IMG_0422 copyYesterday was my first day to work with the new do and I think it’s going to take my office longer to get used to the change then anyone else. I was asked twice if I was wearing a wig. Either people would avoid looking me in the eye, like I had had some horrible pigment-leaking accident and therefore they couldn’t look at me or else it could be contagious, or they were utterly fascinated and just didn’t know how to tear their eyes away. IMG_0426 copyIn other news, have you heard of pikos? They’re these super simple tops and dresses, usually solid colors and always oversized, and lately they’ve been popping up EVERYWHERE.  IMG_0446 copySo RiffRaff let me try one out to see what all the hullaballoo was about and I gotta say, they’re pretty dang comfortable. Super soft and perfect for Mexican food nights. So much food baby room.

They’re also a nice switch up from just regular v-neck tees, kind of makes it feel like you actually put some effort into getting dressed. And since I love any piece that will make it look like i put way more effort into an outfit then i really did, I believe I shall give Pikos an A++++.IMG_0427 copyIMG_0441 IMG_0428 copyIMG_0439 copy IMG_0448IMG_0429 copy Piko top c./o RiffRaff (all PIko options here)//Urban Outfitters jeans (distressed by mua) (on sale!)//Target gladiator heels (also on sale! you lucky duck)

Living with a chef might make me a vegetarian

living with a chef might make me a vegetarian

As I’ve mentioned before, Jared is a chef and as such, he enjoys bringing home tidbits from work. This is very sweet and cave mannish of him (hunter gatherer, bring home the bacon, etc) and probably saves me from starvation, since exhibit A tells you just how often I go grocery shopping (you can’t see the door, it’s where I keep my essentials- milk and…some yogurt.)

But what disturbs me about this setup is the fact that I will occasionally come home to an unknown source of flesh residing in my fridge (the Target bag). In the last two months, I’ve learned not to look in the bags unless I want to gag, because the flesh will be in varying states of bloodiness, and I just can’t handle it.

Now you might be saying, “OMG get over it, it’s free meat”, but shut your pie hole because I’m pretty sure you would be grossed out too. Especially since I never know just how long this flesh is going to last sitting in the fridge. Am i supposed to do something with this? Do we have plans to take the flesh over to my parents, since the bag weighs enough that I guess it could feed my entire apartment building?

I’ve tried suggesting freezing the meat, but no Chef Jared likes his meat fresh and so we avoid freezing at all costs.

Notice the questionable stain on the bottom left side of the fridge? That would be from where the bloody flesh leaked into my fridge. When I called Jared to ask him about said flesh, his response was, “oh ya, just go ahead and dump that, and whatever other meat is in there”. Oh so nonchalantly.

All this to say, think I might be going vegetarian. I just don’t know if I can handle all this…handling of flesh. Especially when it comes in bloody Target bags. Notice the giant bag of carrots and brussels sprouts on the middle shelf? I could last for WEEKS on those brussels sprouts…and all the cereal I have in the pantry.

This probably doesn’t bode well for our future goal of owning land where Jared would raise his own food and I’d be the official Animal Namer and win an award for Best Wifi on a Farm.

*after i wrote this blog post, i dumped all the meat out and scrubbed my fridge down with a mixture of bleach and acid. My eyes are burning like hades but my fridge is clean!*

wedding snaps- first look

firstlook1I’m planning on slowly posting some of our wedding pictures here on the blog, along with some DIY project how to’s and general thoughts of the day. There’s so much I want to remember and capture that my brain is kind of all over the place, so it might take me a while to finish this. Patience my friends!

firstlook2 firstlook3So Jared and I chose to have a “first look” session with our photographer and videographers, and I can’t say enough how much I loved it. We had been running like headless chickens all weekend, including the morning of the wedding, so it was so nice to have a moment to ourselves, to indulge in and enjoy the excitement together.firstlook4 firstlook5 firstlook8

