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IMG_0784 copy IMG_0795 copy IMG_0792 copy IMG_0799 copyTarget button down // Forever 21 gray tee // Target necklaces // ASOS pants // Shoe Dazzle heels

this weekend was the most perfectly Fallish weather. Stormy and cloudy and moody; an excellent day to eat pancakes and nap the day away. unfortunately this weather and i have a bit of a love/hate relationship because the sudden swings in temperature make my allergies go nuts, so i spent the day napping with the worst sinus headache in all of creation.  but i just kept thinking “this is just so great, i love this weather!” the whole time. luckily i have a precious hubby who will rub my neck and make me pancakes and only roll his eyes once when im in the tub long enough for the water to go cold and only grumble a little when i get cookie crumbs on his side of the bed, even though he specifically said “do not eat cookies in the bed”. sorry babe…

and yes I’m aware that it’s Tuesday and yes i know i should have posted this on Monday, but give me a break who is ever really ready for Monday? not i. and if Monday was a struggle, well then Tuesday is a bit harried as well. by Wednesday we’ll be rolling pretty good around here. don’t judge.






IMG_0724 copy I’ve been thinking lately about why I do this whole blog thing. Why do i spend my time writing and taking pictures and commenting and following and planning and creating? why?  i realized that if i don’t have a clear understanding of what i’m doing, then no one else will either. so what’s my manifesto, my mission statement, my core values? what keeps me coming back to this little space on the interweb?IMG_0769 copyfor me, it comes down to two points which are pretty simple and are basically at the root of everything i do.

Because God created me in His image.

You can’t stand on the edge of the ocean, look off the top of a mountain, gaze at a newly born soul, and not understand that our God is creative. He’s the ultimate Creator.

and He made me in His image. The same creativity that birthed the Northern Lights lives in me. The same imagination that caused fireflys and freckles was placed into my soul, my heart, my being.

IMG_0764 copy but here’s an even more fantastic concept: God, in His infinite Creativity, gave each and every one of us the ability to create in our own, special way. Some of us may be doctors, or artists, or athletes, or speakers, or nurturers, or encouragers. God gave each of us this awesome gift of creativity, to use in whatever way fits our personalities and gifts best, and each time we use that creativity we are worshiping our Creator.

For me, my creativity just kind of falls out of me any which way it can. I like to call myself a Jill of All Trades, because I’m not the type to excel at any one thing. I’m kind of all over the place. And I’ve come to realize that that, in itself, is a gift.  i like to use my creativity in any way i can, whether that’s my style or my writing, whether it’s web design or graphics, whether it’s decorating my house or posting on stinkin social media. it doesn’t matter, it’s all creative and it’s all expression and it’s good. IMG_0747 copyMy second reason for this blog comes from one of my favorite verses, Colossions 3:23

//Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart, as working for the Lord//

This verse sums up my entire life, where my heart and soul reside, and what I want to teach others to understand. That whatever you are doing, whatever gifts God has blessed you with, wherever you are at: YOU are a story. You’re experiences and knowledge can be used to encourage others, in ways that you can only imagine. your LIFE is a ministry! every single time you CREATE you are ministering to someone, somewhere.

So whatever I may be doing, whether it’s writing a post or styling an outfit or fixing my hair,creating a graphic, or working at my job: I want to do it to the best of my ability, with my whole heart, guns blazing, all in. I’m going to take chances, make mistakes, get embarrassed, and learn from it all. Because in doing so, I am creating opportunities to encourage others, reach others, inspire others, to walk this journey with as much enthusiasm and and gumption and LIFE as they possibly can. IMG_0740 copy I truly believe that our Creator loves to see us creating. and THAT is my ultimate goal. To serve Christ in everything I do. So this little blog, where I can create as much as I want, where i stumble and mess up, crack up, goof off, and generally make a fool of myself, this is my learning experience. This is my living testament to what a Creative God can do with a willing soul.

