Pacsun beanie, Old Navy jacket, Target Scarf, {old.v old.} jean jacket, Urban Outfitters merci beau coup tee, Pac Sun pants, Charlotte Russe rainboots.

These pictures were taken the day after we were supposed to get nine inches of Christmas Day snow. #weathermanfail. However it’s now snowing again as I type, so they might be able to swing this one and say they meant nine inches over a week?

I love the snow. I love the look, how everything is bright and white and clean. I love how excited everyone gets when they see snow, even adults. Snow causes everyone to pause, to look, to become a child for just a while.

2013 is almost here and I can’t help but use these last few days of ’12 to look back and reminisce. It’s been one crazy year, and 2013 will be even crazier! I’m excited to set new goals for myself, both in my personal life and here on this blog. Thank you to all of the sweet readers who keep coming back and reading this crazy little spot on the ‘net I call my own. It’s been a huge learning experience! I want to continue to learn all I can from this crazy Blogworld. I can’t wait to see what 2013 will hold!

See you guys next year!

12 Favorites from 2012

I got this idea from Shanna and I just loved it so much I thought I’d recreate it, Rambler style : ) But Shanna rocks and did 20 things and I’m not that cool so we’re just doing 12.
12 of my favorite things in 2012!
1. Shoes: this one is a toughy, but I’ll go with these heels and these boots. I wore the CRAP out of those heels and those boots are the comfiest thing EVER.
2. Jewelry: my gold watch. I wear it almost every day, and it’s in almost every picture on this here blog. Here here and here are examples.
3. Accessory: I’d have to go with Shanna and say scarves. I LOVE my fur snood! I got it for Christmas last year and oh my word look how much I’ve changed! How crazy.
4. Clothing Item: I’d have to say my coated black pants from Pacsun. They are featured on this here blog at least once a week. And I’m quit proud of the fact that I fanagled a discount out of the Pacsun guy when I bought them. Woot!
5. Fashion Trend I absolutely adore Chelsea boots! I think they’re so quirky, I just love them. Least favorite? Sheer maxi skirts with solid mini skirts underneath. Um what?
6. Home Decor Trend: Fur rugs. Ya I’m kind of obsessed with fur. Least favorite? Chevron. I’m over it.
7. Place to shop: Forever 21, ASOS and Target.
8. Album: I have to agree with Shanna again, I adore Florence and the Machine. I’m also quite partial to Taylor Swift: Red (judge me all you want)
9. Trip: OF COURSE our engagement trip to San Francisco!
10. Social Media: I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram! I’m so glad they’re NOT going to go cray cray and steal my photos for their own selfish gain.

11. Blog Outfit: This one, this one, and this one. It’s also interesting that this one has gotten the most pins on pinterest! So random!
12. Blog Post: When I decided to take this blog to the next level (still working on that one!) and when I ranted about sweatpants
You can also read my most embarrassing moments in 2012 (and a tiny bit of 2011, I was such a baby!)
YAY! if you decide to do a 12 in ’12 (or a 20 in ’12!), Shoot me an email! I’d love to see your list!

Christmas with The Rambler

This year Christmas was a little strange but still very sweet. My sister and brother in law stopped in OK on their way to Missouri for Christmas, and Mr. Darcy left right before Christmas to go to England, so we actually celebrated with a big family dinner last week. Christmas Day was spent with just my siblings and parents, watching Christmas movies, grilling steaks in the snowy backyard, and opening our stockings. A very quiet Christmas compared to the past couple of years, but sweet nonetheless. Here’s a few pictures from the past week.

Merry Christmas! xx

Hey We’re Still Alive!

Target Hat// Old Navy coat// Forever 21 Top// Pacsun pants// Forever 21 chelsea boots

Welp it’s Friday the 21st and we’re all still alive! I guess the Mayans got it wrong. Or maybe they just ran out of rock, who knows.

The point is that the world didn’t end which means I can now truly enjoy the good things in life. Like these boots. Have I told you of my deep love for Chelsea boots? I absolutely adore boots and these slightly ugly yet equally quirky Chelsea boots are just darling. ( Chelseas are tight fitting ankle boots distinguished by the elastic band on the sides rather than a zipper.  For those that are confused. Come on guys, get with the program).

These are on sale, these have a darling color block effect to them, and these are currently starring in my wildest dreams.

Are you in love now as well? Yes. I knew you would be.