We met each other across the street from our venue, at the Norman Amtrak station. I’m pretty sure I was practically dry heaving by the time I got there, I was so emotional. Of course Jared was calm as a cucumber, as always. In fact, he was so intent on peeling bark off the tree that I had to tap him on the shoulder to get him to realize I was behind him.

firstlook9 firstlook10our first look ended up being some of my very favorite shots from the day. we were nervous and excited and so giggly (me, not jared). the first look gave us time to be silly and get all the nerves out, so we were able to really focus on our ceremony and celebrating with our family and friends. firstlook11 firstlook13 firstlook14a huge thank  you to our fabulous photographers, Indie Jane Photography! Amanda and Mark did such an amazing job with our wedding, I was in awe by how much they was able to capture of our day. Not only just the things, but the emotions and the love that was so overwhelmingly present that day. Amanda just gets me, gets my vision, gets the looks that I like. And she’s utterly hilarious. And she was pregnant while shooting our wedding. So basically she’s my hero.

I’ll do a post over our details and accessories soon!


IMG_0341 copylooks it’s me with no makeup!

When I started this blog I had no intention of getting perks for writing. First off, I had no idea that was even possible. But more importantly, I wanted a place that I could write freely. This was my space, my opinions, my interests, and no one could dictate what I could or could not say.

Since starting I’ve had opportunities arise to work with different companies, and it’s fun and exciting and all good and well. But that doesn’t alter my initial desire to have a space that is uniquely my own. If I had to give advice to anyone wanting to start a blog it would be to know your reasons behind blogging and stick with them. Keep everything in perspective. Are you wanting to share your opinions? Don’t get frustrated when someone doesn’t agree. Are you looking for friendships? Don’t blame others when you don’t have comments. Are you wanting to make money? Find a new creative outlet? Encourage others? Whatever it is, know before you write a word what you’re truly wanting to accomplish.

For me, it was to create a space that was me. Funny, silly, fashion-minded, spiritually encouraging, and completely random. And I will continue to stick with that format, regardless of what unexpected opportunities arise. I will be honest and blunt and I’ll be me through every post.

With that {random and only slightly related montage) being said, I recently had the opportunity to try out Modere’s new beauty box. IMG_0352 copy If you haven’t heard of Modere, they’re a fun little online company that carries “lifestyle essentials”- personal care, health and wellness, and household products. Modere is launching a new project with sample box sets of their facial products that you can try out and either buy the set or return, no charge.

Now you need to know something about me: I work with graphic design on a daily basis so my mind automatically looks at everything from the advertising and design perspective. I’m also fiendishly low maintenance when it comes to my facial products. I typically use coconut oil and…that’s it. I’ll try every hair product under the sun, but I’m pretty low key when it comes to lathering junk on my face.

So when I tried out my Modere beauty box, I was appreciative of their design aesthetic and neutral on their actual products. To be honest, the sample sizes of the products were just a little small for me to see using for the full 7 day trial period; in fact I ran out of the exfoliant by like, day two. That was probably on purpose, but I wasn’t so incredibly hooked after a few days that I wanted to buy the full size product.

bb-featured-prodThe same goes for the rest of the line, except for the Antioxidant Gel. I actually really liked that one, since it was lightweight and smelled fantastic, kind of grape fruity. The hair serum reminded me of other products that I’ve used in the past which, being a professional hair stylist, I could get for cheaper.

All in all, I liked the design of the line. I liked the process of the beauty box. I’m impressed with Modere’s company values, and with their website. The products themselves? I’m not sure I’m the best candidate for a true evaluation. Conclusion: don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

I’m basically useless here. happens sometimes. but i’m honest about it! brownie points, right?

working girl

IMG_0390 copy IMG_0366 IMG_0365Working with a corporate office dress code is a real struggle for me sometimes. Ours is definitely not the strictest of dress codes, but anyone would tell you that I don’t always follow the rules very well. I tend to want to push the boundaries a little bit, because my style is so much a part of my personal expression. Try to place a box on that expression, and I feel too fenced in.

