wedding snaps- vintage furniture

vintage furniture is kind of my thing, so I wanted to make sure I used as many pieces as possible in the wedding. like my obsession with clothes, vintage furniture comes with a story and i just love a good story.details-17 copyfor example, the pink velvet chair was a Craigslist score of mine. I haggled with the lady for weeks over this thing and when she finally came down on the price, I just about lost my shorts. When you discuss vintage furniture with people on Craigslist you tend to get an idea in your head of what you’ll see when you meet them, and i pictured this chair belonging to a little old lady who was moving out of her house to a retirement home or something. just the way she wrote seemed very old fashioned. I almost fell over when we showed up to pick up the chair and the Oklahoma governor’s daughter was the one selling. (and before you get confused and wonder how you missed that i was so interested in politics that i’d recognize the governor’s daughter, let me tell you that she was sporting hot pink hair at the time and I had just seen her at Oklahoma Fashion Week.)ceremony copy

details-19 copythe green chair also has it’s own story as a Bishop family heirloom that originally belonged to Jared’s great aunt. When i mentioned how much i loved the pea green corduroy (who wouldnt?), Grandma said we could have it. It now resides in our bedroom. portaits-71 copy the runner was a gift from my very talent mother, with fabric from ikea. portaits-74 copy chair duo

portaits-90 copythe two couches we used belong to me and my sister Courtney. They are both currently at my parent’s house, since neither one of us have the room for them. I loved the idea of using the furniture for the bridal party to sit on during the ceremony, and i was stubborn enough to stick to my guns even after we found out that we would have to haul everything to Norman and set up the morning of the wedding. It seemed romantic and so me that I felt like it was worth it. One of the couches was also used in our engagement shoot.

details-93 copy we used my parent’s silver goblet and platter set that they received when they got married for our communion ceremony.  all of the vintage jugs and glass bottles came from Jared’s dad’s personal collection, set atop a runner of kraft paper cut from a giant roll i saved from work one day. details-91 copy details-89 copy the gold card suitcase was a vintage flea market find. I’m planning on turning it into a table one of these days!details-86 copy i was vehemently against a guest book. sorry, i think they’re dumb and no i don’t think i’d ever want to sit down and look through everyone’s signatures one day. so to compromise, i bought these vintage window frames and had jared staple chicken wire that i had spray painted gold to the backs of the frames. Our guests wrote us a note, rolled it up, and stuck it in a chicken wire hole. voila. details-85 copypast wedding posts here, here and here


wedding snaps: bridal party

my one rule for our wedding was that i wanted sparkle, glitz, and enough glitter to choke a horse. our wedding venue had some (understandable, but still annoying) rules against glitter and such, and i had a little photo op idea in my head that involved said glitter and such, so I knew that I wanted to take our bridal party pictures off site. My sisters and I drove around the area looking for good spots to use and we decided on the Norman Amtrak station, right across the street.

portaits-29 copymy girls picked different style dresses from a boutique on etsy in two different shades of gray. My sisters, who were my matron of honor and my maid of honor, chose gold-hued dresses. We were a small, matching, gorgeous little village.portaits-31 copy portaits-32 copyThe bridesmaids all came over the day before the wedding and we had a huge bouquet making party, creating their bouquets and all of the centerpieces. We bought all of the flowers from the Oklahoma Flower Market, using my mom’s small business license. The flowers were awesome and lasted forever, and the price was soooo much better than a florist’s. And since I was going for a “ooooh look at me, I just gathered these flowers in a meadow, aren’t they lovely” style vibe, our less then professional skills worked great!

