twenty six.


my birthday was earlier this month, good ole twenty six. it actually, truly, snuck up on me this year. i’ve never forgotten my birthday, nor let anyone forget that it was coming. i don’t know, it was probably due to getting married and this insane month at work, but this year i just blinked and suddenly i was 26.




i feel like this year it’s wasnt about celebrating my age, it was a celebration of the year. like a 2nd New Year’s Eve, I grew nostalgic thinking about 25. What I survived. What I learned. What I was given. What i grew out of and what i became.

IMG_9969 IMG_9967 IMG_9961

I’m excited about 26. about what i will experience, what chances I will take. I feel like after 25, i want to grab life by the horns and just run with it. run as far and as long as i possibly can, squeeze every last beautiful drop of happiness and magic that i can from this year. life is so precious, so very precarious.


I’ve been blessed with this one beautiful life. I just can’t help but wonder: what kind of fantastical adventures will happen in 26?

Pacsun sunnies// RiffRaff pineapple tank c.o// UO jeans// RiffRaff sandals c.o





panty shower

Today I’m sharing some pics from my personal shower! The girls BLEW ME AWAY with their creativity and thoughtfulness.  The shower was adorable, I felt so loved! Yay for panty showers! DSC_0883DSC_0921^we had a flower crown station! So much fun, I’d suggest it for all parties.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0024 DSC_0031 DSC_0038 DSC_0065my sister gave me custom made garters (more pictures coming!) I LOVED THEM!!! (as you can see, I went with the “bigger is better” theory)  DSC_0887 DSC_0889 DSC_0891 DSC_0894 copy DSC_0899 DSC_0901 DSC_0903 DSC_0906 sweet sisters! ^ DSC_0919 DSC_0937 DSC_0947 DSC_0948 DSC_0959 DSC_0979 ^ the girls put together a photo op station with this darling ombre died curtain. So fun! DSC_0987DSC_0917

my dress was from Pac Sun (in store only) and my shoes are an old find from Lulus! Courtney bought the balloons on etsy.

july fourth

fourth of july this year was spent at my parents, cooking out and playing corn hole. the rest of the family took it very seriously. karianne and i? mmm not so much.

my mom wore a hat i dubbed her “Anne of Green Gables” hat and the four kids ended up matching like our kiddie days when mom would dress us all up in matching outfits.  somehow it’s not so awful as it was back then.

we have a thing for grilled veggies these days and there were plenty to go around. the night ended sitting in the jeep in the local grocery store parking lot, watching the fireworks go off from the park a couple streets down and thinking to myself “how did i get this lucky”.

IMG_9754IMG_9789 IMG_9796 IMG_9849 IMG_9846 IMG_9731

IMG_9831 IMG_9814 IMG_9778 IMG_9774 IMG_9771 IMG_9762 IMG_9760 IMG_9745 IMG_9720 IMG_9715 IMG_9681


hope your fourth was as satisfying as ours was.

i’ll admit when i’m wrong..sometimes

let it be known that the Rambler is a humble gal and will admit when she has been wrong or unjustly critical.

I, Kaleigh Bishop (sounds good don’t it?) bought some birks.

IMG_9617 EDIT I know I know, I was so vehemently against them.  But Target, I tell ya, they just grab you and suddenly you’re trying things you never thought you would and buying crap you never really needed and next thing ya know, you’re wearing faux birkenstocks. IMG_9619 edit IMG_9620 edit IMG_9625 edit IMG_9629 edit i still feel like i have duck feet though. but they are pretty comfy. dang it.

top c.o RiffRaff// PacSun highwaisted shorts// Target birks

marriage, jobs, and faithfulness

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.57.25 PMwhew! it has been a crazy last few weeks and things are going to stay crazy for just a bit longer, and I promise I’ll be back to regularly blogging soon, but I wanted to drop in quickly and share a few words.

the wedding went off without a hitch. everything was so beautiful and happy and I can’t thank our sweet friends and family enough for helping make our day so special! Everything came together so quickly and perfectly. obviously pictures will be forthcoming :D

I can’t even write this silly little update post with out choking up with tears. God is just so faithful, ya know? In this past year Jared and I have dealt with some pretty crummy situations. My illness and Jared losing his business are definitely the two biggest. But throughout this year I have felt God whispering to me “have courage. keep believing. i have a plan”. And Lord was that true.

the day of the wedding, and really throughout, I kept praying that God would allow me to be present in the day, to revel in the sweet moments and to truly savor everything that was happening that day. i didn’t want to look back and it all be a blur, or only remember the stress, i wanted to take this beautiful blessing that I had been given and squeeze every last drop from it.