So dig in, dear ones, and join in the ride. I fully believe that I’m in for a crazy one. IMG_0732 copy warby parker glasses//target tee//tj maxx overalls//dv8 heels c.o RiffRaff//

social security is not very social

social security is not very social

i should have known, when i stepped onto the building’s linoleum floors, heels clacking and people staring, that this trip was not going to be one without it’s fair share of uncomfortable.

but since i’ve never frequented jail or felt the need to change my citizenship, i had not previously enjoyed the atmosphere in the Oklahoma Social Security Offices until i had to go and change my last name.

let me just give you a hint: social security ain’t so social.

what exactly do you think i’m hiding in my shoes that causes you to demand I take them off and walk through a metal detector? drugs? i’m sitting in a giant room with scary people. why would i bring drugs in with me?

if you insist on calling us out by number like cattle don’t you think it would be in your best interest to invest in a intercom system that is actually understandable? I get more English from the teacher on Charlie Brown.

Gentleman with the scary tattoos (nekkid lady, KILL on his arm, scary looking skull thing smoking a joint, etc) and the shorts of questionable white color: why are you laughing like a sadistic rapist every time you look at me? and for that matter, why are you looking at me? or leaning towards me? or trying to read my book with me? (it wasn’t a funny part).

young woman from jail: congratulations. i’m sure you’re right and you didn’t deserve to be in there. but do we have to speak so loudly that everyone knows your opinion? my ears are bleeding from your shrillness. i’m sorry. please don’t kill me.

after three and a half hours (read it, that’s right), I was finally ushered out of the holding pen by a young woman who only stared at my shoes for a second (or 10). i’m going to assume she was riveted with jealousy and not cackling at my clacking on the inside.

after 5 minutes with staring girl I was given a new last name and an escape route that didn’t involve the holding pen. cue the hallelujah chorus.

Unfortunately, I now have a hideous driver’s license picture. Since i had been blessed with two pretty good pictures before this one, I think I was overdue for a stunner.

Photo Aug 25, 1 23 06 PM copywoah there blush. if you look closely you can see my glasses indentations on the side of my ski slope nose. also, i  thought i was having to sign to say yes i was an organ donor, not sign for my license. hence the chicken scrawl that vaguely resembles letters.


for those of you, like me, who want to change your last name after marriage and are thoroughly confused by the contradicting information on the Internet, here’s what you need to change your name in Oklahoma:

- you have to go to the SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE to change your last name. Not the wedding license registry, not the passport offices, not the post office. SOCIAL SECURITY. They really try to confuse you on this one.

- I took my wedding license,  my birth certificate, and my driver’s license. the woman looked at my driver’s license and my wedding license, but told me it’s a good idea to bring your birth certificate just in case. You can also bring your social security card but since I didn’t have mine anymore, it’s not actually required.

-YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD IS NOT REQUIRED. i’m saying that twice because I called ahead and the woman on the phone was SO stinking confusing, i wasn’t sure if i needed my ss card or a vial of blood. also because of that lady…

- you have many different options in the state of Oklahoma for your new name.  I could drop my maiden name, hyphenate my maiden and married name, drop my middle name and keep my maiden and married names, or make my maiden name a second middle name. all are legal and do not require further paperwork. (take THAT you mean old heifer on the phone!)




Wed: Getting Ready

i’m posting our getting ready pics today! when i look back at this time of our wedding day, I’m still utterly amazed at the calm that pervaded the room. Whether that was due to my amazing bridal party who shielded me from the catastrophes, or because thing really were going so well that day, I guess I’ll never know. I’m just thankful that it was! 

details-2 copy details-3 copy

Our venue would not allow us into the space until 10AM the morning of the wedding, so there was some serious tension in the air as we drove to Norman that morning. Thoughts were flying through my head omg i’m getting married, what if we can’t get everything set up in time, what if we forgot something major, omg i’m getting marred. 