My bouquet I had made back in the Fall, when I was stuck at home in bed recovering from surgery. There were a few hectic moments, creating a bouquet with a hot glue gun while laying around in a bed with limited reflexes. there might have been some burned fingers. my dad might have soaked my fingers in egg yolks. it might have grossed me out. but it all worked out! portaits-67 copyjared’s groomsmen all wore ties or bow ties we had picked up on a sale from Jcrew, with their own gray pants and white shirts. Jared’s brother and best man wore a cute little vest to differentiate himself. Jared’s suit was from Express and don’t even get me started on his boutonniere. biggest fight we had about the wedding! Jared didn’t want the guys to wear boutonnieres, it would poke holes in their shirts and besides he thought they were too prom-ey. I was totally fine with this, until about a week before the wedding when I had a bit of a bridezilla moment and basically out-shouted him and made him one. i really have no idea why i was so adamant that he wear a boutonniere, it’s not like i could forget which guy was mine. brides. portaits-49 copy portaits-62 copy^Jared’s favorite college professor and saturday morning breakfast date, Mr. Ballew. Yes he was a groomsman. He took a nap on the ceremony couches during the afternoon. We love him. portaits-46 copy portaits-47 copy like i mentioned before, i wanted the wedding to be an explosion of freakin glitter, but the wedding venue didn’t allow glitter or confetti inside (vintage original wood floors, psh) so I told Amanda that I wanted to do a little confetti throwing sesh with my bridesmaids. The week before we sat around cutting up tissue paper in various shades of awesome, mixed with some gold star confetti, and voila! our very own confetti. portaits-64 copy portaits-65 copy portaits-66 copyit wasn’t two seconds after we had tossed the last handful of confetti, a woman came out grumbling at us that we weren’t allowed to “make a mess here” and that we would need to pick up every piece of confetti before we left.

spoiler alert: we didn’t go back and pick it up. it was a public transportation station, on a concrete sidewalk, with a very high chance of rain in the near future. call me an earth killer, but i do believe nature can take care of itself sometimes.

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social security is not very social

social security is not very social

i should have known, when i stepped onto the building’s linoleum floors, heels clacking and people staring, that this trip was not going to be one without it’s fair share of uncomfortable.

but since i’ve never frequented jail or felt the need to change my citizenship, i had not previously enjoyed the atmosphere in the Oklahoma Social Security Offices until i had to go and change my last name.

let me just give you a hint: social security ain’t so social.

what exactly do you think i’m hiding in my shoes that causes you to demand I take them off and walk through a metal detector? drugs? i’m sitting in a giant room with scary people. why would i bring drugs in with me?

if you insist on calling us out by number like cattle don’t you think it would be in your best interest to invest in a intercom system that is actually understandable? I get more English from the teacher on Charlie Brown.

Gentleman with the scary tattoos (nekkid lady, KILL on his arm, scary looking skull thing smoking a joint, etc) and the shorts of questionable white color: why are you laughing like a sadistic rapist every time you look at me? and for that matter, why are you looking at me? or leaning towards me? or trying to read my book with me? (it wasn’t a funny part).

young woman from jail: congratulations. i’m sure you’re right and you didn’t deserve to be in there. but do we have to speak so loudly that everyone knows your opinion? my ears are bleeding from your shrillness. i’m sorry. please don’t kill me.

after three and a half hours (read it, that’s right), I was finally ushered out of the holding pen by a young woman who only stared at my shoes for a second (or 10). i’m going to assume she was riveted with jealousy and not cackling at my clacking on the inside.

after 5 minutes with staring girl I was given a new last name and an escape route that didn’t involve the holding pen. cue the hallelujah chorus.

Unfortunately, I now have a hideous driver’s license picture. Since i had been blessed with two pretty good pictures before this one, I think I was overdue for a stunner.

Photo Aug 25, 1 23 06 PM copywoah there blush. if you look closely you can see my glasses indentations on the side of my ski slope nose. also, i  thought i was having to sign to say yes i was an organ donor, not sign for my license. hence the chicken scrawl that vaguely resembles letters.


for those of you, like me, who want to change your last name after marriage and are thoroughly confused by the contradicting information on the Internet, here’s what you need to change your name in Oklahoma:

- you have to go to the SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE to change your last name. Not the wedding license registry, not the passport offices, not the post office. SOCIAL SECURITY. They really try to confuse you on this one.

- I took my wedding license,  my birth certificate, and my driver’s license. the woman looked at my driver’s license and my wedding license, but told me it’s a good idea to bring your birth certificate just in case. You can also bring your social security card but since I didn’t have mine anymore, it’s not actually required.

-YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD IS NOT REQUIRED. i’m saying that twice because I called ahead and the woman on the phone was SO stinking confusing, i wasn’t sure if i needed my ss card or a vial of blood. also because of that lady…

- you have many different options in the state of Oklahoma for your new name.  I could drop my maiden name, hyphenate my maiden and married name, drop my middle name and keep my maiden and married names, or make my maiden name a second middle name. all are legal and do not require further paperwork. (take THAT you mean old heifer on the phone!)