Merry {early} Christmas! I won’t be back until after the Big Guy visits, so have a wonderful holiday, hug your loved ones extra tight, and remember what this season is really about.

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

- I Heard the  Bells

A Guide to a Happy Holiday via Martha May Whovier

When it comes to the holidays, there isn’t anyone I would trust more than that arbiter of fantastical fashion, that whimsical woman of wow: Martha May Whovier

I mean LOOK at her. She practically oozes Christmas couture. So with my icon in mind, I’ve concocted a list of items needed for the perfect holiday hooplah.

1. Glitzy hair bands: You can never have too much glitter, and a hair band that doubles as a bracelet? Double score!

2. Red lips: Those grinches sure do love a crimson lip. This butter smooth wonder of a lippy will have them puckering up before you can say mistletoe

3. A great pair of falsies: Flirting is the name of the season and false lashes ramp it up a needed notch. Try out these angled lashes to create the perfect cat eye.

4. The right tunes: Sometimes you need a good tune to set the mood. My favorite cd lately is Under the Mistletoe (available at Starbucks). Featuring old classics and new twists, this compilation is perfect for a little welcome background noise.

5. A fire, merry and bright: A happy little chimney is the perfect gathering spot. Don’t have one? Use this adorable DIY to create one!

6. A fur stole: A fantastic fur is pure decadence and this BCBG one is a price any who could afford.

7. Adorable legs: show off those gams with a darling pair of bow tights.

8. Diamonds my dear: I believe Martha would agree with Marilyn on this one: diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. You can’t ever go wrong with a festive necklace.

Layer UP!

Nordstrom scarf (gift)//Target sweater// French Connection dress worn as a skirt (old, previously worn here where I look like a 12 year old)// Target boots (old)

For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, my post title is an attempt at a joke inspired from Barney. I know. It was a pathetic attempt.

But the point still remains: I LOVE layers. In the Fall and Winter it is my number 1 tip for anyone trying to make a closet stretch to cover all seasons. You save money by utilizing items you already have (like a dress for a skirt) and it helps keep you warm. A Win Win for everyone.

Is my sweater sacreligious?

Target sunnies// Seams to be snood// Max & Olivia’s cross cutout sweater// Target leggings// Target flats// 7th & West bangles

I wasn’t too sure of this sweater when I got it in the mail. I mean, hi hello, there’s a huge cross on my back. Does that seem a bit strange to anyone else?
But then I realized how utterly comfy and cozy the sweater was, and how it was just the right length to wear with leggings. I also decided the cross kind of made the sweater a bit quirky so I just went with it. And ended up wearing it like, 3 days in a row. I know. Judge me all you want.
I’m having a hard time concentrating on writing out this post because my sister is on her way! YAY! My sister and brother in law will be with us for a week and a half and I am SUPER excited. I miss my sister more than anyone could have told me I would have. If someone could go back and tell my 15 year old self that my big sister would some day end up being my best friend, I probably would have laughed right in their face. But apparently miracles do happen. Girls can get along. Sisters can stop fighting long enough to realize that they’re best friend has been sleeping in the room (or bed) next to them all their life.
And now she’s finally here! EEEK!

The Rambler’s Christmas Wish List

a new computer (since I don’t actually have one, I just mooch off of everyone else)// pink mittens! I love these extra long ones, so your wrists don’t get chilly ; )// a leather baseball hat. So I don’t feel like such a frump// red pants. I would also accept leather pants// Gigi. It’s one of my favorite movies ever, but somehow I don’t own a copy // a new watch // Lily Pulitzer perfume. I just love this clean scent! My sweet Aunt Gigi got me hooked :) // chelsea ankle boots. They’re so weird they’re cute. // a new chambray shirt// a new journal. I love these Papaya Art ones!

Yay for Christmas!


Urban Outfitters Sunnies, Lucky scarf, Bag- gift, Gap Slim leg slacks (altered), Forever 21 belt, Steve Madden leopard heels. Arm candy: Francesca’s watch, bracelets DIY project.
Good morning lovelies!

How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous and incredibly short. If you follow me on instagram, you already know that my Friday night was fan-stinkin-tastic due to this little guy right here:

Yep. Lulu’s made my weekend.

Also if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have been seeing updates on my DIY curtain project. I’ll get official pictures up probably next week. In the mean time, keep checking those guys if you want to see my rant against Folkart Paint.

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