There is no explanation for how smoothly everything came together that morning other than we have the most selfless and giving friends and family….and God. Literally, there isn’t any other explanation. Everything was set up smoothly, everyone helped out, everyone was happy and laughing. Ya there were a few hitches but nothing that I would call a catastrophe!

details-5 copy

By 12:30 that afternoon I was in the Bridal room, listening to my wedding playlist and relaxing while I got my makeup done. I just remember feeling so dang happy to have everyone that was near and dear to me in that room, getting ready to celebrate mine and Jared’s special day. I’m so thankful for the time I was given to relax!!

Of course, during this time Jared was rebooking our hotel at one that his family wasn’t  staying at that same night, frantically trying to find my wedding band that he had dropped and lost, and leaving the venue before he gave my bridesmaids cash for my makeup artist, so he probably wouldn’t call the getting ready time calm the way I would. Thank you Jesus for a great bridal party that took care of everything while I was blissfully fixing my hair!

details-46 copy

details-10 copy

^Jared went golfing with his groomsmen the day before the wedding and got the WORST farmer’s tan you ever did see. luckily his forehead faded by the next day, and his arms were covered in his suit! although at the time i couldn’t have cared less, he looked pretty scrumptious to me! details-14 copy details-15 copy details-32 copy details-33 copy details-17 copy details-19 copy details-20 copy

^My something old was the brooch on my bouquet that belonged to my Great Grandmother; my something new were my garters that my sister Courtney had designed and made for me; my something borrowed was my mother’s wedding ring; and my something blue was the blue crochet flowers on my handkerchief which belonged to another of my great grandmothers. details-37 copy details-39 copy details-35 copy^this is so typical Jared, walking around in his boxers, half dressed. Amanda, our photographer, told me that she went to get Jared for our first look and asked Jared if he was ready and he said yep! and then walked out from behind the couch just like this. 

details-47 copy details-48 copy details-49 copy details-50 copy details-51 copy details-52 copy details-53 copy details-54 copy details-56 copy details-59 copy details-61 copy details-60 copy details-62 copy details-65 copy details-63 copy details-58 copydetails-68 copy details-71 copy ^the soccer world cup was playing while were were getting ready, so every so often throughout the day the boy’s room would alternate between shouts and groans for the game and rousing choruses of some song or other, led by whoever was holding the guitar at the time. details-73 copy details-74 copy details-76 copy details-77 copy


//the details//

Vine hair piece//custom made by 7th & West

Chunky bracelet//custom made by Donna Leota 

Striped Heels//Dolce Vita from ModCloth

Veil//custom made by me! Vintage lace from an old dress I found at a thrift store

hair// me

makeup// melrose makeup 

Bouquet//custom made by me, supplies from Save on Crafts

Dress// David’s Bridal




to girls with dreams

girls with dreamsi wrote this to myself a while back, in a time when i was really needing encouragement and the push to move forward. but i think every girl can use a little encouragement, a little push. so welcome to my heart.

hey you.

ya you. you with the dream in your heart and the idea in your head, you’ve got so much energy and excitement you’re practically lifting off the ground.

I see you. I see your dreams, how they are so big they are almost scary (scratch that, they are scary). I see your fear and your hope and i see your desire. You just want a chance. a chance to be heard, a chance to jump out there and see what you’re capable of.

don’t lose that desire. don’t lose that dream. you are capable. you’re fierce and your strong and you’re going places kid. you’ve got more potential in your friggin pinky than most people have in their entire body.

you’re going to have some doubters. you’re going to have some toxic, noxious, doubters who try to keep you down, keep you contained, keep you on the path they think you is best for you. but they don’t know. 

they don’t know what you’re capable of, even if they say they do. they can’t understand you’re vision because they don’t have any themselves. and the only thing you can do is keep your eyes ahead and don’t let them derail you from your dream.

you’re scared, your not sure of yourself? stop it. there’s a reason why you are a dreamer, there’s a reason why you’re excited. it’s because you’re a life changing force in this world. you have a gift and a dream and a desire and you’re going to make things happen. fear is good, it means you’re thinking BIG, you’re taking risks. Life is not life without a few risks.

but you may have to wait. you may have to be patient. you may have to put in some hard hours, deal with some hard situations, listen to some hard advice. but it’ll make you stronger. it’ll make you smarter. it’ll make you that much more passionate.

and no, not every idea you have is going to be fantastic. be humble. be watchful. be open. take every opportunity, squeeze out every last drop of experience. someday that dream will be a reality. if only you will have the guts to work hard, ignore the doubters, and go for it.