Wed: Getting Ready

i’m posting our getting ready pics today! when i look back at this time of our wedding day, I’m still utterly amazed at the calm that pervaded the room. Whether that was due to my amazing bridal party who shielded me from the catastrophes, or because thing really were going so well that day, I guess I’ll never know. I’m just thankful that it was! 

details-2 copy details-3 copy

Our venue would not allow us into the space until 10AM the morning of the wedding, so there was some serious tension in the air as we drove to Norman that morning. Thoughts were flying through my head omg i’m getting married, what if we can’t get everything set up in time, what if we forgot something major, omg i’m getting marred. 

There is no explanation for how smoothly everything came together that morning other than we have the most selfless and giving friends and family….and God. Literally, there isn’t any other explanation. Everything was set up smoothly, everyone helped out, everyone was happy and laughing. Ya there were a few hitches but nothing that I would call a catastrophe!

details-5 copy

By 12:30 that afternoon I was in the Bridal room, listening to my wedding playlist and relaxing while I got my makeup done. I just remember feeling so dang happy to have everyone that was near and dear to me in that room, getting ready to celebrate mine and Jared’s special day. I’m so thankful for the time I was given to relax!!

Of course, during this time Jared was rebooking our hotel at one that his family wasn’t  staying at that same night, frantically trying to find my wedding band that he had dropped and lost, and leaving the venue before he gave my bridesmaids cash for my makeup artist, so he probably wouldn’t call the getting ready time calm the way I would. Thank you Jesus for a great bridal party that took care of everything while I was blissfully fixing my hair!

details-46 copy

details-10 copy

^Jared went golfing with his groomsmen the day before the wedding and got the WORST farmer’s tan you ever did see. luckily his forehead faded by the next day, and his arms were covered in his suit! although at the time i couldn’t have cared less, he looked pretty scrumptious to me! details-14 copy details-15 copy details-32 copy details-33 copy details-17 copy details-19 copy details-20 copy

^My something old was the brooch on my bouquet that belonged to my Great Grandmother; my something new were my garters that my sister Courtney had designed and made for me; my something borrowed was my mother’s wedding ring; and my something blue was the blue crochet flowers on my handkerchief which belonged to another of my great grandmothers. details-37 copy details-39 copy details-35 copy^this is so typical Jared, walking around in his boxers, half dressed. Amanda, our photographer, told me that she went to get Jared for our first look and asked Jared if he was ready and he said yep! and then walked out from behind the couch just like this. 

details-47 copy details-48 copy details-49 copy details-50 copy details-51 copy details-52 copy details-53 copy details-54 copy details-56 copy details-59 copy details-61 copy details-60 copy details-62 copy details-65 copy details-63 copy details-58 copydetails-68 copy details-71 copy ^the soccer world cup was playing while were were getting ready, so every so often throughout the day the boy’s room would alternate between shouts and groans for the game and rousing choruses of some song or other, led by whoever was holding the guitar at the time. details-73 copy details-74 copy details-76 copy details-77 copy


//the details//

Vine hair piece//custom made by 7th & West

Chunky bracelet//custom made by Donna Leota 

Striped Heels//Dolce Vita from ModCloth

Veil//custom made by me! Vintage lace from an old dress I found at a thrift store

hair// me

makeup// melrose makeup 

Bouquet//custom made by me, supplies from Save on Crafts

Dress// David’s Bridal




wedding snaps- first look

firstlook1I’m planning on slowly posting some of our wedding pictures here on the blog, along with some DIY project how to’s and general thoughts of the day. There’s so much I want to remember and capture that my brain is kind of all over the place, so it might take me a while to finish this. Patience my friends!

firstlook2 firstlook3So Jared and I chose to have a “first look” session with our photographer and videographers, and I can’t say enough how much I loved it. We had been running like headless chickens all weekend, including the morning of the wedding, so it was so nice to have a moment to ourselves, to indulge in and enjoy the excitement together.firstlook4 firstlook5 firstlook8

We met each other across the street from our venue, at the Norman Amtrak station. I’m pretty sure I was practically dry heaving by the time I got there, I was so emotional. Of course Jared was calm as a cucumber, as always. In fact, he was so intent on peeling bark off the tree that I had to tap him on the shoulder to get him to realize I was behind him.

firstlook9 firstlook10our first look ended up being some of my very favorite shots from the day. we were nervous and excited and so giggly (me, not jared). the first look gave us time to be silly and get all the nerves out, so we were able to really focus on our ceremony and celebrating with our family and friends. firstlook11 firstlook13 firstlook14a huge thank  you to our fabulous photographers, Indie Jane Photography! Amanda and Mark did such an amazing job with our wedding, I was in awe by how much they was able to capture of our day. Not only just the things, but the emotions and the love that was so overwhelmingly present that day. Amanda just gets me, gets my vision, gets the looks that I like. And she’s utterly hilarious. And she was pregnant while shooting our wedding. So basically she’s my hero.