And that’s exactly what happened. Every precious moment of that day is imbedded in my mind. I’m so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated with us, who made our day possible, but in the end there is one moment that sticks out of my mind more than the rest, and that’s our dance. I just remember squeezing this big, handsome man that I was finally finally! able to call my husband and thanking Jesus over and over again for His faithfulness in our lives. For drawing us together, for weaving our hearts into one, for giving us such a beautiful story of His love and grace.

I mentioned earlier about Jared losing his business and, while I haven’t spoken about it specifically here very often it has been behind many of my posts over the past 6 months. To say that this season was difficult for us is putting it lightly. God provided for us financially , no questions asked, but Jared was gone for weeks at at time and it was very hard on our relationship. We had to truly learn to trust each other and trust in our Heavenly Father and His plan for our lives.

Tomorrow Jared starts a new job as a Head Chef. The offer came out of no where and was entirely unexpected. And yet the position is so perfect for Jared and where we are at right now. We literally had no idea this company even existed, and yet God was in control, taking care of us, moving Jared into position for this offer.

Faithfulness. I am so overwhelmed and in awe of God’s amazing faithfulness.

and i friggin love my husband. just wanted to throw that one out there ;)


IMG_9425 IMG_9426 IMG_9436 IMG_9443 IMG_9444 IMG_9450target sunnies//wilfox tee c.o Riff Raff//target bralette//miss me jeans (old similar here)// shoe dazzle heels (old, similar here)

it’s our wedding month! i feel like that’s all i talk about lately but i think that’s a bit understandable. it’s kind of a big deal.

this entire adventure has just been one crazy turn after another and it’s looking like this last few weeks’ home stretch is going to be the craziest of all. In the midst of all the planning and preparing and diy-ing and occasional bouts of weeping, i’ve really been trying to focus and savor each moment. i don’t want to get so wrapped up in the silly things that i don’t take time to truly revel in the precious, little moments. a sweet mom hug, a hysterical all inclusive sister laughing session, a perfect sanity-saving text from a friend, a stolen kiss. who really cares about the shape of the plates or the wedding signs or the cake table omg we don’t have a cake table.

when this is all said and done (please God, let this be said and done), i hope I can look back and remember the excited anticipation, the sweet talks of “what will married life be like”, the precious memories with those i love most surrounding us. Because that’s what truly matters. That’s what makes this all so very worth it.


styling tips for short hair pt1

Happy Wednesday!

Today i’m starting a series on styling tips for short hair. i’ve received a ton of questions about my hair since the ‘ol chop and since i do indeed love talking about hair, i thought i’d make it into a little series. yay!

tips for short hairpart onea few comments about my hair:

my hair is kind of in between fine to medium and, since cutting it short, i’ve developed this random curl business. basically when i dry it with out product it likes to stick up in all directions and it feels really silky. So product is a must!


my styling process:

after washing i take about quarter size of the Biosilk Thickening Creme (#1) and work into my hair. I then blow dry my hair upside down (this will be demonstrated in part two!), using just my fingers. At this point i look like a baby duck with my hair sticking up all over. Then I will either straighten it a bit or add to the curl, whichever one i’ve decided on that day.

Once the heat styling is done I use the Redken Working Wax (#2) pomade and kind of mush it into the back and ends of my hair (again, process coming soon). What’s that you say? This is a product for men? Yes I’m aware. But i love the texture and it smells really good and I love it.

After the wax I will tease the top a bit with a teasing comb and spritz it all over with the utterly fantastic Big Sexy Hairspray (#3) and voila! We are done for the day!