I see you. I’m with you. I’m right behind you. Let’s do this.


IMG_0514our little space is slowly starting to show some character and become “us”. when we decided on our apartment, I knew I was going to have to sacrifice “quirky and unique” for “nearby, cost effective, and safe (i’m a huge baby, i get scared walking just about anywhere at night)”. There just aren’t many quirky little mid century apartment complexes in Yukon, Oklahoma….Scratch that, there’s none.

But we’ve been able to find ways to make this space our own and, other than the fact that I start to feel like I’m living in Shawshank if I’m in the apartment with our windows shut for too long, our little space is working very well for us.  Tip for newlyweds: don’t buy anything for your wedding that you can’t use in your home afterwards. Our apartment is basically our wedding remixed.  IMG_0504^our giant engagement pic was a gift from our engagement party IMG_0506^photo op sign from my panty shower IMG_0510^Jared’s adventure guitar has been on just about every trip he went on in college. It now resides in various places all over the apartment, depending on where he last felt inspiration. I never know where this thing will be next, which is a pretty impressive feat in a one bedroom apartment.  IMG_0538 IMG_0534 IMG_0537

these are our guestbook notes from the wedding. so precious.

IMG_0517 IMG_0461 IMG_0467^the brass goblets are an Ebay find, the gold rimmed wine goblets are from dollar general (holla!), the pink goblets are from a local antique store, as are the gold striped glasses. The gold dot ones are Anthro. IMG_0531IMG_0473 IMG_0474 copy IMG_0521 IMG_0526 IMG_0529^this is not an advertisement for gain or downy, i was just too lazy to put them back up on the shelf. But those smell divine, just fyi!

IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0489 IMG_0476 IMG_0498 IMG_0495


2014-08-19 23.44.10


my style lately has been leaning towards basic tops and dresses with my own little twist added in. It makes for a pretty flexible wardrobe since basically everything can be worn all year long, as long as it’s layered or accessorized appropriately. It also means an inordinate amount of my wardrobe is black. i’m ok with this.

also, these shoes. talk about basic with a twist. i’ve worn them literally at least three times a week since I got them. They’re just the perfect transitional heel. and they’re dang comfortable.

I talk about transitions and seasons like Fall is actually in sight while I ignore the 100+ days we’ve been having lately. Just leave me to my fantasy world. i’ll be fine.

2014-08-19 23.44.52 copy 2014-08-19 23.44.32 2014-08-19 23.44.20 2014-08-19 23.44.27 2014-08-19 23.44.29 copy 2014-08-19 23.45.26 copy 2014-08-19 23.45.48

5th and Elm hat// Warby Parker glasses/ Target dress// Riffraff heels c.o


game night

my family is big into games. well let me rephrase: a loud and bossy few are big into games and therefor we all play games ;)

IMG_0540 IMG_0545

the other night the whole gang came together for an odd assortment of dinner which included sweet potato fries, asparagus, and chicken wings, and the official family game (other than corn hole) of Hand and Foot. Somehow Jared had escaped playing this monopoly-style card game ( in that it takes FOREVER) so it was obviously high time he be introduced. my brother had to work late so since we had uneven numbers, I volunteered to be the official family game night photographer. usually my mom is the one stepping back and taking the pictures but occasionally she gets a very stubborn, competitive streak burst forth from her soul and then it’s game on. I’m probably the least enthusiastic gamer in the Hamilton bunch, so family photographer works for me!