I’ll do a post over our details and accessories soon!

panty shower

Today I’m sharing some pics from my personal shower! The girls BLEW ME AWAY with their creativity and thoughtfulness.  The shower was adorable, I felt so loved! Yay for panty showers! DSC_0883DSC_0921^we had a flower crown station! So much fun, I’d suggest it for all parties.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0024 DSC_0031 DSC_0038 DSC_0065my sister gave me custom made garters (more pictures coming!) I LOVED THEM!!! (as you can see, I went with the “bigger is better” theory)  DSC_0887 DSC_0889 DSC_0891 DSC_0894 copy DSC_0899 DSC_0901 DSC_0903 DSC_0906 sweet sisters! ^ DSC_0919 DSC_0937 DSC_0947 DSC_0948 DSC_0959 DSC_0979 ^ the girls put together a photo op station with this darling ombre died curtain. So fun! DSC_0987DSC_0917

my dress was from Pac Sun (in store only) and my shoes are an old find from Lulus! Courtney bought the balloons on etsy.

marriage, jobs, and faithfulness

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.57.25 PMwhew! it has been a crazy last few weeks and things are going to stay crazy for just a bit longer, and I promise I’ll be back to regularly blogging soon, but I wanted to drop in quickly and share a few words.

the wedding went off without a hitch. everything was so beautiful and happy and I can’t thank our sweet friends and family enough for helping make our day so special! Everything came together so quickly and perfectly. obviously pictures will be forthcoming :D

I can’t even write this silly little update post with out choking up with tears. God is just so faithful, ya know? In this past year Jared and I have dealt with some pretty crummy situations. My illness and Jared losing his business are definitely the two biggest. But throughout this year I have felt God whispering to me “have courage. keep believing. i have a plan”. And Lord was that true.

the day of the wedding, and really throughout, I kept praying that God would allow me to be present in the day, to revel in the sweet moments and to truly savor everything that was happening that day. i didn’t want to look back and it all be a blur, or only remember the stress, i wanted to take this beautiful blessing that I had been given and squeeze every last drop from it.

And that’s exactly what happened. Every precious moment of that day is imbedded in my mind. I’m so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated with us, who made our day possible, but in the end there is one moment that sticks out of my mind more than the rest, and that’s our dance. I just remember squeezing this big, handsome man that I was finally finally! able to call my husband and thanking Jesus over and over again for His faithfulness in our lives. For drawing us together, for weaving our hearts into one, for giving us such a beautiful story of His love and grace.

I mentioned earlier about Jared losing his business and, while I haven’t spoken about it specifically here very often it has been behind many of my posts over the past 6 months. To say that this season was difficult for us is putting it lightly. God provided for us financially , no questions asked, but Jared was gone for weeks at at time and it was very hard on our relationship. We had to truly learn to trust each other and trust in our Heavenly Father and His plan for our lives.

Tomorrow Jared starts a new job as a Head Chef. The offer came out of no where and was entirely unexpected. And yet the position is so perfect for Jared and where we are at right now. We literally had no idea this company even existed, and yet God was in control, taking care of us, moving Jared into position for this offer.

Faithfulness. I am so overwhelmed and in awe of God’s amazing faithfulness.

and i friggin love my husband. just wanted to throw that one out there ;)


IMG_9425 IMG_9426 IMG_9436 IMG_9443 IMG_9444 IMG_9450target sunnies//wilfox tee c.o Riff Raff//target bralette//miss me jeans (old similar here)// shoe dazzle heels (old, similar here)

it’s our wedding month! i feel like that’s all i talk about lately but i think that’s a bit understandable. it’s kind of a big deal.

this entire adventure has just been one crazy turn after another and it’s looking like this last few weeks’ home stretch is going to be the craziest of all. In the midst of all the planning and preparing and diy-ing and occasional bouts of weeping, i’ve really been trying to focus and savor each moment. i don’t want to get so wrapped up in the silly things that i don’t take time to truly revel in the precious, little moments. a sweet mom hug, a hysterical all inclusive sister laughing session, a perfect sanity-saving text from a friend, a stolen kiss. who really cares about the shape of the plates or the wedding signs or the cake table omg we don’t have a cake table.

