long distance

Jared’s and my love story is an interesting one, with many different stages and twists and turns. One of these days I might sit down and try to write it out but it would probably involve a lot of editing and a whole case of dr. pepper and frankly we just don’t have time for that right now.

but i love our story, because it’s unique and completely us, and it’s a beautiful example of God’s love for His children.

But it’s not all sunshine and butterflies. Particularly now, when Jared is gone more than he’s home, and I want to pitch a fit and stomp my feet and shout about the unfairness of it all. i hate that i can only hear his voice through the phone, that I only get to see him for a couple days before he’s gone again. it sucks and it’s not fair and we shouldn’t have to put up with this shiz, dang it!

i keep reminding myself that this is just another chapter in our love story. that the end is in sight, that i am so grateful we have phones that i can hear his voice on, that we’ve been blessed to have these opportunities, and in the end it will all be so worth it. we just have to hold on and wait until we can look back and laugh about these times, and think of them fondly, when we rarely got to see each other but it made the times we did so much sweeter and more precious.



IMG_8325yesterday I shared my trip to Shop Good and the Warby Parker Spring line, and today I’m sharing my new Warbys: The Kimball! I stinkin love these frames. With the keyhole bridge and the funky marzipan tortoise print, they’re perfect occasional frames.  Also everyone kind of does a double take when I wear them which is unnerving and hilarious at the same time.


Also about this outfit: am I Wednesday Adams? A librarian? A nerdy Cher Horowitz? either way, i’m diggin it. and this dress has pockets. why doesn’t every dress have pockets?!

IMG_8347 IMG_8350IMG_8356


Warby Parker “Kimball” glasses c.o// Target button down// Forever 21 dress (old, similar here and here)// Target buckle boots (old, similar here)





Oculus Adventures



A few weeks ago I was invited to OKC’s Shop Good to see the new Spring line of Warby Parkers. Since I’m utterly obsessed with Warbys (see my favorites from their Fall line here, and these are my personal WPs) I jumped at the chance.


the guys and gals of Shop Good were the sweetest, letting me take over their Warby Show Room and not even blinking too profusely when I took a bajillion pictures of myself. And the WP line was soooo fun, all the cute shapes and colors, I died and went to Nerd Heaven.

IMG_7990 PicMonkey Collage

IMG_7992 Image


There were just too many good ones to choose from! Which are your faves? Check back tomorrow to see which ones I chose, styled a la Rambler!


DIY: easy peasy gold foil tutorial

gold how to

gold foil letters is one of my favorite trends these days and when i realized how utterly ridiculously easy it was to create, i wanted to smack myself on the head for not figuring it out sooner. SO i’m sharing my find with you today!

This tutorial does need Photoshop to create. If you don’t have it you can download a trial version HERE.

Let’s get started!

You’ll first need to google “metallic gold background” and find the image you like. Then save it to your desktop! gold instructions #1Open a new file in whatever size you want. Make sure it’s set to 300 RGB if you’re using this on your blog! Set your background color to whatever, then create a new layer using the Type tool and write some words. I used BEBAS NUE font for this example.

gold instructions #2super easy if you save your image to your desktop. just drag and drop it into place! make sure if covers all of your words and the layer is in front (or above, whatever) your word layer.

gold instructions #3

and seriously. that’s it. it’s called creating a clipping mask for those of you who like technical terms rather than “weird little arrow guy guy”.  Once your two layers are merged, you can move your metallic image around until you get the exact spot you like showing through.

and voila! super cute gold foil words in about 10 seconds.


Spring Style: the Swing Dress

spring style- swing dress


Dresses are my go to item; I just love a good dress! Swing dresses are the best because they’re comfy and girly, two words you can rarely put in the same sentence.

Plus you can wear just about ANY stinkin shoe and BOOM you have a brand new outfit. Chucks? Ankle Boots? Wedges? Perfection.

Introducing my 2nd Spring Staple: The Swing Dress

See my previous Spring Staple HERE

unsolicited thoughts & advice part 2

thoughts and advice part 2

It’s that time of year when I start getting busy with styling for weddings and proms and it’s inevitable that I’m going to be asked: why don’t you work as a stylist full time?

you can read my story and advice on becoming a stylist here but here’s the condensed version: I don’t like being put in a box.

It’s pretty safe to say that the Hamilton clan is a mixed bunch of creatives. I like to say that we’re fantastic at very few things, but pretty great at a lot of things. My dad has a degree in advertising, but he’s a fantastic artist and guitarist, and has the most eclectic taste in music that I’ve ever seen. My mom owns her own interior design company, but she’s also a painter, photographer, singer and owns more power tools than most men.

My sister Courtney has always been interested in fashion, but she’s also an amazing writer and artist in her own right. My brother travels with a praise and worship team playing bass, but he’s also a soccer player and writer himself, and my baby sister is probably the most wide spread of creators in the family, as a writer, artist, photographer, dancer, fashion enthusiast and lord only knows what else.

And then there’s me. I’m a writer. designer. web editor. event planner. dancer. photographer-in-training. fashion enthusiast. office supply addict. and yes, hair stylist. Roll it into one name and I like to call myself a Jill of All Trades. it’s one of the reasons Jared and I understand each other so well, since he fits right in with his own mix of titles: entrepreneur. freaky good musician (seriously, he can play just about any instrument you put in front of him). carpenter. designer. beard grower ;)

All this rambling basically stems from two things: my brother is trying to decide what major to declare in college, and my little sister is trying to decide what college to go to. And those are big decisions, they shape your future and who you want to become. It can be tough, at 16, 20, or even 50, to figure out who you want to be, what you want to do with your life.

