Hey We’re Still Alive!

Target Hat// Old Navy coat// Forever 21 Top// Pacsun pants// Forever 21 chelsea boots

Welp it’s Friday the 21st and we’re all still alive! I guess the Mayans got it wrong. Or maybe they just ran out of rock, who knows.

The point is that the world didn’t end which means I can now truly enjoy the good things in life. Like these boots. Have I told you of my deep love for Chelsea boots? I absolutely adore boots and these slightly ugly yet equally quirky Chelsea boots are just darling. ( Chelseas are tight fitting ankle boots distinguished by the elastic band on the sides rather than a zipper.  For those that are confused. Come on guys, get with the program).

These are on sale, these have a darling color block effect to them, and these are currently starring in my wildest dreams.

Are you in love now as well? Yes. I knew you would be.

Merry {early} Christmas! I won’t be back until after the Big Guy visits, so have a wonderful holiday, hug your loved ones extra tight, and remember what this season is really about.

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

- I Heard the  Bells

The Rambler’s Christmas Wish List

a new computer (since I don’t actually have one, I just mooch off of everyone else)// pink mittens! I love these extra long ones, so your wrists don’t get chilly ; )// a leather baseball hat. So I don’t feel like such a frump// red pants. I would also accept leather pants// Gigi. It’s one of my favorite movies ever, but somehow I don’t own a copy // a new watch // Lily Pulitzer perfume. I just love this clean scent! My sweet Aunt Gigi got me hooked :) // chelsea ankle boots. They’re so weird they’re cute. // a new chambray shirt// a new journal. I love these Papaya Art ones!

Yay for Christmas!