when this is all said and done (please God, let this be said and done), i hope I can look back and remember the excited anticipation, the sweet talks of “what will married life be like”, the precious memories with those i love most surrounding us. Because that’s what truly matters. That’s what makes this all so very worth it.


oh hayy

oh hey there, remember me? i just accidentally took a week off from blogging. Not gonna lie, kind of just straight up forgot. Which has never happened before, but eh there’s a time for everything!IMG_9216 So what happened last week, let’s see. i chopped on my hair a bit more, it’s like a sick compulsion i just can’t put the scissors down. Fortunately I still like it, whew! For those that keep asking, yes I did cut my hair on purpose. How do you accidentally cut your hair? Get too close to a really sharp fan? Go in to cut the tags off a shirt and miss? Whatever, the answer is yes, I meant to cut my hair. and no i don’t regret it one bit. and no i’m not worried about styling my hair for the wedding. IMG_9221also you might notice my glasses will be showing up a bit more for a while. that would be because this mascara adhered itself like super glue to my lashes, only to break off into my eyeball at some point and scratch the crap out of my eye. obviously i am not a fan of said mascara. IMG_9226 like i mentioned before, i’ve been going to the chiropractor and while it’s been heaven on my back, it’s posed quite a few problems to my clothing choices. do you know how awkward it is to climb onto that bed-thing in heels? or to twist your body in opposite directions while wearing a dress? it just kind of ruins the whole ambiance ya know? I’ve taken to wearing leggings under everything, or just wearing pants every day, and frankly it’s getting annoying. It feels silly to bring a whole different outfit to change into, just so you can get your back popped for 5 minutes, but that might just be what I have to start doing. Sacrifice people. It’s all about sacrifice. IMG_9227speaking of sacrifice, i do believe i have officially made the greatest sacrifice in jared’s and my relationship. i am currently trading space in our living room to a 6 foot wooden indian carving (kind of like this guy) for the joy of an absolutely darling green velvet couch (kind of like this guy). No pictures of the actual pieces yet (though that is on my to do list, take pictures of our apartment) because one is currently residing in my parent’s garage and the other is somewhere far away where i wish it would stay (you may guess which is which). I’m all for creativity and supporting local artists, etc etc, but i’m just not a fan of a wooden indian in my living room. i told jared maybe i’d like it better if it was painted white and he called me a racist, which i took to mean no, so i might need advice on how to make this monstrosity flow with the rest of the space. although i’m not going to complain too loud (i promise! i’m not!) because i do get to keep the darling couch, which jared keeps calling baby-diarrhea green. ah marriage. IMG_9228 IMG_9241 warby parker glasses//forever 21 tank (old, similar here)//sira & mara necklace c.o.//vintage skirt (similar here)// target flats which can’t be seen but its these ones//

good mood

It’s Friday!!!! Woot! I don’t care who you are, Friday’s just put people in a good mood.

IMG_9172 you know what else puts me in a good mood? this dress. because it weighs about, oh, nothing, and it’s just one of those sweet little dresses that you can put on and immediately feel nice, ya know? and these flats, that i bought from Target and cut the ankle strap off of because I saw them the other day and thought how cute they’d be without the ankle strap, and then I saw a friend of mine had done just that. Great minds think alike. So i bought them and hacked ‘em up and I can’t say I regret it.

and the weather. it’s been kind of rainy and moody and i just kind of dig it. and the fact that our wedding invitations are 99.9% complete, thank the heavens hallelujah. nothing will make you want to elope faster than DIY invitations. IMG_9173 and also the chiropractor puts me in a great mood. random, i know, but i’ve been putting up with these super annoying lower back and hip pains for I don’t know, almost two years now? and after being diagnosed with arthritis and and being prescribed ridiculous amounts of medication that had terrifying side effects (schizophrenia? from arthritis medication? wth?) I said no way, mister, and finally went to see a chiropractor. heaven. i’ve only been two times but the difference has been astronomical. Plus, since I had my surgery in January and thus have met my deductible for the year, it costs me nothin to lay around on a massage bed and get my back popped and pushed around so why yes, I can come every day for a week, no problem.

but you know what really puts me in a good mood? that boy of mine and the fact that he’s coming home today. i gotta tell ya, he’s just about the best medicine there is. everyone say awww or blech, depending on your current mood. And since it’s Friday, I can bet you’ll be saying awwww.IMG_9184 IMG_9207IMG_9178Vintage maxi via ILWV insta shop// thrift store belt// Target flats (and they’re on sale! lucky you, it must be Friday)