I really struggled with that in college because I kept trying to put myself in a box and I let my weaknesses hold me back. I wanted to be a dancer, but I was intimidated by the competitiveness I saw so that was out.  I looked at a business degree, because I’d like to own my own business, but I haaaaate math so that was out. I love reading so I went with English but I didn’t want to teach or be told what to write, so that was out. I looked into a Psychology degree but that seemed to leave zero room for creativity, so that was out.

I looked at so many different jobs and nothing seemed to fit. But I’d always loved hair and I was good at it, so I went to hair school and I thought, “YES ok. Here we go. This is my niche”. But then that didn’t work out exactly as I planned either.

Looking back, I realize that I was trying to fit myself into these different titles when it really boiled down to the fact that they simply didn’t fit me, not that I didn’t fit them.  our society will try to file you away, tag you under some group and tell you that that’s where you need to go because a,b,and c all line up with this certain task. But it doesn’t work that way. People are multifaceted, multi-talented, forever changing and growing and learning. Did I ever see myself working in Ministry? heck no. But I do now. I am blessed to have a job that allows creativity, that doesn’t try to fit me into a mold, that’s perfectly fine with my extensive filing system that’s all coded with hot pink sharpie.

Am I saying  you shouldn’t go to college? absolutely not, I did and while I can’t say I found my Life Calling there, I did find some very dear friends and the love of my life there. And I got the chance to explore, figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. My college experience is  not the typical one, but it was still beneficial and I would tell everyone to at least try it out. But don’t forget your quirks, don’t forget your facets. Put yourself into your career, don’t let your career make you.

I don’t think I’m done, nor will I ever really be done, figuring out “who I am” and what I want to do. It changes as you grow. And yes it can be scary at times. One of my favorite verses, which can seem kind of cheesy and almost every high school senior will quote this as their favorite verse as well, but that doesn’t change it’s power: “for I KNOW the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to help you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

We each have a purpose, a destiny, a calling. Whether that’s to be a parent, a teacher, the president, or just to have a regular 9-5 so you can go home and do what you love in your spare time, it doesn’t matter. YOU will feel fulfilled in your life because it was designed specifically FOR YOU. Make your own path. Create a new job. Forge a new way.

And if you’re trying to pick a college, or pick a degree? HA good luck. I really don’t have any advice, other than think about the things you enjoy and don’t let the things you aren’t the strongest in, or the things that intimidate you, stop you from taking chances.

OH and go to one of the schools that offers Quidditch as a sport, that is freaking awesome. *nerd alert*





what i’m thinking while we take pictures


“stare off into space, for some reason it looks good in pictures. don’t raise your eyebrow. geez it’s cold”


“eeehhh my arms are so heavy i can’t stand straight. geez it’s cold”


“more staring at the ground, look i have pockets! geez it’s cold”


“aaaaand look up once to double check Jared isn’t taking pictures of the sky…”



“and back down. geez it’s cold.”

BTW I friggin love this sweater, it’s ginormous and perfectly acceptable to cuddle up and get lost in. Also, for maybe only the second time ever, I wore these rain boots when it was actually raining. Keep in mind i wear these rain boots very very, obscenely, often. watchagonnado?

Sammy Dress sweater c.o (out of stock, similar) // Forever 21 dress (old, similar) // Blue 7 necklace// Joules wellies c.o

march calendar

yay for freebies!

i’ve really enjoyed playing around with these little freebie things. I hope you guys don’t mind, but I think i’ll keep at it for a while.
march promoclick HERE to download the full size, or click on the image below, right click, and set as desktop. BOOM.


Ankle Boots


I stinkin love ankle boots, throw them on with just about anything and they look darling. Here are three of my favorite ways to style ankle boots:

1// with a sloppy cuffed jean.

don’t ever think it, this style is meant to be laid back and chill. perfect with a worn in tee and a couple long necklaces.

2// with socks and a dress

not everyone is on board with the sock movement, but i gotta tell ya, i’m 100%. i think they look so sweet peeking out from a pair of ankle boots. pair both with a simple summer frock and you’ve got a perfect weekend outfit.

3// with shorts

there’s  nothing better than throwing on a good pair of shorts, but they can seem a bit too casual sometimes. add a pair of ankle boots and you’ve gone from “running to get more milk” to an actual outfit. genius.

i cleaned out my photo album and found a random outfit post

IMG_6478it’s been too windy and too cold and i’ve been too lazy to take any outfit pictures this week. but then i remembered these that i took a way long time ago (like LAST YEAR guys. ancient days). and i said oh ya! these are pretty cute!

thus, your style post for the week. you’re welcome.

IMG_6494hmmm so life lately. we’re in that weird stage of season changing that I for one secretly adore. spring and winter are kind of duking it out right now for who’s going to be boss and we all know spring is totally going to kick butt, but winter keeps hangin in there, holding on by it’s icy cold fingertips.

this time is so similar to when fall gives in to winter, and yet it’s very different. you might wake up to a cool morning but there’s a tiny ray of hope mixed in with the icy breathes of fog in the air. a little spring promise.

IMG_6491in the fall, the season change can almost seem melancholy as the days become shorter and the air becomes cooler. but spring. ahh spring. each day holds just a sliver more of sunshine, each breeze brings just a bit more warmth. it’s like spring is giving us tiny sips of what’s to come, to keep us going through these last few days of ice. just a tease each morning, so that we’ll look forward to the next day, and the next day, just to see if today is the day that spring finally arrives.

i’m all for it spring. you can just keep on comin on. i dont mind a bit.


dont mind my white legs, they’re just going to blind you really fast

target beanie (sold out but i like this one), old (i mean old) jean jacket (similar) // ASOS swing dress (the best invention ever) (sold out, similar) // Sam Moon scarf (similar) //Shoe dazzle booties (sold out, these are cute)