Wild Heart Collective

wildheartAfter MONTHS of dreaming and scheming I am SO excited to share with you a new project of mine!

Wild Heart Collective is a collaborative online project between my two sisters and myself. It’s an inspiration store house full of home ideas, hair tutorials, personal style, and so much more. This is something that we have talked about doing for so long and the timing has finally worked out where we can make our dream a reality!

We have so many fun projects coming up and new ideas in store that I literally cannot stop squealing,  I’m just so excited for our launch!

 I will still write here on The Rambler but it will be more personal posts with family pictures, apartment projects and updates, things of that nature.

Make sure and stop by Wild Heart on December 1st for our official grand opening! Until then, you can follow us on pinterest//tumblr//instagram//and twitter!



Oh hey I accidentally didn’t blog for like a week ish. meh bad.

in other news, i’d like to make an official declaration that this, this,  is my favorite outfit ever. for now. during this season. until i get dressed again.

but for reals. fave.

side story: i went to walmart for the first time in literally 3 years ( i avoid it like the plague) and I found these sunglasses for like pennies. Although I love these things they still didn’t change my belief that Walmart is the tenth circle of Hell.

IMG_3014 copy IMG_3015copy IMG_3016copy IMG_3022copy IMG_3036copy IMG_3047copy IMG_3056copy IMG_3061copywalmart sunnies // target shirt // riffraff necklace c.o // asos pants // dolce vita booties via nordstrom rack


the time my blog crashed and i almost crapped my pants

a while back i had a malfunctioning plugin on my website so i decided to just deactivate it. little did i know that ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOSE.

1for about 4 hours my blog was gone, literally gone. snatched from my fingers, wiped from the interweb as if it had never existed.

it’s true when they say “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. there are some days that i think why why WHY do i continue to write on this thing?! my life is busy or i’m feeling stuck in a rut and i start to think that it would be so much simpler to just stop writing.

but then when i had the chance to walk away, to say “welp that was fun, but oh well”, i literally felt like someone had taken my first born child away. my slightly awkward, highly embarrassing, sometimes unloved child but still MINE.

2 4i wanted to throw up, scream, shake my fists at the heavens, and then lay down for a long cry. it was like when a boyfriend calls you every day for a week and then suddenly breaks up with you via a note from his friend passed in the hallway, given to you by the class nerd while you’re scrupulously doodling love hearts in your notebook. but wait! we can’t break up! we’re supposed to be together! 4 eva! i wrote it my notes, along with my first name and your last name, with a heart around it!

6 3no matter how often i’ve thought about quitting, this little space i’ve carved out for myself here in the blog world is something that i’m quite proud of. it’s my free therapy, my online diary (that should sometimes been more like my hidden under the mattress and never shared with anyone diary), my love notes and my creative outlet. i couldn’t let this thing die any easier than i could stop wearing highly inappropriate shoes. it’s a part of me.

thankfully for my heart palpitations, things were up and running again by the afternoon. i’ve never wanted to hug an inanimate object so much in my life.

5gap tee // forever 21 sweater // target pencil skirt // chinese laundry heels (via marshalls)


Stretch Your Closet // how to make your summer style work in the fall

Today I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks for stretching your closet over multiple seasons.  Very rarely do I ever buy a piece of clothing without first checking to see if I can wear it at least three different ways, over several different seasons.  It’s the best way to save money, AND get the most out of your clothing!fall dressing

No 1 // Maxi Dresses (dress, boots, jacket, hat)

I love pairing my summer maxis with a leather jacket and boots. It’s a great contrast between the girly dress and the tough leather, and it’s a perfect transition outfit!

No 2 // Denim Cutoffs (shorts, boots, tee, cardi)

shorts are one of those tricky pieces that are so  necessary for the summer, but then get shoved to the back of the dresser the rest of the year. Add some layers like an oversized cardigan and some funky boots and stretch the shorts season on into the fall.

No 3// Skater Skirts (skirt, sweater, boots, tights)

layering summer skirts with sweaters and tights are a great way to add versatility to your closet. a great pair of boots will add that final fall-ish touch.

No 4 // Sundresses (dress, button down, socks, boots)

obviously I love a good tough girl vibe in an outfit. layer up your sundresses with plaid and a killer pair of boots and you’ll be able to stretch that wardrobe right on into winter. and don’t forget the socks! fall is a great time to add in new accessories like chunky socks.