Next up is Part Two, my styling process and my favorite heat tools for short hair. If you have any questions or have a request let me know!

oh hayy

oh hey there, remember me? i just accidentally took a week off from blogging. Not gonna lie, kind of just straight up forgot. Which has never happened before, but eh there’s a time for everything!IMG_9216 So what happened last week, let’s see. i chopped on my hair a bit more, it’s like a sick compulsion i just can’t put the scissors down. Fortunately I still like it, whew! For those that keep asking, yes I did cut my hair on purpose. How do you accidentally cut your hair? Get too close to a really sharp fan? Go in to cut the tags off a shirt and miss? Whatever, the answer is yes, I meant to cut my hair. and no i don’t regret it one bit. and no i’m not worried about styling my hair for the wedding. IMG_9221also you might notice my glasses will be showing up a bit more for a while. that would be because this mascara adhered itself like super glue to my lashes, only to break off into my eyeball at some point and scratch the crap out of my eye. obviously i am not a fan of said mascara. IMG_9226 like i mentioned before, i’ve been going to the chiropractor and while it’s been heaven on my back, it’s posed quite a few problems to my clothing choices. do you know how awkward it is to climb onto that bed-thing in heels? or to twist your body in opposite directions while wearing a dress? it just kind of ruins the whole ambiance ya know? I’ve taken to wearing leggings under everything, or just wearing pants every day, and frankly it’s getting annoying. It feels silly to bring a whole different outfit to change into, just so you can get your back popped for 5 minutes, but that might just be what I have to start doing. Sacrifice people. It’s all about sacrifice. IMG_9227speaking of sacrifice, i do believe i have officially made the greatest sacrifice in jared’s and my relationship. i am currently trading space in our living room to a 6 foot wooden indian carving (kind of like this guy) for the joy of an absolutely darling green velvet couch (kind of like this guy). No pictures of the actual pieces yet (though that is on my to do list, take pictures of our apartment) because one is currently residing in my parent’s garage and the other is somewhere far away where i wish it would stay (you may guess which is which). I’m all for creativity and supporting local artists, etc etc, but i’m just not a fan of a wooden indian in my living room. i told jared maybe i’d like it better if it was painted white and he called me a racist, which i took to mean no, so i might need advice on how to make this monstrosity flow with the rest of the space. although i’m not going to complain too loud (i promise! i’m not!) because i do get to keep the darling couch, which jared keeps calling baby-diarrhea green. ah marriage. IMG_9228 IMG_9241 warby parker glasses//forever 21 tank (old, similar here)//sira & mara necklace c.o.//vintage skirt (similar here)// target flats which can’t be seen but its these ones//

10 reasons why dating a guy from your church is a horrendous idea

church dating

Today we’re going to discuss the many reasons why dating a guy from your church is the dumbest thing you could ever do. I’d like to preface this by pointing out that my parents met at church and have been married for 30 + years, so I know that there are exceptions to the rule. But my mother straight up lied to my dad about her age, and my dad seriously robbed the cradle, so the exceptions really have no merit.

let’s begin.

1. There’s a very good chance that the guy is only asking you on a date because his parents forced him to.

There is nothing better than sitting in the car with your date and having him inform you that his parents suggested this to him (true story).  You now have this pressure to make sure the date goes amazing and if it doesn’t, you better not do anything truly horrific because his parents will make awkward comments about “what might have been” FOR YEARS.

2. The date will be a complete farce.

You met at church. AT CHURCH. Which means the terms “prayer life” and “seeking God’s will” will be mentioned at least 50 times during dinner. You will never hear event a hint of a vice or weakness, which means you’ll probably think you just landed God’s Gift to Women, and will promptly place him on the biggest pedestal known to man kind, where he will crash and burn in a few weeks when he dumps you because “he needs to focus on God right now”.

3. Your parents are possibly friends.

If you screw this one up for them they’ll have to leave the church and it will be all YOUR FAULT. The entire eco system will be smashed to smithereens and you will be left standing alone in the center with the pitiful excuse that “he chewed with his mouth open”. selfish.

4. Your parents are possibly enemies.

Don’t even think for one second that you are Romeo and Juliet. No, you’re just stuck in the middle of the worst situation EVER. Your parents don’t like each other, and you go to the same church? YOU WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN. Take it from me, just say you’re sick and never answer your phone again.

5. if you happen to make it to actually dating, you will suddenly be on a reality tv show.