But since I fully understand the reason behind such rules, I’ve been trying lately to find ways to be myself within the confines of a dress code. Funky skirts like this one definitely help make that possible. So does red lipstick.

How about some of my other working girls out there? What do you do to express yourself while also adhering to your work dress code?
IMG_0361target sunnies//forever 21 tank and necklace(old, similar here)//asos skirt//zara heels (old, similar here)


styling tips part deux: curly hair

i’m finally getting around to posting part II of the Styling Tips series I started oh….about three months ago. whoops!

IMG_0251 copy Ok, so to start I have to admit that my hair is an ever changing, ever evolving process. I’m constantly trying new things and perfecting the process. With that being said…i’ve actually changed my products since last time. teehee! the thickening cream I was using (and LOVED) has somehow been out of stock every time I’ve gone to order some. SO, i’ve been using a plain ole mouse from the drugstore in it’s place. I’m also using the L’Oreal hair pomade for the same reasons. It all works the same,no biggie, but i wanted to be honest.IMG_0252 copy When i wash my hair, i like using the Organix shampoo because it doesn’t make my hair feel squeaky clean. I hate squeaky clean hair.  Also, I never use conditioner, it just weighs my hair down. IMG_0263 copy Start with wet hair. Whether you’ve just washed it or your on the no shampoo kick, I still start with damp hair. And I NEVER comb my hair. Just let your hair be the way it wants to. IMG_0265 copy Take a dollop of mouse about  ^yea big and work it into your hair from the roots down. IMG_0269 copy I like working from upside down, don’t ask me why, it just seems to work better that way. IMG_0273 copy Then i take my fingers and kind of position my hair in the end look that I’m wanting. Whatever side the part will be on, how the back will lay, all of that. Again, no brushing. Oh, and I switch up my part about every time I wash my hair. IMG_0276 copy Again, with your head upside down, blow-dry your hair while kind of finger teasing it around. I literally will take my hand and rub it all over my head to move my hair around and get it all dry. We’re not going for a perfect blowout here so stop worrying about being careful. IMG_0278 copy Ta da! I look like I was electrocuted. IMG_0283 copy Now here’s my best tip: I’m not trying to control my hair. I’m just adding to the insanity. The secret to happy hair is to figure out what your hair does best naturally and add to that. So with a 1.2 inch curling iron, I pick random pieces throughout and curl them just a bit more than what was natural. This just adds a little more definition to the insanity. Again, this isn’t about creating an entirely new style from what was already achieved by drying it. I’m just making it a bit less electrocuted. IMG_0287 copy Every so often I take my hands and kind of scruch my fingers through the curls, finger combing them apart and making it a bit more disarrayed. I’m not a fan of perfect hair. This is all about enhancing the messy, people. IMG_0295 copy After curling I take a comb and backcomb the crap out of the crown area. Again, if you haven’t figured this out already, I like messy hair. I just get in there and tease the crap out of it. There’s no method to this madness. IMG_0304 copylast step is to take a handful of pommade, rub it between my hands, and scrunch all through out my hair, concentrating at the very last on my ends to give them a more piecey look, rather then perfect little ringlets. A quick spritz of hair spray, tuck the one side behind the ear, and ta da!

IMG_0248 copy


And that’s it! Like I said, I’m all about the messy and I’m all about the natural. I just take what the good Lord gave me and give it just a bit more oomph ;)

If you have any questions, leave ‘em in the comments! Next up: straight hair! Hopefully not in 3 months.


grand lake.


a while back my family went to the lake for a couple days and it was bliss. After the crazy months we’ve had it was nice to relax and not have an alarm clock to set. IMG_0066 IMG_0072 IMG_0082 copy IMG_0086 (1) copy IMG_0089 copyDad became very intense during our family Taboo game night. When I asked why he had a match in his mouth, he said it was because he was ON FIRE!