Style Tips for Short Hair Pt.3

styling tips for short hairToday I’m sharing the last post in my Styling Tips for Short Hair series! You can see the rest of the series here and here.

IMG_1638 copy1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I recently tried out the Kenra hairspray for the first time and I fell in love. I’m also pretty much obsessed with the volumizing powder, it just makes life so much easier.

IMG_1588 copyOk so the first thing I like to do is when I’m blow drying my hair, I comb my bangs to the opposite side that they will ultimately part. This gives that great swoopy look in your bangs.

IMG_1595 copyThen when I begin straightening my hair, I hold my straightner at different angles depending on the section of hair i’m working with. For the lower layers I straighten my hair down, like you would normally do.

IMG_1601 copyon those middle layers that you want to start getting some volume I hold the straightner out at a 90 degree angle from my head and pull the straightner out away from my head.

IMG_1606 copyand then finally for the top layers that you want the most volume, I pull the hair straight up from my head. This gives your hair a TON of volume!

IMG_1611 copynext I pull up portions of my hair and shake the volumizing powder directly onto the roots, to give it just a bit of an oomph. This also helps the teasing that I will do next stick for the entire day, rather than falling flat an hour after you fix it.

IMG_1615 copyI use my teasing comb and add just a bit of volume at the crown. I use the narrow teeth end to tease and the wide tooth end to kind of comb it into place.

IMG_1621 copyfinally I take a bit of pommade, rub it onto my fingers, and kind of pull the ends apart to give it some added texture and definition! Spray with some volumizing spray and voila!

afterIMG_1622 copy


Fall Fever

Fall is officially upon us and I am ecstatic. Oklahoma tends to have very un-Fallish falls, where we go from oven scale heat to just a morsel of true fall weather, straight into months of depressing cold. So far we’re hovering in between ovens and true fall and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get some actual fall days this year, with the leaves changing and that fireplace smell in the air and hello, the clothes, the most important part.

Here’s a list of my favorite Fall pieces this year! The 90′s are calling and I’m saying helloooo! fall fever

1. oversized coats // I feel very breakfast club-ish in this trend and that is not a bad thing.

2. chunky shoes // i just love a good chunky shoe, they make me taller and immediately add a little pizaaz to an outfit.

3. anything plaid // seriously, give me all the plaid. Jared has started his winter beard which basically makes me feel like i’m married to a bear hunter so i might as well accept it and wear plaid every day of my life. plus it’s a great pattern mixer!

4. oversized knits // fall is characterized by two things: food and wind. big chunky sweaters that let me eat the whole room and also stay cozy warm? count me in

5. highwaist black pants // i mean really, what else do you need? they go with everything. they’re super comfy. they stretch for miles. they never show stains. drops the mic

6. wool hats // i’m such a fan of hats, they hide bad hair days with such flair.

7. cute sweats // picture me at a bonfire, roasting some mellows, maybe going shopping or something, and then I go home and never change clothes… and these are on sale so…

8. hints of leather // i love bringing a little edge to an outfit, like a leather jacket or a leather bag. perfect.

one year

IMG_0150 copy

hello dirty mirror

it’s been exactly one year since i had my first surgery for Crohn’s disease, a name that I had never even known existed just one short month before surgery. At the time I wrote a post about how “normal” seemed such a far off concept, something that I wasn’t sure I would really ever be able to relate to again.

12 months later, I’m still here. I’m married, in a new home, with a few crazy looking scars on my stomach (which occasionally still resemble centipedes) that are the only physical evidence of one of the hardest experiences I have ever had to face. Normal? I still have no idea what normal really is. I think it might be overrated ;)

For any newbies around here you can read all about my surgeries in my about tab, but to make a long story short I was diagnosed with Crohn’s last September, an intestinal disease that flared up quickly and unexpectedly at the end of the summer last year. So quickly that within a month I was diagnosed, hospitalized, and went through surgery to remove my entire colon, some 5 feet of intestine. I spent four months with the end of what was left of my intestines sticking out of a hole in my stomach, with a bag taped over it which I named Tootie. I then went back under in January to reattach my intestines and say goodbye to Tootie forever.

