Facts: I once almost wrecked my stationary car. In the car wash.


This story is so over the top ridiculous and embarrassing that you’d think I was making this crap up but, alas, it is all true. I even have a witness in the form of my little sister to validate the extreme levels of embarrassment that I can bring myself to. But I’m going askew.

Let me start off by saying that I have never been the best of car-keepers. In high school my car was frequently referred to as “the black hole” , “the bottomless pit” or “Veruca”. That last one has nothing to do with the state of my car, it was just the nickname I gave my blue PT Cruiser when I got confused and thought Veruca Salt was the chick in Willy Wonka that got turned into a blueberry (blue car: blue girl: Veruca. Get it? Just to clarify, it’s actually Violet who turns violet. You’d think I’d be able to remember that. I’m going askew again.)


So when I made the New Year’s Resolution to keep my car clean, it wasn’t your typical lazy resolution you choose just so you can feel accomplished when you achieve your goal the first week of January and then you never have to think of NYE again until the next year. No this was the mother of all NYR’s, similar to “I”m going to curb my shopping addiction” or “I’m going to start the couch to 5K program…when it gets warmer outside.”

In typical New Year’s Day fervor, I woke up on January 1 and decided that I’d take my car over to the car wash up the street and get the poor girl all spiffied up and vacuumed out. But since it was 9 AM on New Year’s Day and no one in their right mind wanted to be functioning at that time of the morning on New Year’s Day, I decided to venture out in the sweats I had slept in, with my dirty hair I’d last washed in the year before and which looked like something could have been growing inside of it, and just a pair of large sunglasses to hide the fact that I not only had forgone the ritual of face washing, I had left the remains of thirteen layers of mascara and extra strength glitter eyeshadow in the general vicinity of my face. Hey, I was up and practicing one NY Resolution, I couldn’t  be expected to also shower!


I somehow convinced my little sister to come with me, and we hopped in the car to drive the 5 minutes up the street. As I waited in the car for my turn in the drive-through car wash, I noticed a guy directing the cars onto the little hook machinery gizmo that pulled your car through the car wash as you sat mesmerized inside. As we got closer to the front I suddenly had the horrible pleasure of recognizing the Car Wash Guy as my first high school boyfriend and first kiss (ironically, at a New Year’s Eve party my freshman year). I hadn’t seen the guy since graduation and while I had no desire to renew our relationship, (I had continued to grow from my 5 foot height while, alas, he did not) I had even less of a desire for him to recognize me in my current troll like state of post NYE shennanagery.


Of course, as soon as I had processed these thoughts and uttered them aloud to my sister, it was my turn to go through the car wash. Determined to avoid eye contact and therefor a potentially awkward “oh hey how are you, ya I’m just driving around in dirty sweats with a false eyelash still stuck to my cheek” conversation,  I shoved my extra large sunglasses ever more firmly onto my face, fixed my gaze straight forward, and slowly inched my way up to Car Wash Guy.

I knew that God hated me when CW Guy started waving at me to roll my window down. As soon as I did I could tell he recognized me (you can just tell sometimes right?) but instead of acting like a normal human being who is legally considered an adult and should therefore have basic motor skills, I proceeded to act like my brain had suddenly fallen out of my head and refused to make eye contact with the poor guy, while forgetting to put my car in park as I rolled down the window. I ended up realizing I was still slowly moving forward when the underside of my car met the hookey machinery gizmo with a loud screeching noise and I had to fumble around, reversing, almost running poor CW guy over, yelling apologies out the half rolled down window and generally acting like an absolute moron, all while continuing to avoid eye contact.

After I finally got my car back into Car Wash Preparation Mode, CWG walked up to my now fully rolled down window and silently handed me a wipe to clean my dash off with. He then pointed towards the car wash entrance and I proceeded to put the icing on the cake by giggling and saying, ” oh hi!” and then slamming my foot onto the gas to get me out of this horrible place, for the love of God!” by then I had completely dismissed the rolled down window but luckily CWG took pity on my apparent insanity and yelled, “ROLL UP YOUR WINDOW!” right before I entered the car wash.

IMG_5173Old Navy jacket// Target Chambray// Target cords (DIY cut offs) // Joules wellies c.o.

I’d like to say the story ended with me driving away and never frequenting that car wash ever again, nor ever running into Car Wash Guy ever again, but that would be someone else’s life so of course that didn’t happen. After the car wash I drove over to use the free vacuum station and CWG, perhaps taking pity on his once sane now clearly demented high school girlfriend, abandoned his post at Car Wash Preparation and walked over to my car saying, “Kaleigh? That is you right? I recognized your car”.  At that point I could have happily ripped my eyelashes out one by one, but somehow I was able to string a few coherent sentences together while staying far enough away that he (hopefully) didn’t notice I hadn’t brushed my teeth that morning. We eventually parted ways, Car Wash Guy to resume his car washing duties and me to resume throwing remnants of the entire Sonic Menu into the trash while inwardly banging my head over and over again on the side of the car.

And THAT is why you should never visit the car wash without wearing a bra.


I’m a pumpkin


Remember when I said I was leaning more towards dark colors this Fall?



Here in Oklahoma it’s almost impossible to wear orange without being accused of supporting OSU. Since this would be an abomination in my family let me just make my public statement now: this dress is not an OSU dress. It is a celebration of Fall and all things pumpkin pie. Thank you.




Speaking of Fall, the weather is actually being acceptable this year, giving us some truly great thunder storms with glorious cold fronts and even a few blustery winds. Not that I’m ready for the 20′s or below days, but it’s kind of nice pulling out the extra blankets and hot chocolate already. I would almost say this weather is tempting me to try my hand at baking a pumpkin pie, but we all know what I really mean. ( Two options: BUY ONE, or finagle my mother into baking one.  Please mom? Since I’m so feeble and weak these days, innocent face?)

IMG_4991 IMG_5020

ASOS dress// 7th and West necklace// Steve Madden bag// Target socks// Shoe Dazzle booties