Every little old lady in the church will want to know details of your personal life, and all the men who think of themselves as father figures in your life (regardless of whether you have a great dad or not) will want to know if he’s treating you right. don’t even think you can get by with a polite smile and nod, because they will pin you in the corner and have you down at the alter faster than you can say, “He’s a very Godly man”

6. All you wanted was a little flirting and suddenly he’s saying God told him you were going to get married.

I for one truly believe that there are couples out there who knew, right from the get go, that they were meant to be. Do i believe it happens to every single camp couple? heck no. But church guys, God bless their sweet souls, will latch on like an octopus and keep you from breaking things off like the awesome jerk you are because they’ll swear that “God told them you were meant to be together”. Listen sister: those kinds of conversations should work both ways. if you ain’t hearing it too, run like the wind and forget about that camp kiss you were hoping for at the end of the week.

7. It’s practically incest

More than likely you’ve grown up with this fellow. There’s a very good chance your mothers threw you in a bath tub together at some point during your childhood. He has first hand knowledge of your days before a curling iron was discovered, and you’ve seen him at 4 AM after a youth group lock in, when no one is attractive.

8. You don’t actually like him, you just like his bible cover/ the way he prays/ his ironic Christian stickers etc.

It’s so easy, and entirely understandable, to get swept away by a good looking guy from your church. But what you have conveniently forgot is HE’S STILL A GUY. Just because he wears chucks that have John 3:16 sharpied on them doesn’t mean his feet don’t smell like week old road kill. And just because he sings like an angel, doesn’t mean he suddenly learned how to chew with his mouth closed.

9. Ten to one, he’s taken a vow not to date anyone until he finds” the one” .

Which is all good and well, and might occasionally actually work except, also 10 to one, he’s using that as an excuse to flirt with every girl in the church and not have any strings to tie him down.

10. If he’s the pastor’s son, he probably has more issues than a Jerry Springer episode.

I’m tellin ya, those PK’s. They go through a crazy phase and you just want to steer clear of that until the waters calm back down. Like maybe after he starts wearing shoes to church again.

But then, like any other life situation, there are the stories of true love, of finding your soul mate at 3, or (like my parents) knowing he was the one when you saw him on the church Halloween hay ride , or truly hating his guts until one day you wake up and realize he’s actually kind of cute.

It’s those stories that make you realize that church goers are imperfect creatures serving a perfect Savior. Much like any other place in the world, and even when all signs point to this is a horrific idea  it is possible to find your soul mate at church. In fact, and contrary to what this post might seem to be saying, I’d say that you should look for your soul mate at church. You’ll find him, find a bunch of really good friends, or find that you have some really great/horrible dating stories to tell your kids.




good mood

It’s Friday!!!! Woot! I don’t care who you are, Friday’s just put people in a good mood.

IMG_9172 you know what else puts me in a good mood? this dress. because it weighs about, oh, nothing, and it’s just one of those sweet little dresses that you can put on and immediately feel nice, ya know? and these flats, that i bought from Target and cut the ankle strap off of because I saw them the other day and thought how cute they’d be without the ankle strap, and then I saw a friend of mine had done just that. Great minds think alike. So i bought them and hacked ‘em up and I can’t say I regret it.

and the weather. it’s been kind of rainy and moody and i just kind of dig it. and the fact that our wedding invitations are 99.9% complete, thank the heavens hallelujah. nothing will make you want to elope faster than DIY invitations. IMG_9173 and also the chiropractor puts me in a great mood. random, i know, but i’ve been putting up with these super annoying lower back and hip pains for I don’t know, almost two years now? and after being diagnosed with arthritis and and being prescribed ridiculous amounts of medication that had terrifying side effects (schizophrenia? from arthritis medication? wth?) I said no way, mister, and finally went to see a chiropractor. heaven. i’ve only been two times but the difference has been astronomical. Plus, since I had my surgery in January and thus have met my deductible for the year, it costs me nothin to lay around on a massage bed and get my back popped and pushed around so why yes, I can come every day for a week, no problem.

but you know what really puts me in a good mood? that boy of mine and the fact that he’s coming home today. i gotta tell ya, he’s just about the best medicine there is. everyone say awww or blech, depending on your current mood. And since it’s Friday, I can bet you’ll be saying awwww.IMG_9184 IMG_9207IMG_9178Vintage maxi via ILWV insta shop// thrift store belt// Target flats (and they’re on sale! lucky you, it must be Friday)