I’m frequently asked how i’m doing these days, with a general wave at my stomach area to indicate that the question is in regards to my intestines and not my general well being, and I always say the same thing: i’m doing great. I’m fine, i’ve had no further complications. I’m a very lucky girl.

And it’s true. compared to many stories from Crohn’s patients I’ve heard, I’ve had it so easy. Years of pain and endless rounds of medication were avoided in two rounds of surgery. I’ve had to change my diet a little, less red meat, and I occasionally have to deal with back and hip pain after eating too much fried food (i know, so random but it’s all connected, basically Crohn’s is an inflammatory disease that doesn’t necessarily only inflame your intestines. For me it’s my lower back and hips, which is why many people with Crohn’s are either misdiagnosed or even develop arthritis)

This last year has been one roller coaster ride after another, but everything I have learned can really be boiled down to this: I have physically experienced the truth behind Proverbs 3 // Trust in the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding.

There are so many things that happen in this world that we just can’t explain. Pain and fear and abuse and evil and just plain bad days are regular occurrences in our lives and trying to understand and explain everything in one perfect little neat sentence is just not possible. life is messy. but trust in the One who is in control, who knows everything. He is loving and merciful and full of grace and He is aching to hold you. BELIEVE me, you can’t handle or control everything on your own. You weren’t made to, and you don’t have to.

Trust in the Lord.

oh and Mederma doesn’t work on scars this big. Just putting that out there.

wedding snaps- vintage furniture

vintage furniture is kind of my thing, so I wanted to make sure I used as many pieces as possible in the wedding. like my obsession with clothes, vintage furniture comes with a story and i just love a good story.details-17 copyfor example, the pink velvet chair was a Craigslist score of mine. I haggled with the lady for weeks over this thing and when she finally came down on the price, I just about lost my shorts. When you discuss vintage furniture with people on Craigslist you tend to get an idea in your head of what you’ll see when you meet them, and i pictured this chair belonging to a little old lady who was moving out of her house to a retirement home or something. just the way she wrote seemed very old fashioned. I almost fell over when we showed up to pick up the chair and the Oklahoma governor’s daughter was the one selling. (and before you get confused and wonder how you missed that i was so interested in politics that i’d recognize the governor’s daughter, let me tell you that she was sporting hot pink hair at the time and I had just seen her at Oklahoma Fashion Week.)ceremony copy

details-19 copythe green chair also has it’s own story as a Bishop family heirloom that originally belonged to Jared’s great aunt. When i mentioned how much i loved the pea green corduroy (who wouldnt?), Grandma said we could have it. It now resides in our bedroom. portaits-71 copy the runner was a gift from my very talent mother, with fabric from ikea. portaits-74 copy chair duo

portaits-90 copythe two couches we used belong to me and my sister Courtney. They are both currently at my parent’s house, since neither one of us have the room for them. I loved the idea of using the furniture for the bridal party to sit on during the ceremony, and i was stubborn enough to stick to my guns even after we found out that we would have to haul everything to Norman and set up the morning of the wedding. It seemed romantic and so me that I felt like it was worth it. One of the couches was also used in our engagement shoot.

details-93 copy we used my parent’s silver goblet and platter set that they received when they got married for our communion ceremony.  all of the vintage jugs and glass bottles came from Jared’s dad’s personal collection, set atop a runner of kraft paper cut from a giant roll i saved from work one day. details-91 copy details-89 copy the gold card suitcase was a vintage flea market find. I’m planning on turning it into a table one of these days!details-86 copy i was vehemently against a guest book. sorry, i think they’re dumb and no i don’t think i’d ever want to sit down and look through everyone’s signatures one day. so to compromise, i bought these vintage window frames and had jared staple chicken wire that i had spray painted gold to the backs of the frames. Our guests wrote us a note, rolled it up, and stuck it in a chicken wire hole. voila. details-85 copypast wedding posts here, here and here


fair time

last year I missed the fair due to being in the hospital, so this year I was determined to make it out at least once. I have zero desire to spend tons of money on carnival games, I would never trust a fair ride that can be constructed or deconstructed in less than 24 hours, and the rodeo/pig showings have never been of much interest to me. But I will stinkin devour a good funnel cake.

IMG_0920 copyIMG_0942 copyIMG_0935 copy IMG_0927 copy IMG_0992 copy IMG_1001 copy IMG_1005 copy

IMG_0917 copy IMG_0968 copyIMG_0952 copy