yep. that’s my father. IMG_0091 copy IMG_0093 copy IMG_0099 copy IMG_0103 copy^of course, the family cornhole competition continues.  IMG_0105 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0122 IMG_0152 the dirtiest window in all creation. it’s art, right?IMG_0153 IMG_0156a few of us went into Grove one day and strolled around, peeking in at the antique shops and generally wasting time. We stopped by this little farmer’s market but of course, we didn’t buy anything because I married the Watermelon King and “they are overpriced and are selling inferior product” (Jared used to sell fruit out of the back of his truck. yes he will test out just about any business idea). Since i’m all about ambiance and experience,  I was all for buying a $6 cantaloupe but eh, I bowed to the Watermelon King.  IMG_0160 ^ and then he wandered through my outfit photo shoot. pfff.IMG_0209we found this little antique warehouse situation, which literally should have been called “Great Big Warehouse Full of Junk”. But it was pretty interesting to walk through.  IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0215yay for relaxing weekends! now i’m off to enjoy the current one. Happy Friday!

that one time…

IMG_0165 hey remember that one time

i was surreptitiously trying to get in my yoga stretches while at work and I ripped the crotch right out of my pantsIMG_0193 - Version 2

along with the crotch ripping….

i went to target to get new pants and informed the dressing room lady that i would be buying the pants i had donned because i had experienced a wardrobe malfunction. she then proceeded to make me feel like the worst sort of criminal by walking me up to the cash register so i couldn’t make a run for it (even though i had told her what i was doing) while also informing me that i was going to get her in trouble for making her leave her dressing room station. rule abiders, i tell ya. so dramaticIMG_0185

i went to the bank drive thru and i dropped the deposit cylinder shoot thingey with an obnoxiously loud and echoey clatter, after which it proceeded to go rolling down the barely even existent hill and I had to go running after it before it caused a twelve car pileup in the street, all while the other drive thru-ers stared at me through their windows and pointed at the idiot running in high heels

i tried to do a u-ey in an unknown city and almost killed myself and an entire car of others.IMG_0187

i went to the bathroom in the airport and let the bathroom attendant usher me into a stall, only to be serenaded in spanish while i did my business. i didn’t have any cash on me so i when i just told the lady, “um thank you!” after gently prodding her in the back with the stall door so i could get out, i was then given the death stare until i finished washing my hands and left the bathroom. never to return ever again

this blog post brough to you by three cups of coffee and a twix bar. you’re welcome.IMG_0197polka dot dress c.o RiffRaff (sold out, but they have it in navy), target sandals



I’m a fan of overalls. I’m especially a fan of overalls snatched up from the little girls’ section of Target, for half the price of the Women’s overalls.

Snatched up during an improptu jaunt to the store during a lunch break, on the way to the grocery section to grab some lunch options that maybe don’t involve the words “deep fried”.

Eyed up as I slide past to take a peek at the comforter sets because I will, I will, win the “we don’t need a new coverlet” war.

Slipped into the cart as I waltz over to the makeup aisles because you can never have enough lip gloss, says the the girl with a whole drawer of lip gloss.

Half an hour, turkey, lipgloss, no new coverlet but the proud owner of overalls later, I am officially a fan. IMG_0033IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_0034


Our family took a trip out to Pops after the wedding and yes I’m just now getting the pictures up. whoops! Late night coffee (well, coffee at 8PM) has got me feeling industrious, so voila, Pops! IMG_9551IMG_9591 IMG_9552 ^ unfortunately, the taste did not live up to the cuteness. don’t you just hate that?IMG_9553 IMG_9558hanny and ruthy IMG_9566 IMG_9581 IMG_9585 IMG_9659 IMG_9664 ^moments like these make my ovaries all melty. ya i said it. koki and geordie^ these two sweeties are getting married in just a few weeks! little did we know that when we waved goodbye to Geordie last October that the adventure I prayed for him would be the best adventure he could ever begin: mawwage! Congratulations Geordan and Koki. We love you guys! IMG_9677