IMG_0548 IMG_0552 IMG_0557 IMG_0564 IMG_0577Apparently the Bishop family also has a card game tradition and therefor Jared spent the entire evening randomly detailing the differences between Hand and Foot and Canasta.  it’s basically the same thing, which is what Jared kept saying, “so this is kind of like Canasta…ya this is almost exactly Canasta…see this is like Canasta except we’d do this….ya…this is basically Canasta.

IMG_0618 IMG_0599 IMG_0604 IMG_0593 IMG_0587 IMG_0583sweet family nights are what it’s about. whether we’re playing a dumb game or just sitting around, you know you’re going to have a good time with family. you might even see your mom beat your dad to a pulp…. at Hand and Foot that is.




IMG_0422 copyYesterday was my first day to work with the new do and I think it’s going to take my office longer to get used to the change then anyone else. I was asked twice if I was wearing a wig. Either people would avoid looking me in the eye, like I had had some horrible pigment-leaking accident and therefore they couldn’t look at me or else it could be contagious, or they were utterly fascinated and just didn’t know how to tear their eyes away. IMG_0426 copyIn other news, have you heard of pikos? They’re these super simple tops and dresses, usually solid colors and always oversized, and lately they’ve been popping up EVERYWHERE.  IMG_0446 copySo RiffRaff let me try one out to see what all the hullaballoo was about and I gotta say, they’re pretty dang comfortable. Super soft and perfect for Mexican food nights. So much food baby room.

They’re also a nice switch up from just regular v-neck tees, kind of makes it feel like you actually put some effort into getting dressed. And since I love any piece that will make it look like i put way more effort into an outfit then i really did, I believe I shall give Pikos an A++++.IMG_0427 copyIMG_0441 IMG_0428 copyIMG_0439 copy IMG_0448IMG_0429 copy Piko top c./o RiffRaff (all PIko options here)//Urban Outfitters jeans (distressed by mua) (on sale!)//Target gladiator heels (also on sale! you lucky duck)

Living with a chef might make me a vegetarian

living with a chef might make me a vegetarian

As I’ve mentioned before, Jared is a chef and as such, he enjoys bringing home tidbits from work. This is very sweet and cave mannish of him (hunter gatherer, bring home the bacon, etc) and probably saves me from starvation, since exhibit A tells you just how often I go grocery shopping (you can’t see the door, it’s where I keep my essentials- milk and…some yogurt.)

But what disturbs me about this setup is the fact that I will occasionally come home to an unknown source of flesh residing in my fridge (the Target bag). In the last two months, I’ve learned not to look in the bags unless I want to gag, because the flesh will be in varying states of bloodiness, and I just can’t handle it.

Now you might be saying, “OMG get over it, it’s free meat”, but shut your pie hole because I’m pretty sure you would be grossed out too. Especially since I never know just how long this flesh is going to last sitting in the fridge. Am i supposed to do something with this? Do we have plans to take the flesh over to my parents, since the bag weighs enough that I guess it could feed my entire apartment building?

I’ve tried suggesting freezing the meat, but no Chef Jared likes his meat fresh and so we avoid freezing at all costs.

Notice the questionable stain on the bottom left side of the fridge? That would be from where the bloody flesh leaked into my fridge. When I called Jared to ask him about said flesh, his response was, “oh ya, just go ahead and dump that, and whatever other meat is in there”. Oh so nonchalantly.

All this to say, think I might be going vegetarian. I just don’t know if I can handle all this…handling of flesh. Especially when it comes in bloody Target bags. Notice the giant bag of carrots and brussels sprouts on the middle shelf? I could last for WEEKS on those brussels sprouts…and all the cereal I have in the pantry.

This probably doesn’t bode well for our future goal of owning land where Jared would raise his own food and I’d be the official Animal Namer and win an award for Best Wifi on a Farm.

*after i wrote this blog post, i dumped all the meat out and scrubbed my fridge down with a mixture of bleach and acid. My eyes are burning like hades but my fridge is clean!*